Who's Been 'Messin With Texas Mother Nature???

Snow covered Tunas!!! Oh! They don't look 'Fishy' to Ya'll?  Well, as ya know by now, this GRIT speaks EST...EnglishSpanishTexan...and here in Texas we're having to stretch our Bilingual skills to fit MotherNatures latest Nieve de Febrero.  Snow in February!  Tunas??  Well, those are the 'Pink Thingies' that in the Spring and Summer....remember those Seasons???...that bloom into the cactus flower.  When they are picked...very carefully...before blooming they make great Cactus Jelly and a refreshing drink called Aguas Frescas.

Just last week I posted about what a 'Menace' the Agave and Barrell Cactus can be...HERE.   I take it Back!!!  Snow covered Agave is Muy Bonita.  Just WWYS....watch where ya step!

Just this past weekend it was 70, somethin and all was in the 'Prep for Spring'!
Yep, It doesn't pay to 'Mess With Texas Mother Nature'!!!


The Apron RoundUp...Pink Saturday 2~20~2010

 How to begin?
Does it make any difference?
Why worry?
What’s the point?
Where’s my PinkMuse?

At the beginning.
Of course NOT.
That’s what I do.
 I dunno.
Not here.

If I start at the beginning…..well, we don’t have time! No one will know the difference unless I tell them, so I won’t say anything about how this PinkPost may not have a beginning or an ending.
 Don’t Worry…Be Happy it’s Pink Saturday!
The point is ….I forgot! It’s been hours since I sat down to do this Post….what was the question?

Please, PinkMuse…..where art thou? Has this ever happened to you? I tell you, it’s a new Thingy for this GRIT. I’m usually so ‘Fullofit’.

Ok…Here goes…now this is outta the ‘Clear Blue Pink Sky!

Did your Grandma and Mama wear aprons? Mine did. I’ve been lookin and thinking back to around the 1950’s, and this is what I found in Better Homes and Gardens April 1951 about who wore Aprons…

NEARLY every woman who set their high heels on the Kitchen Alcoa Linoleum Floor.

The exception being the woman in the yellow strapless tea-length formal.....she just took her Apron off so her guest would not think she slaved over a hot double oven all day!

I've been on an APRON RoundUp this week!  Here's how it BEGAN....I'm An Apron~Aholic...Step One!
What's an Apron RoundUp? That's where the Apron~Aholic has the fear of being Classified as a Hoarder and sets about  rounding up aprons from here and there and everywhere!  Deciding on which ones to keep and which ones to Give and Sale.  The RoundUp took me to the Antique Booth where some were for sale...but not selling and then to the Wool N Cotton Shop where some were covering the Kitchen Window, being displayed, and 4Sale in the Kitchen. The Pink Organdy with Hankies was one that was there and now is here and will soon be UpThere Under the Header in the Tab Han~Done Aprons 4Sale!  It's Bloggers new 'Page Gadget Thingy'.

As Luck would have it, I couldn't get out of the Wool N Cotton shop without 'Just Looking' at the new Fabrics.

Look what I found!!!
Perfect Pink Fabric for an APRON!
I sew Needed Another APRON!

I could hardly wait to get home and make this Cowgirl Apron for this Pink Saturday Post!  Gosh, it was fun to sew an Apron.  Just like my GrandMa Minnie and Mama used to do. 

PS...Beverly at How Sweet The Sound is the 'FeelinBetter Hostess' for Pink Saturday and as always has a whole list of Apron Wearin Pinkies on the List.  Let's go Meet and Greet!

PPS.....FYI...Cowgirl Apron is Simplicity Pattern #2492.  The fabric is by MODA and called 'Rawhide'. 


The Accidental Green Kitchen

 I try not to have accidents in the kitchen, but sometimes they do happen, like the last time I got the dropsies!  That led to the floor covered with big chunks and ittybitty slivers of Green Glass and Chocolate Bundt Cake Delight!  Not good!  Thankfully, my Accidental Green Kitchen is a Happy Green Delight! 

The Accidental Green started with a very 'On Purpose' Estate Sale buy of Three Needlepointed pictures. Then the dishwasher went beserk and had to be replaced. Well, accidentally the rest of the appliances HAD to go...they didn't match the new dishwasher. The rest is Sage Green Paint, 36 sets of spring loaded hinges, a couple of dozen knobs and handles, rollers, brushes etc. HISTORY!

Yep, even drink coffee in a Green cup. 

I collected Green Moon and Stars Glassware for several years before having a Green Kitchen.  One of the first pieces was this Oil Lamp. 

 My favorite color of Moon and Stars is the blue Canisters and other pieces above the Fridge. 

 So most of the green went up for Sale in my Antique Booth.  That was before the Green Kitchen. 

 Wouldn't you know I sold all but a couple of pieces.  Another accidental event.  

PS...Did I mention I collect Apples?


Collectin Green Glassware and Grandma Minnie's Kitchen!

Welcome to My Grandma Minnie's Kitchen!

She always knew what was good...

Like slices of sugar coated homemade bread.

~Flour bags that would make an apron when all the flour was baked into bread.
One of those Aprons was my 'First Apron'.  You can see it and other Vintage Aprons on 'Han~Done Aprons 4Sale'.  The Tab is under the Header.  It's one of Bloggers New Gadgets ...'Pages'.  If you haven't seen this addition to Blogger...here's your chance.

~Cinnamon, sugar and butter topping on Oatmeal served in the Green Glass Bowl that came in the Oatmeal Box.

Most folks collect Pink Depression glassware.  I guess that's why it's harder to find and priced higher.  I'm a Gal who likes Green and so did my Grandma Minnie!  I wish I could say this Green Collection was hers, but it's Not!  Hers is still in Iowa with my Cousin AliceJean.  She's the oldest GrandGal and also a collector of Grandma Minnie's Glassware!

I found this shelf full of Green Glassware at one of my favorite Antique Shops here in San Angelo, Texas.  West End Collectibles, where you will find everything from Aprons to ZebraPrints, and all in excellent condition, creatively displayed and comfortable atmosphere.  Yep, it is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer. 

What is Depression Glass?  I'm glad you asked!  I thought I knew, but wanted to be sure, so I Googled.  Here's what I found out....
*DP made it's debut in the 1920s before the Great Depression of 1929 began, with some patterns still being produced as far along as the 1950s.
*Most people equate Depression Glass with the “prizes” found in boxes of oatmeal many years ago. And, yes, it was found in oatmeal. The Quaker Oats cereal company literally saved one glass company from going bankrupt by ordering several boxcar loads of the product during a particularly lean time during the Depression years.

HERE is where I found this information and more....FYI.

Green Glass for Vintage Thingie Thursday....February 18th....Many Thanks to the ColoradoLady Suzanne for hosting VTT.  It's a fun day of visiting other collectors of  A to Z Vintage Thingies.  I can hardly wait to get there and see what everyone is sharing today. 

PS...This GRIT collects Moon and Stars Glassware.  I hope Ya'll will come back to see 'Sue's Green Kitchen' and my Glassware Collections!


Thinkin GREEN...It Ain't EZ in West Texas!!!

In West Texas there's a 'DubYa' Thingy we Always say to Yankees Visitors. 
'Watch Where Ya Step and Watch Where Ya Sit'!
Yep, the Greens of Texas can be 'Real Purty' and 'Real Prickly'!
Those Purty Yellow Flower plants are Sticker Weeds and the Dried Grassy Stuff is Tumble Weeds. 
 Have Ya'll heard about Texas Tumble Weeds? 
 Not toooo Bad when Green, but when Brown.....WWYS!!!
Tumbleweeds are not originally from Texas...Really...they are thought to have originated in Russia...Really!
If your interested in Tumbleweeds and want to know more...Click HERE but WWYS!!!

Folks come from FarAnWide, USA to dig up the Desert Plants of West Texas. 
 Us Texans are like, What For?
Come to find out it's the latest Thingy in what's called 'ZeroScaping'. 
 Yep, that's where ya have the whole yard in all the Cactus and Rocks in Texas. 
Course to achieve that ya gotta have a Landscape Architect, a Backhoe, a Dump Truck, and a Crew with Shovels, Steeltoed Boots, Sticker Proof Gloves and Lots of Muscles.
Again, us Texans are like, What For?  
The Agave and FishHook Barrell cactus grow right here in the Front Yard.  It's a Menace! 
 Are ya'll Sure that's what you want? 
 I have to get a ten foot pole for when the paper boy throws like a girl...cept this GRIT who throws like Nolan Ryan.
And if you think your gonna catch any fish with those hooks....think again.  Go ahead, SuckaFish...WWYS.

Now one thing you don't need in ZeroScaping is a WaterBoy!  Why???
Well, from what I understand....that's the ZeroPart....ZeroWater! 
Course that's not Totally True...even Cactus need some Water.  Rocks???
Just a little to wash off the dust so you can see what all those DumpTruckBucks brought ya.

I'd rather have Container Tomatoes, Pink Begonias, Hanging AirPlane Plants, Little Nomes and This WaterBoy than all the DumpTruckBucks in Texas!

Yep, He Loves being a Texas Gardner.....Just like his NanaSue!!!

One Ten Foot Pole!!
The PaperBoy....She got a Baseball Scholarship to UT!


The MisStitched Heart....A Valentine for Pink Saturday!

February 1st, 1956......Whitesboro Elementary School......Whitesboro, Texas
Good Morning Third Graders!  Gooood Morning Mrs.Alexander!
Who knows what special event  we celebrate in February?
Ohhhhhh!!! MeMe!!! OK, Sue!
"My Mama's Birthday"!!!!
How nice that your Mama has a Birthday so close to another special day!  Anyone know what day that might be?
Ohhhhhhh!!! MeMe!!! OK, Sue!
It's the day we get to take an old shoe box and decorate it with that wrinkled paper, red glitter, pink kleenex flowers, hearts and what ever else I can find in Mama's sewing box....and we get to go to Wackers and buy Valentines for our friends....and we get to have a School Party with cupcakes and pink punch.....and Mama said she'd make heart shaped cookies for the party!
 It's February 14th....Valentines Day!!!
And you know what Mrs. Alexander?   What Sue?
The Number 14 is my Lucky Number!

Thanks to Mama and Mrs. Alexander, I still
LOVE to make Valentine Boxes.
 A few things have changed over the years.
One is the shoe box has changed to an Embroidery Hoop and glitter to Embroidery Thread.
The one thing that has always stayed the same is the 'Sewing Box'.  But now rather than Mama's it's Sue's Sewing Boxes!
So, from the box of MisStitched Embroidery Designs comes the embroidered Heart.  From the Button Boxes...Buttons!  From the Lace and Trim Boxes....that stuff.  And from the Box of Tools....The GlueGun!
 Yep!  It's a NoSew Valentine!

~The MisStitched Heart~
This is the result of flipping the hoop and not getting the  second half of the pattern aligned with the first half.  It is a built-in embroidery design in the Janome 10000 using the GigaHoop. 
So, it went in the 'MisStitched' Box with all the others for use in a ..... Someday I'll Use It Project!
Someday is Today...Pink Saturday and Valentines Day.
I've pointed out the problem areas......
.....and how, with the aid of  'Sue's Many Sewing Boxes' and the Magic of a Glue Gun, 
a Valentine Box Hoop to Hang is Created.
And now it is time to see the Pink Creations from the
Pink Saturday List over at
My ShoutOut for this Pink Saturday is Wendy at HomeMaker In High Heels.
 She's got a Sweetheart of a Story today, and as Wendy said,
"Eat Your Heart Out, Cinderella". 

PS...Here's Wishing Ya'll a Happy Valentine Pink Saturday!
....And, As Always...Thanks for Coming and Commenting!


CollectInTexas Gal Is a Lucky Blogger

What's Luck Got To Do With It?

Just tell yourself, Duckie, you are really quite Lucky.....Dr. Seuss
Luck is believing you are Lucky.....Tennessee Williams

I'm such a Lucky Ducky to have won Linda at AlaCarte's January GiveAway.....CollectInTexas Gal
Just look how great it goes with my Fiesta Plates! 
Thanks Linda...I LOVE it All...I tried to wait to open the Chocolates!

I've been Lucky. I'll be Lucky again.....Betty Davis

You took the words right outta my mouth, Betty!  I'm TwoTimes a Lucky Ducky!
When Mary at Vintage Comfort announced her Vintage Apron GiveAway, This GRIT stuffed the Comment Box....or thought about it!!!! 
You see, I have a Vintage Apron Collection!!!! I know...Ya'll are Shocked!!! 
As Sherry at Country Wings In Phoenix recently said, "That Sue, she Collects Everything Under the Sun"....or something like that.
Anyway, I feel very Lucky to have won Two Special GiveAways from Two Special Bloggin Friends.
I feel especially Lucky to have the opportunity to
 Share my Good Luck and Two Valentine Aprons from my Collection with Everyone at
2nd Time Around Tuesday! 

I never leaf through a copy of National Geographic without realizing how Lucky we are
 to live in a society where it is traditional to wear clothes APRONS....Erma Bombeck

            I feel sure Erma wouldn't mind the change in her 'Lucky Quote' as she was an Apron Gal, too. 
Erma Louise Fiste Bombeck
February 21, 1927 ~ April 22, 1996

Thanks to Diane for hosting 2nd Time Around Tuesday. 
 Let's go see if there are any Apron Gals on the List of Participants.


CollectInTexas Gal Back in the BlogLand Corral...Ya'll Come!!!

Roses are Red....Violets are Blue....This Month there are Three BloggerBirthdays and Mama, Too!!!!

SusanB  ~ Seduced by Yarn

CollectInTexas Gal Collects Vintage Cowgirl Valentines. 
"Won't Ya'll Come In My BlogCorral?"
"I'm Aimin To Get Ya'll"
"I'm Hopin To Rope Yore Hearts"

PS...It's good to be back in the HomeCorral and BlogCorral!!!


Turquoise & More Turquoise....My Favorite!

Welcome to Bella Terrazza's Turquoise Room where Blue-Green Reigns as Queen of  Color!
The cross is handcarved in pine with inset mosaic glass and is an exclusive item to Bella Terrazza.  Each cross is unique and created by a local artisan who produces as one of a kind in a variety of sizes and color combinations.  Hand blown turquoise glass vases,  hand thrown turquoise pottery and hand crafted glass topped tables are featured in this vignette.

Handblown glassware is found throughout Bella Terrazza in Red, Royal Blue, Green, Amber, Clear, and Turquoise as seen in this collection.  Accessories of table toppers, napkins, scarves, beaded swags, beaded napkin rings, candles and more make every table setting  picture perfect.

Did I mention the many beautiful Frames and Wall Decor? 
I'll focus on those for my next 'Workin 9 to 5 Week" here at Bella Terrazza.
The 'BossLady' has been 'ShoppinLasVegas' Market this week.
Wait til Ya'll see the Stuff!!!

PS...I'll be HeadinHome after ClosinTime today.  I'll see Ya'll back in San Angelo, Texas!


The Tejas Room at Bella Terrazza

Welcome to the Tejas Room at Bella Terrazza.

Where Texas Oil, Cowboys, Crosses are Featured in a variety of medias from Iron, Wood, Canvas and License Plates. 

PS....I hope Ya'll will mosey on back in a day or so for Bella Terrazza's Turquoise Room!!!


Mexican Talavera in Texas

Talavera Castillo is 100% Hand Crafted and Detailed by Mexican Craftsmen.  Each Artistic Piece is certified authentic by the Castillo Familia. 
Bella Terrazza is known throughout Texas as the place to buy Talavera Castillo.  With each piece being handcrafted by skilled potters and painted in traditional designs and colors.  Everything from dishes to fountains can be found at Bella Terrazza.

Along with the Talavera are other Handcrafted Mexican Art like the 'Tree of Life' candelabra, and the painted 'Tin Art' Mirrors and Crosses.

And of course more of the Rooster Room with this Talavera Hen Planter or Vase.

And....Tin Roosters....and....Framed Roosters.  Lots of Crowin goin on at Bella Terrazza!

PS....I hope you have enjoyed the Talavera and will come back for more the Bella Terrazza Texas Room.  See Ya'll Then!


Howdy Ya'll from Bella Terrazza in Fort Stockton, Texas

Welcome to Bella Terrazza in Fort Stockton, Texas.
Bella Terrazza is the most beautiful Home Decor Shop in West Texas....maybe all of Texas!
Bella Terrazza  means Beautiful Terrace in English, and is where I work...or really I should say Play!
I thought Ya'll might be tired of seeing CollectInTexas Gal all boarded up, so I'm opening up Shop here in Fort Stockton, Texas....The Gateway to the Big Bend!

Bella Terrazza features lots of Texas items like the ones you see here.  Rustic iron pieces are used right along with beautiful  beaded silk table runners, ornate and polished woods and fine art prints. 

The Texas Room is always filled with unique Iron Wall Art, Framed Western Prints, HorseShoe Iron Decor items, Texas Candleabra and much more.  At Christmas, you can find Texas Ornaments and Western Wreaths with lots of Red Chili dishes and serving pieces.

Yep, It's a Texas Place allright!

I know many of you are Crazy for Roosters. 
 Here's a vignette of  Bella Terrazza's Red Rooster Room!

PS...Hope you have enjoyed this quick peek at Bella Terrazza.  I'll be back later in the week with some of the amazing Talavera.  What's Talavera?  I posted about it HERE last year....check it out!