Vintage Linens, Doilies and Laces...On 4R's Bucket List

Am I the only Vintage Linen-Doily-Lace Collector in this day of Microfiber Home Goods?  I know the answer without taking a poll...NO! 

I know this because Vintage Linen-Doily-Lace lovers come in my shop and say things like, "Oh, I have my grandmothers crocheted Pineapple Table Cloth...somewhere!  I should get it out of the cedar chest or plastic bag it's been stored in for years."

To that I say, "Yes, you should".

The next thing they say, "I don't want it to get ruined by using it."  To that I say, "You don't have to USE it as it was once used, and if you DON'T get it out of the cedar chest or plastic bag it will be ruined over time by the chemicals emitted by cedar and plastic."

"WHAT!!!  I didn't know that", they say.
So, I begin my talk on storing vintage linens. "Wooden drawers, chests, trunks or closets leach acids from the wood fibers that stain your linens.  Most plastics are even worse." {check out the Martha Stewart link for safe plastic tip}.

To safely store any linen item, new or old, line drawers with acid free paper or cotton cloth.  Or, wrap your linens in a cotton cloth or in a cotton pillow case.  This is especially important for quilts, too.  Try to lay pieces flat, but if folding is necessary pad with acid free tissue or strips of unbleached muslin to avoid permanent creasing.  There are numerous websites with information on storing vintage linens.  Here are a few:  WikiHow   Smithsonian   Martha Stewart

I often hear, "What do I do with them if they have stains, tears or other issues."  This is my favorite question to answer, and I do that by showing them my '4R's' pillows, ditty bags, jackets and more.  Once again, I am not the only Vintage Linen-Doily-Lace collector to do so.  However, I may be one of the few shop keepers in town who does, and who has some of their collection for sale.  Here are a few links to ideas on how to repurpose, etc. vintage linens...Sewing With Vintage Linens,  Sweet Vintage Linens, Pinterest.
Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio is currently featuring my Collections of Vintage Linens, Laces, Doilies and items I have made from them.  And...most of them are for SALE.
Afterall, I do have a '4R's Bucket List' to fill. 


Studio Sign...Got Er Done...After Rose Smelling

Sometimes I have to just STOP all the OverDoSue-ness and literally 'Smell the Roses'.  Aren't they beautiful?  Thank-you Polina!  After a good long spell of smelling....I forced myself to venture into a disaster area....'Garage Sewing Storage'.  No BEFORE pictures....it was too embarrassing for one who claims to be an 'Over Organizer' and Neat-Nic!  At one time the Disaster Area was my Sewing Studio...and I'm happy to show you an organized view from 2012....
...those were the days of 'Quilt-a-Lottie' (Longarm Quilting Machine), cold winters and hot summers.

The Re-organized Garage Sewing Storage/Former Sewing Studio. 
You know how one thing leads to another? 
What I really went out to there to do was to 'Repair Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio' SIGN.
Got Er Done!
Now back to Smelling the Roses!


Primitive Applique and Hand Quilting...4R's Bucket Listing

 Always drawn to anything depicting a sewing machine, I fell in love with and bought this quilt many years ago.  As one who sews pieces together on the machine and who also machine quilts, I knew I would never Applique or Hand Quilt a bed size quilt...much less in the primitive style. 
Not only does it have a sewing machine block, but also is a beloved 'Americana Themed Sampler'.  A sampler is a collection of different blocks put together in one quilt.  It's a favorite style of mine. 

Now, why this quilt has come to light after several years of hanging in my quilt closet...it is time for it to move on to someone else who loves Americana, Samplers, Applique and Hand Quilted bedding.  It now hangs on the '4Sale' quilt rack at Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio.

In many ways and for the reasons I was drawn to this quilt to start with...parting is such sweet sorrow.  However, in the realm of downsizing and working on my 4R's Bucket List...it's time for it to go.  In case you are interested...it is Queen size with standard pillow Shams.  As a primitive appliqued sampler, the applique is also what I would deem as primitive and the hand quilted stitching fits in the same category.  I purchased it from a Quilt Shop that specialized in production quilts, therefore it is not 'One of a Kind'. It is in excellent condition having been lightly used and laundered only once.  I'm selling it in my shop for $250...if interested...leave a comment.
Since I am not now or ever have been what one would call an obsessive Hand Quilter...it is also time to purge Hand Quilting Thread and those Quilting Betweens.  OMGoodness, they are not my favorite stitching needles with those tiny eyes. 
On the 4R's Bucket List they go.


Sewing Classes on the Horizon

The GREEN light on my Memory Craft sewing machine says it's a GO.  My business card signifies 'Big Business' happening at Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio.  When you put those two together with scissors, pin cushion, thread, clips and sewing stuff it pretty much says, "There's Sewing Classes" on the horizon.  Sure enough there are...starting with...
You will notice the classes are not being held in my Studio #14.  It's soooo stuffed there is barely room for me to sit and sew.  I've wanted to teach classes at the Chicken Farm Art Center for awhile, and now there is a new studio opening primarily as a classroom.  Very excited!

As you know...readers here through the years...sewing is a huge part of my life and posts here on CollectInTexas Gal.  If you'd like to know more about my sewing life and posts made here just click on the following Tags.


Practical Paradise Bucket List

I have a short Bucket List.  For one thing, I pretty much get on with most things I would put on a bucket list.  And, for another thing, I'm practical.  No skydiving or climbing Mt. Everest, and for sure no African Safari's for me...I'm good with watching 'The Lion King'. 

Having a 'Practical Bucket List' keeps me grounded because we all know how my 'OverDoSueness' has a way of getting out of hand.  For instance...could I just get the spinning wheel without having to build a barn for raising sheep to shear wool which has to be cleaned, carded, made into roving and of course dyed, spun, ply'd, nitty noddy'd, and I don't know what else cause I'm a newbie spinner with 2 lessons under my belt. ??!!  Answer....Of course I can! 
Like I said, I'm practical and there's no space in my back yard for raising sheep.  That eliminates all that goes with getting it from sheep to shop.  And I've already done my homework on 'Shops' that carry roving already dyed and even ply'd and nitty noddy'd.  Although, from what I learned in lesson 2 the plying is going to be one of my 'OverDoSue' Fun and Funky things.  As for the 'Nitty Noddy'...it's a tool I think I can make.  So there ya go.  It's settled...I CAN just get a spinning wheel!
Ordered it this morning. 
I'm in Practical Paradise Bucket List Heaven!


A Vintage 4R's Bucket List Bash!

As a Crochet Collector...I am beginning to feel more like a Crochet Hoarder!  Little did I realize how MANY crochet pieces have been stashed here and there.  It all came to light as I readied them for display and to join the '4R's Bucket List'...Rescue-Repurpose-Recycle-Resale.  I think I have rescued my share, repurposed them in sewing projects, recycled ones with issues in wall hangings, sun catchers and more.  NOW it is time to Resale.

It was actually fun to decorate and display them in my Studio Shop. 
They are a perfect companion group to the Vintage Quilts and my upcoming theme
'Vintage Valentines'. 
It's a Vintage 4R's Bucket List Bash!


The Happiest Day of the Year...Snowball Birthday Cake!

It's been a long time coming! 
What's that you ask? 
Realizing I am what I have spent many years collecting!
The Happiest Day of the Year
Every little child should have the joy of a real birthday cake of their own, and every grown-up child should have the opportunity to renew their youth at least once a year with a special celebration on their own personal anniversary.  A Birthday cake will delight any child...big or little...and can be varied indefinitely to suit the month of their birth.  Cake is a wholesome and nourishing as a food, even for children, as they are effective from a decorative standpoint.
For January's Child...A Snowball Cake
Make twice the recipe of White Cake and bake in two aluminum bowls of quart capacity (these are usually obtainable at five-and-ten-cent stores).  Cut off the tops of the cakes, if they have rounded up at all in the center, so that they will fit together, making a ball.  Use a little Uncooked Icing to hold them together and frost all over with the same icing.  Roll in cocoanut.  Place on cake board and arrange tall candles around the cake.  Small snowball cakes, frosted and rolled in cocoanut, make attractive candle holders. (Vintage Recipes: Cake Baking Made Easy w/Airy Fairy 1927)
My Snowball Cake with 5 tall candles.
Thank-you Mother!


I Still Sew Vintage

I have favorites, and at this stage in my sewing life/career I can say that without fear of repercussions.  In other phases of my life playing/showing favorites was not a good idea for keeping  peace/piece/persons happy.

My favorite fabrics are 'Vintage'.  Throughout my sewing life/career, vintage quilts, quilt tops and fabrics have made their way to my collections.

If they weren't originally vintage, then reproductions were at the top of my list to collect, stash and sew.  Yesterday was a Vintage Scrap Ditty Bag Sew day.

It was also a re-organizing of what's left of my vintage reproduction fabrics. 
 Yardages were pressed, refolded and stacked.  Scraps went to the vintage basket and bin.
This doesn't look like much, does it?  I'm having a bit of a panic attack!
Oh, right, Sue,  you have more at Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio!  Whew!
Along with using vintage scraps for ditty bags, I made use of a few embroidery blocks that are almost vintage.  That is they have been around long enough they qualify.  This January embroidery block is a leftover from The Calendar Quilt, and the fabrics from the 'Not Vintage Scrap Basket'!  Yes, I have several of those baskets...laundry baskets!!!  I could sew a 'GaZillion' ditty bags from them and still have baskets and bags full. 
Oh, BTW....bags of 'Not Vintage Scraps' are going to Studio #14.
Please come get a Bag or Two or Three...for FREE!
Sorry...No Vintage Scraps...I Still Sew Vintage!


Featherweight Party Hat Stitchin

My 'Century Edition' Featherweight got a complete physical from Dr. S. Sims,SMD (Sew Machine Doctor) a few months ago.  Now she is ready to sew the first quilt block I've made in...yikes...I don't remember when.  Anyway, as I posted last week...HERE...I am participating in a Block of the Month, and January's block is called 'Party Hats'.  Don't you think my selection of fabrics shouts PARTY!?
Since CEFeatherweight stays at Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio I set up to sew there.  It's amazing how one can minimize a sewing area when necessary.  At my home studio I spread out all over the room...okay half of the room.  Back at the shop studio I have iron and padded board set up on a wood TV table and my counter serves as a cutting table...all in less than a 4x6 ft. area. 
Here's a space saving Tip for stashing snips of thread and fabric trimmings
 like dog ears from triangle piecing.
An Empty Tissue Box!
Finished Party Hat Block....displayed on new display for???
You got it...Valentines!


Perpetual Calendar Quilt...Never To Be Purged

At the beginning of every year I take down the old and put up the new calendar.  I use to SAVE the old calendar.  Even had/have a filing cabinet drawer for the 'Calendar Collection'.  This year, I decided not to SAVE 2017's calendar...enough!  Which reminds me...the Calendar Collection is next on the list to purge.
At the time this quilt was made, I owned a commercial embroidery machine which stitched out 4 monthly designs at a time.  I have used them on many different projects, including aprons and birthday projects. 
The Perpetual Calendar Quilt has hung in all of my Home Studios through out the years since it was made in the year 2000.  Here it hangs in my 'Garage Studio' in 2007.
Time for it to hang in a different Studio...
....Never To Be Purged!!!


Stitchin' Friends

Although I have lots of 'Stitchin' Friends', it's been quite a long time since being a member of a Quilting Group.  The opportunity has presented it's self numerous times over the last ten years, but truthfully, I was a bit burnt out on quilting.  Owning a Quilt Shop will do that to you.

I have quilted these last ten years, and I certainly have been immersed in quilting, sewing and fabric...just not with an organized Quilters Group.  Now I am.  So, CollectInTexas Gal has a new Label...Stitchin' Friends...which is not the name of the group, just a good title for CITexasGal. 

January was a good time to become a new member as I got in on the first 'BOM' (block of the month), a 'Stitching Challenge', and several other plans for 2018.  I'm looking forward to  getting back in the 'Quilting Groove'.  Let's start with the BOM and the 'Focus Fabric' I plan to use.
Christmas with M'Liss is a fabric I had listed on Etsy.  I have a good bit left, and I think it is a good choice as the focus fabric.  Lots of options for supporting fabrics of color and pattern.  The finished quilt will be donated to the groups charity for children.  Here's January's BOM.
The Quilting Company...Pattern Link


Christmas In July...I Mean January

Yes, I know this is not the prime time of the year to be selling Christmas Fabrics.  As a former quilt shop owner, I should know the best time starts in JULY.  You have heard of Christmas in July, right?  For quilters and other Christmas sewing folks, starting in July gives one months to finish by December.  Also, as a former shop owner, I know that many fabric designers and mills seldom run second editions of Christmas fabrics.  That is what I am counting on to sell these last 5 bolts of Christmas fabric.  They ain't makin' it anymore.

Here's my listing on Facebook's Sew It's For Sale.
Quilt Shop Quality Christmas Fabrics...Michael Miller, Moda, Timeless Treasures, Woodrow of London
San Angelo, TX
Posted on Photos...Price per yard. Number yards available. Minimum of 1 yd. Plus shipping (will ship least expensive in USA only) PayPal only. From Fabric&Fiber Studio (no pets-smoke). Purchase notification in comment under photo w/ #yards, email for invoice payable within 24 hrs. PM with additional questions. Thanks!
Timeless Treasure 'Partridge' 8" repeat, 44", 13yds available...$8 yd.
Michael Miller 'Wonderland' 8 1/4 repeat, 44", 6 yds available...$8 yd.
Moda 'Pieces From My Heart' 44", 2 colors-cream & winter green,
5yds available of EACH, $7 yd.
Woodrow Studios of London 'Christmas Affair', 44", 8 yds available, $6 yd.
I joined this group a week or so ago, and have been watching the listings on everything from applique to zippers.  Since I have some of all that AtoZ stuff...I decided to try my luck at Stash Busting.  These Christmas fabrics are my first listing. 
To my readers from Quilter Blogger!!!
If you are interested in getting a head start on Christmas In July and would like to purchase any of these Christmas Fabrics, please leave a comment on this post or email me at collectintexas@gmail.com