Ending November with an EVEN Number

I like things nice and neat, orderly and even.
I'm not a fanatical neat freak, and I can make chaos out of order. 
However, 'The Evenness Chromosome' has always worked overtime in my psycho psyche.  It is the reason that I am here at this late hour on the last day of November writing a nonsense post.  Yep, as soon as I noticed that November was about to end with an uneven number of posts, I was scrambling for a topic of interest that would rival all the Hoopla of Black Friday, Super Shopping Saturday, Spendthrift Sunday and Cyber Monday.  The only thing I can come up with is...'Twenty-five Shopping Days Til Christmas'...which puts me back to another 'Uneven' number.
Not that it matters much to me....shopping days until Christmas....I am MAKING gifts and if all goes according to plan and they way it does most every year, I will be putting the final stitches on something right up until Christmas Eve. 
At least it's an 'Even Numbered Eve'.
Just in case you checked my November Numbers, I just wanted you to know
  I'm not superstitious about the Number 13...it's just that it is uneven.
Besides...'14' is my LUCKY number...and it's EVEN!




Basting seemed an appropriate topic for this Alphabe Thanksgiving Thursday...afterall, many of you are BASTING BIRDS today. Not much has changed in Bird Basting since, well, colonial days...except Butterball Self-Basting Birds. Otherwise, it's squirt the bird with the Basting Thingy and hope that keeps it juicy.

You may have guessed I don't have a lot of experience with Bird Basting...clue being 'Basting Thingy'....which I have, but have only used for sucking drippings from the Self-Basting Butterball or Bob's Beer Bottle in the Birds Butt-Basting.

On the other hand, I have years of the other kind of BASTING.  That'd be Quilt Basting, Bob!  In fact, I'm pretty sure I inherited the Basting DNA from my Grandmother Minnie who 'Needle and Thread' basted many quilts BackInTheDay.  Bless her heart, she would be proud that her Back Breaking Basting Trait was passed on even though it skipped a generation...my Mother is a Bird Baster not a Quilt Baster.  She knows very well how to squirt the Basting Thingy.

http://www.howcast.com/videos/507519-How-to-Thread-Baste-a-Quilt-QuiltingNeedle and Thread Basting is still practiced today by many quilters who hand quilt in frames and hoops and also by those who machine quilt.

 Click on the U-Tube Player for an excellent video on Thread Basting by Cathy Izzo.  Can you just imagine Minnie's reaction to learning Needle and Thread Basting via U-Tube? 

Butterball Turkeys/Engineers are not the only innovators in the world of basting.  Not that their engineers are turkeys or that their turkeys are innovators or....well, anyway...the Quilt World innovators have stepped up to the plate...so to speak...on BASTING.
Quilt Basting has come into the Twenty-first Century not only with U-Tube HowTo Videos, but with tools, supplies and aids to help the handquilter and machine quilter to achieve the best possible results in record basting time.  There is the 'Safety Pin' method, the 'Spray Baste' method, and the 'Steam A Seam' method.
Well known 'Quilt Innovator', Nancy Leman demonstrates these three techniques. 
Thank-you Nancy!
Basting is a very important 'B' word in the 'Quilt World,
 but it is not by any means the only one.
There are at least 20 more 'B' words I could have chosen and several of them
 have dual applications like Basting...ie....Squirting and Stitching.
Here are a few quilting 'B' words....you can fill in the dual applications.
~Birthing...Method of sewing the quilt batting and backing to the outside edges...right sides together...then turning the whole thing inside out as if it were a pillow case. 
~BOM...Block of the Month. 
~Bubble Jet Set...A liquid product which makes ink color fast on fabric. For use in your jet printer in making labels.
~Burn Test...A test using a flame on fabric to identify Fibers.  That'd be FIRE, Bob!
~Bare Feet...A device for finding pins dropped on bare floors and carpet.
~Baste...Long stitches used to hold the top, batting and backing of a quilt together while the quilting is being done and removed when the quilt is completed. 

Pic of my Basted Bird!

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Now...Go Baste your Bird and have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


A 'Pantster' Project...No Plan~No Pattern

The Scrap Baskets have been calling me...BOTH of them...the
 Fabric Basket and the Yarn Basket.
Of course you know there are more than one of each of those....right?
Today, the Yarn Scraps yelled loudest!
Even though there was not a pattern or a plan, some organization had to happen in the Worsted Scrap Yarn Baskets.  After untangling and hand rolling a pile of string and pulling some knitted swatches and granny squares from the 'Yarny Practice Basket', I remembered a stitch I Pinned on my Crochet Pinterest Board a while back....HERE....Linen Stitch.  I used a 'J' crochet hook and chained 25 to start a scrapy strip.  The strip grew in length and then in width by linen stitching down one side.
Stitched in the swatches, rounded out the granny square, dumped out a huge jar of buttons and began to 'Fly by the Seat of My Pants' with embroidery yarn stitching.  This is the the FUN part...and when a 'Plan' begins to form.  Yep, it always goes back to 'Gotta have a Plan'!

I plan to make ANOTHER 'No Plan~No Pattern Scrappy Bag'!
Don'tCha just love it when a No Planner comes together?


I've Got The Crochet Christmas Blues

I started my Crocheted Christmas Gifts around the end of October.  I'm a fast crocheter and often end up having a Crochet Marathon Fest with my studio looking like a Yarn Bomb exploded.  This year my focus is on Scarves. 
 I hope everyone on my list wants one.
I'm hoping YOU and YOURS might want one too.
These beautiful BLUES available on my ETSY Shop....click HERE.
View all the Scarves...Left Sidebar ETSY Shop Scarf Strip.
This Scarf and Cross Collar is a Prototype...you know...a practice...Merry Christmas to Me.
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Happy Thanksgiving!


Knitted Mesh Yarn...Not For Me!

It was hard not to title this post 'Knitted Mesh Mess'.  After thinking about it, I decided it would be contradictory  to my claim to being a collector, consumer and couture crafter of any and all things fiber.  Usually, I can get into a new Fiber medium with enthusiasm and patience to learn it's application.

Not so with the ever so popular 'Mesh/Lacy/Ruffle' Yarn.  Oh, I was enthused when I saw the scarves made up in the LYS...local yarn shop.  So much so, I promptly bought  several skeins thinking, "WooHoo, a quickie project just in time for Christmas Gifts. 

That was three Christmas' ago!  Not one was done for Christmas.  In fact only ONE was done at all, and Santa finally sent it ten months late in September with a card that said..."HoHoHoppy Birthday". 

What was my problem?  I'm glad you asked!
The Mesh was Mashed!
Thirty-three yards of yarn that had to be spread and stretched in order to knit between the mesh spaces.  Spreading and stretching caused the skein to twist into a coil that had to be spun out every few inches or so.  So much for Quick Knit project.  I finally got a rhythm of knit 1 hole, skip 2 holes, spin and spread coil and stick it back in the basket 2 weeks, months, years. 
So here I am two years later trying to live up to my self proclaimed 'Couture FiberWoman' image by finishing the Mesh Mess Scarves I started in spite of myself.  Yes, I started TWO more....it's the Waste Not Want Not thingy.  I finished the Green one today!  A Black and Gold one lacks a yard or so of spreading, stretching and stitching....that basket is next in line. 
That leaves the Blue Skein and a Lime Green Skein. 
Guess where they are going?
Wanna Make a Trendy Ruffled Scarf?  Here YaGo!
Yarn Bee Chrysalis....Lime Green Mesh Yarn....ETSY Link
Katia Triana Blue Mesh Yarn....ETSY Link
Want an OhSoTrendy Ruffled Scarf?  Here YaGo!


ABC's of A NeedleWorker

AGES...seems like Ages since I participated in Alphabe-Thursday, but in actuality it was in 2011.  As I browsed through those posts, I noticed I was all over the place with the topics for each letter.  As an OOPerson...over organized...being all over the place is unlike me, but it worked out okay in 2011 and I made it all the way through without missing a single Thursday!

This Go-Round of 2013 Alphabe~Thursday, I will be true to my OOPersonality and establish a theme...
The ABC's of A Needleworker
You will know it's me by the 'Embroidered Letter Block'...which is not necessarily a depiction of that letter's topic.  For instance, today's topic is APPLIQUE not ApplePie.
APPLIQUE...In its broadest sense, is a smaller ornament or device applied to another surface.  In sewing, applique refers to a needlework technique in which patterns or scenes are created by the attachment of smaller pieces of fabric to a larger piece of contrasting colour or texture.  It is used extensively in quilting.  'Sunbonnet Sue is an example of a traditional American quilt block constructed with both patchwork and applique.  (reference...Wikipedia)

As you might have quessed, I am a QUILTER.  The Appliqued Sunbonnet Sue is one of the blocks in a quilt done with a group of quilters on the Internet back in 1996...and Yep, that was AGES ago when I was new to the internet, and so was Quilting.  Today Quilting on the WorldWideWeb is Big Business, a Social Media Super Show and a U-Tube Sensation where you can learn all the Applications of Applique in about as many Languages.  For example:  HERE is Needle Turn Applique.  HERE is Machine Applique.

You also may have guessed that I'm from Texas....just thought I'd mention that while you admire the Hand Stitched 'Button Hole Stitch' Applique on the Mockingbird Block from my Texas My Texas Quilt.  I have to say that Applique is not my favorite technique in quilting, but it is one of the best  ways to portray a pictorial scene.  I personally enjoy the handwork when time permits....which for me on some applique projects is in short spurts over a long time....like years. 
Kind of like my Alphabe~Thursday participation...here is my All Over the Place 2011 Letter A,
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NO IDLE HANDS...Chapter 4 Westward Knit

With my reemergence into my Yarn Stash, another Fiber Focus WannaDo climbs back to the top of my YarnArama Bucket List.
When I get this 'Itch' to Spin, a couple of things usually squelch it.  One being the 'Itch Factor' of WOOL and second, I don't have a Spinning Wheel or Sheep.

I tell myself, "Sue, not only do you not have sheep, but you really don't need ONE MORE THINGY to add to your already OverDoArexia. 

Then I remind myself, "Sue, you don't have to start from sheep scratch...this is the 21st Century...you can get everything you need from Amazon.com...even sheared sheep wool that is UnItchy!"  Really, I bet you didn't know about UnItchy Wool....it's called Blended Roving...ready to spin!  After calculating the cost of 21st Century Amazon Spinning, I immediately make a run to my LYS...local yarn store...or Hobby Lobby.  It's kind of like HiHoney's theory about Fishing for Catfish...it's cheaper at HEB.  Even so, neither one is as much fun as DIY nor does it satisfy the Pioneer Spirit inherited from my Texas Ancestors.

 "I can see her yet stepping back and forth beside the spinning wheel as she spun the rolls of wool into yarn."  Skeins were often taken off the reel and one of us would hold them on our outstretched hands while the other wound it into a ball.  Or we would place it over two chairs, turned back to back a little way around, and walking round and round, wind it into a ball.  Mother sat evenings at her knitting, from time to time fitting the mittens to our hands to see if she was getting them the right size."
What a picture those words conjure up.  I can just see my Great Grandmother Martha Jane in that setting with my Grandmother Stella walking around and around the chairs winding yarn.  Yep, reading along in Chapter 4...Westward Knit of No Idle Hands has my Pioneer Spirit spinning yarns.

"Mother spent her leisure moments sitting beside the firelight, her hands always occupied with knitting or sewing as her foot on the rocker hogged the cradle at intervals.  There I was taught to knit and sew, sitting by her side in my little chair, carefull overhanding patchwork, or knitting long strips for the garters worn in those days. 

When I was promoted to knitting stockings, it was understood that I could not go out to play until I had knitted seven times around, and I often retired to sit on the floor under the dinning room table while performing that stunt. 

 I was not allowed to leave the work half way across a needle, but must knit it to the end, and neatly sheathe the needles in the ball of wool."

No Idle Hands suits me....how about you.
NO IDLE HANDS the Social History of American Knitting...HERE on Amazon.com
My Wish List Spinning Wheel....HERE ..... the one I can afford...HERE


Basis For Taste In Fashion with Fringe

"I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch."
  Gilda Radner
Me too, Gilda!  No matter how fashionable, how warm, on sale or what color...WOOL is not on my fabric or yarn lists.  If I think about it, I could come up with several other reasons why I don't do 100% wool...besides ITCHY.
Gilda made that fashion statement back in the 1960's when about the only Wool I knew much about was Wooly Bully by Sam The Sham and the Pharaohs.

Some things never change...like who dictates what's in Fashion and what one should wear.  'Twiggy'...posed in Wooly Bully...was all the rage, and I do mean RAGE. I'll never forget my Dad's RAGE, "Sue, you may be a TWIG, but you are not going to school dressed like that Stick Girl."
  "Dad, it's Twiggy, and everybody's wearing mini's and boots."
...Yep, I got the classic reply...If everybody jumps off a cliff...yada yada!  I had to ditch the Mini, but got to keep the Fringed Boots!  Loved those Fringed Boots and Faux Leather Fringed Shoulder Bag.  Carried that Fringy Bag through all the years of HippieDom...read about that HERE. 
I've always liked Fringe.  My first Yarn Crochet Project was a Poncho.  One of the things I loved about that triangle poncho was that it had FRINGE all the way around.  Not all my Family members loved Fringe the way I did, but they acted really happy to receive a Fringed Poncho or a Fringed Scarf or Fringed Afghans for Christmas, Birthdays and National Fringe Day.
Now that you know how I feel about Fringe, you won't be surprised that it's still a
Focal Point in my Crochet today.
 Is it in FASHION today?
You Betcha....Versace, Nina Ricci...Rodarte, and Me are 'Trending on the Runway' with Fringe!
 Versace and company HERE.
I am *On Trend and **Chiconomical with my handcrafted
***Couture Crochet Cowl~Scarf.
****WOWZER...Yes, all the RAGE today are Cowls and Scarves and a
Fashion Lingo du Jour to go with the latest thing in Accessories...without WOOL!

*On Trend...The most stylish way to say something is trendy.
**Chiconomics...How to live fashionably despite the economic crisis or restricted funds.
***Couture...The business of designing, making and selling highly fashionable, usually custom-made clothing/accessories for women.
****Wowzer...An exclamation made when something is really surprising.
OMGaGa....is that her wearing my Wowzer Scarf?  Thanks, LadyG for your Celeb Endorsement.   
See the Collection HERE on COUTURE CROCHET Scarves.
HERE on A Quilt Store&More ETSY Shop.


A Touch of Pink Stringyness

In the 'Pursuit of Happiness' with 'UseIt~LoveIt~SharEtAll', I have rediscovered my LOVE to CROCHET.  After sewing, it was the second 'Needlework' skill I learned.  It did not come easy...but my Homemaking teacher persevered with the lessons on doily making.  My doilies did not cover the coffe table, but did grace a table as a Tea Glass Cozy.  Needleless to say I was a disaster with #Tiny Hooks and #Skinny Crochet Thread.  Then I discovered the letter 'J' needle and yarn.  It was made for me and the 'Pursuit of Crochet Happiness' was born with Fringed Poncho's for everyone in the family and Granny Square Everything.
Those were also the days of not only 'One of A Kind' projects, but 'ONE KIND OF YARN'...Worseted Weight Acrylic.  I did not become a 'Yarn Snob' until I took up knitting a few years ago.  Wow, Yarn has come along way baby...or maybe it's just me.  Now my YarnArama is loaded with every kind of 'Crochetable/Knitable' yarn and string known to womankind.
 I'm LovinIt!!!
This has been a Sneak Peek of my newly designed and made
 'Skinny Stringy Bobble Scarves'
introduced in the post below,
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The UseIt, LoveIt, SharEtAll Cure

After a bit more 'Self Analysis' and making piece peace with myself with having ODArexia, the decision to continue my Status QuoProQuilt/Knit/Crochet/Bead/EtAll was made.  I'm embracing EtAll and revamping my previous declaration of  'UseIt or LoseIt' to 'UseIt~LoveIt~ShareIt'.  Here's the first of UseItUp YarnARama in a newly designed 'Stringy Skinny Bobble Scarf'. 

I'm Loving It.
There's lots to Love in the UseIt phase...
...digging in the Yarn and Ribbon Stash...
...quick crochet project with HUGE hook...
...keeping a special friend in mind with Southwest colors...
...designing pendant/collar necklace...
...playing in Beads and Bling...

I'll SharEtAll....Soon!!!
In A Quilt Store and More ETSY Store.
...and there is More...Three More...so far...
YarnArama OverDoArexia is Full Blown and the Cure is to....
 UseIt, LoveIt, SharEtAll.


What To Do...Knit~ Sew~Quilt~Blog

Undergoing 'Self Analysis' is not helping to solve my dilemma of WhatToDo???   I keep thinking there is something wrong with me that I can't settle in on ONE project and get it finished. 

I've always been a multi-tasker, and thought having two, four, six or eight projects going at once was manageable.  Dividing my time between them kept me from getting bored, gave me a variety of topics to blog about, and within a reasonable amount of time, bragging rights on two, four, six or eight FINISHED projects.

Now that I think about it...more 'Self Analysis'...all that 'Mega Multi-Tasking' was 'BackInTheDay' when stockpiling/collecting sewing machines, fabric, thread, notions, books, patterns, and every known sewing thingy known to womankind kept me in a frenzy.  I might not be in this Self-Inflicted Needlework mess if I had stopped with the Sewing/Quilting Obsession.

But Nooooooo!!! I had to do the same thing with Knitting, Crochet, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Beading/Jewelry, Weaving, Baskets and Ceramics.  Ceramics....I can't even begin to go there with all that lead to in equipment, tools, supplies, studio space, and on and on.  I also won't start on collecting/dealing in antiques and dishes.
I have just figured it out....there IS something WRONG with me...OverDoArexia!
Actually, I've known for quite sometime.  As in most afflictions, the cure is a long drawn out process, is painful, hard to swallow, exasperating, expensive and is not covered by Medicare.  I was hoping Obama would care, but everytime I type in ODArexia the website crashes.

So here I am trying a Multitude of Fixes to eliminate SOME of my ODArexia  rashes, anxiety attacks, and fears of what will happen to my STUFF if I'm not around to dictate it's fate which in all likelihood would be Craig's List, Garage/Estate Sales and Create an Ad on Facebook.  My DIL is an expert marketer in those venues.

As for me, I am an Online Marketing Hack, but I'm trying to recoup some of my 'Simple Pleasures Treasures' with the opening of CollectInTexas Blog/ETSY Shop, harassing my Facebook Family and Friends, and drawing attention to my plight by writing this post.  Is it working?  So far on ETSY, I have listed over 100 yards of fabric and several dozen quilts and quilted items....you've heard the saying 'selling like gangbusters'....not happening!  I'm afraid I'm in the wrong 'Gang' for today's Hip-Fabric buyers who make their aprons with designer fabrics not feed sacks, and the 'GrannyGang' I run with are all trying to downsize, too.

What am I going to do???
I'm going to Knit, Sew/Quilt and Blog!
What can I say...It's What I Do!
PS...As long as you are here and not suffering from UROwn OverDoArexia,
you might like to browse around my ETSY Shop. 
Just click on the Pink Texas Button.  It will sure help cure what ails me.
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Fixin' SSK SlipUps

Are you a knitter? If so, then you knew right off the meaning of SSK and the subject of this post.

Not a Knitter? Then you probably gasped and imagined at least one four letter S word that Texans are famous for when combined with a K.  UhNoooooo...it has nothing to do with Kickin', Boots or Booties...but it was a good gasp!!!

So, yes, it has to do with Knitting, and yes, I did say an 'S' word once or twice when I picked up this knitting project for the first time this year.  That's right, it's been a year that this lace shawl has been on the UFO/WIP shelf, but I was so sure that I could pick right up where I left off that I didn't write myself a single note about the pattern abbreviations. 

I mean really, just look at how good I was at keeping track of  when I knitted, what row and set I was on, and this is just one page of 'Tracking Ticks'....there's two more pages of instructions and ticks on the other side of that pink paper clip.  Those instructions are full of SSK's, too.

You would think after knitting the hours it took to make that many Ticks...marks through numbers...one would have the pattern abbreviations memorized forever...or....at least the needles would retain their auto-knit-cycling...as in like riding a bike.  I'm just not ready to admit that my chain must be slipping along with the SSK's.

So confident was I in my 'KnitWit' and 'Auto-Knit Needles' that I zipped through a couple of rows of lace k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk and purl, seed stitch and passing over this knit and that purl before checking out the pattern or counting stitches between pattern changes.  What's that proverb about pride.....Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a faulty SSK...forgive the Biblical re-wording...for some knitters it is a religion.  For me it was a 'ComeUpin' in the form of having to get out the knit aid by Vickie Howell.  Seriously, does she not look prideful confident sitting there knitting in those skinny jeans and stilettos?

I'm glad I invested in her book.  It really is a learn it, fix it, finish it guide...or for me a 'fix it' guide anyway.  The jury is still out on the 'learn it', and for sure the 'finish it'  may have to go before the supreme court to be declared done...I understand there's a loooong wait for their verdict.  That's a good thing for as long as it takes me to 'Get R Done'.

In the meantime, I will continue referencing Vickie's abbreviations.  Especially since I'm back to Web/Blog Knitting as SueKnitWittyWitless...referencing my 'KnitWit' confidence.

So, I'll leave you with this slew of abbreviations as I need to get back to my Tinking of the lace WIP that has been OTK since the 6-25-2011 KAL started with KIP friends at the LYS who assured me this shawl was FCEK.  They LIED...it has been as hard as any VK pattern or IK project...and to think, I gave them my TIA for all of their HTH help!  Needless to say I no longer KIP or KAL anymore at the LYS on this project since I can't remember how to SSK and seem to be OT more often than not while my friends are hard at work on their OKC projects.  I'm OK with it all as I am HK on a shelf full of WIP's with hopes that one day they will be FO's....OMG!!
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Three Generations of Sewing Boxes

There it was buried in the corner of the closet in all it's has been, dusty, glory. I had forgotten it was 1960's 'Avocado Green' with a clear...now yellowed plastic lid.  It had not seen much, if any, sewing action in over ten years.

Mother was a garment sewer.  Her sewing box always reflected that with cards of snaps, hooks, needles, pins and all sorts of notions.  She was a 'Saver', too.  Bits of thread were rewound on old wooden spools and used lace, elastic, and left over trim saved for 'make do and mend' days.

As I flipped open the brass latch, the sewing memories Mom's box held were familiar and comforting...like opening my own sewing box which was 1960's 'Harvest Gold'.  I'm transported back to the day and place we bought them.  It was January 1965...my 18th Birthday month.  The birthday my parents gifted me with my first 'Sewing Machine'.  You can read about my 1960's Kenmore and other posts on 'Sue's Sewin' Story.   The place was Wackers...our local 'Variety' store.

Like my Mother, I too was a Garment Sewer.  Our sewing boxes were almost carbon copies of each other.  I always liked that saying...'Like Mother like Daughter'.  Like my Mother, I always had a 'Sewing Space' no matter how small or where it was whether on the kitchen table, in a closet, or a corner in the bedroom.  In the early 1990's, my 'Harvest Gold' Sewing Box was converted from pattern wheels to quilt chalk markers...from Simplicity Patterns to Quilt Block patterns, and from Kenmore Cams to Janome walking foot.  I was officially a 'Quilter' with ALL the 'Bells and Whistles', 90's Sewing Technology...and...a shop full of FABRIC.  Hello 'Sue's Quilt Shop'...goodbye Wackers and Anthony's Department Store...thanks for the memories.
It was no surprise to find Mom's sewing box just as it had been throughout the decades since 1965.  A few new cards of  lace hem trim,  several cards of  glitzy rickrack...which I never saw on any of her garments.  A collection of Simplicity patterns for shirts and a few cards of buttons.

The surprise came with the lifting of the second tray....you know the one with the rectangle compartments divided by clear plastic...now yellowed...strips.  There snuggled in the bottom was a yellow box full of vintage buttons,  wooden spools,  a piece of pink crochet, and a note in my Grandmother Minnie's hand writing.  Minnie's last Sewing Box! 

And Minnie's Thread Box!
Three Generations of Sewing Boxes have come full circle.
PS...Minnie, Mom and My Sewing Boxes are now combined in 'Three Generations Sewing Bucket' with Minnie's Thread Box as the lid.  Here's my recipe and costs....
~Clear Plastic Bucket...formerly an ice bucket found at Goodwill for $1.89..NIB...new in box.
~2 vintage plates...from my collection of Homer Laughlin .50 cents each...one for base and one for lid.
~Grandmother, Mother and Self's collection of Sewing Treasures....PRICELESS.
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