Two Texas Gals...BFF's In The Country

Howdy Ya'll....It's the First Pink Saturday of 2012!
Like the title said....Here's Two Texas Gals showing off their Pinks and definately from the Country!
I asked them if they were Best Friends Forever and they said,
"Oink Oink Oink!!!
translation...You Betcha...at least until the Stock Show next weekend!
How about You Two Texas Gals?
"You Betcha"!!! We have been BFF's for nearly 50 years!

Meet my Lifetime BFF, Beverly.  She's an original and unique Texas Country Gal.
Beverly lives and works on a West Texas Farm/Ranch, raising pigs, cattle, cotton and grain.
She's a Camp Cook, a Wrangler, a Tractor driving Cotton Picker and an accomplished Artist.

 Friends since High School and College, we share a love for Junk and Old Buildings and,
we are avid Rockhounds and Arrowhead hunters. 
 Lucky us...lots of Old Buildings, Junk and Rocks on Beverly's West Texas Ranch/Farm.

Even though we are Country Gals, we gotta have our Pinks, and I was sure glad I had my
 Pink Android Smart Phone with me out in the middle of NOWHERE when I received
Beverly's Pink Saturday Reminder Message!

Yep, I've got Two Beverly's as BFF's!
One in Texas and One in Blogland!
Be sure and visit My BFF Beverly at
And as Always....Thanks Beverly for Making Saturday's Pink!

Texas Farm and Ranch Life Photo Album


  1. It's wonderful to have a friend for that length of time!! What an accomplished woman, so talented in so many areas. Looks like you are enjoying yourself on her property. The first two friends are pretty cute too. Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. Aw, cute pics:@)

  3. Hi Sue!
    Now that is a nice long friendship! How special!
    The piggies on top are funny!

  4. You definitely put the pink back in country today. Enjoyed every shot.

  5. Hi Sue! Happy New Year to you and yours and your BFFs! I was reading an article about Dolly Parton! Still BFFs with Judy her 2nd grade friend from way back when! Wow! I love those old life long friends. But I L O V E all my cool friends like you!
    I was following your family blog and forgot to come by here! While here I am!
    Have a beautiful time with your friend Beverly at her cool ranch!

  6. Isn't it wonderful to have a best friend that long? I have a BFF since 1966. I cherish her as much as I do my own sisters.I hope you took more pics of her ranch/farm. You gonna share them?~Ames

  7. A best friend is such a treasure - one that women know better than men, I think.
    I've just had a lovely catch-up on your posts. Always something to catch my interest in what you write.

  8. aww... such cute piggy bffs!
    Great pictures for a great start to the new year's pink Saturdays.

  9. Oh the joy of visiting blogs on weekend, everything you see is gorgeous and sweet. I love it!

    Come see my PINK, when you get a chance. Have a great weekend!

  10. P.S. I have had dreams about being a ranch cook. When I went to the Grant Kohrs ranch in Montana my husband couldn't pull me away from the chuck wagon or the bunk house kitchen.~Ames

  11. Anonymous1/08/2012

    This is sooooo neat! I bet you two had fun! Love all the pictures! What a special friendship...for two special TexasGals!

  12. OK....I am in love with this post! How awesome that you and Beverly, your Texas BFF, have been close friends for 50 years. How wonderful that you are able to spend quality time with her enjoying your passions of "junking" and collecting ! You two are truly blessed!

    I'm really jealous, however, that I do not get phone calls from Beverly reminding me of Pink Saturday! :) Love that photo of you on the phone!

    Happy Pink Saturday and many more good times with your BFF!!



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