Collectin Talavera & Mucho Mas Feliz Navidad

This Girl Raised In Texas has a deep regard for the
Hispanic Texans and their rich Mexican Culture.
So once again,
"BienVenidos Mi Amigas...Aqui es Mucho Mas Mexican Feliz Navidad!
(Welcome My Friends...Here is much more Mexican Merry Christmas!)

CIT Gal's first piece of Talavera which is painted in the Traditional Style as described in the excerpt from Wikepedia...
"Talavera pottery of Puebla, Mexico is a type of majolica pottery or ceramic, which is distinguished by a milky-white glaze. Authentic Talavera pottery only comes from the city of Puebla and the nearby communities of Atlixco, Cholula, and Tecali, because of the quality of the natural clay found there and the tradition of production which goes back to the 16th century. Majolica pottery was brought to Mexico by the Spanish in the first century of the colonial period."

This Festive Red Talavera is displayed at Bella Terrazza, the Home Decor Shop where I work in Fort Stockton, Texas. Bella Terrazza, (Beautiful Terrace), imports Talavera Pottery from Mexico where...
"The traditional talavera has struggled since the Mexican War of Independence in the early 1800s, during which the number of workshops were less than eight in the state of Puebla. Later efforts by artists and collectors revived the craft somewhat in the early 20th century and there are now significant collections of Talavera pottery in Puebla, Mexico City and New York City. Further efforts to preserve and promote the craft have occurred in the late 20th century, with the introduction of new, decorative designs and the passage of the DenominaciĆ³n de Origin de la Talavera law to protect authentic, Talavera pieces made with the original, 16th century methods."Bella Terraza's Talavera is an example of the modern style.

The Talavera Christmas Tree at Bella Terrazza.

Siesta Tiempo por Poncho Santa's Decoracion Ayudante (decoration helper)!

Post Escriba...Muchas gracias mi amigas and de vuelta, por favor!
(Thanks so much my friends and please come back, ya'll!)


  1. Wow...I love the colors! What a festive Christmas decoration these items make. I never would have thought about using sombreros on a Christmas tree...they are wonderful. Great Post as usual!

  2. I love all that bright stuff! Beautiful! Thanks for the shot of sunshine!
    It's so cold here, Sue!

  3. What fun and colorful decorations! Blessings today!

  4. Oh my gosh, Sue. This is gorgeous. I would love to own a piece. I'll have to see if I can find some via the net.

  5. I love these shocking colors. Recently I discovered CRAFTY CHICA and I just fell in lust with the combination. So I went and bought some little paints.

    Where they sit waiting for a project on my shelf.


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