I Believe In Santa and So Does SaraJane...Pink Saturday #11

I believe in Santa Claus!
I believe in Santa Claus!
I believe there's always hope when all seems lost.

I believe in Santa Claus!
I believe in Santa Claus, I'll tell you why I do.

Cause SaraJane is here with Girl Raised In Texas...Sue!

Okay Dolly and Kenny...Sing It!!!!

Welcome to CollectInTexas Gals Pink Saturday #11 Post!

Haven't the December Themed Pink Saturday's been so much Fun!Fun!Fun!

This Pink Saturday...December 19th is 'Favorite Christmas Tradition'.
(I have one and it's coming in a minute or two)

Last Pink Saturday...December 12th was 'Favorite Christmas Decoration'.
(Mine was my Mama's Candy Cane Santa and Santa and Mrs. Clauses)

Three Pink Saturdays ago...December 5th was 'Favorite Childhood Christmas Memory'.

And that's where SaraJane comes into the picture!
My Thank-you Letter to Santa must have traveled 'LicketySplit' through my Yahoo Email.
Santa must have had a 'HotLine' to eBay, PayPal and the US Post Office cause Sara Jane arrived last Saturday, December 12th.
'I Believe' it was meant to be!
You See....we were having a 'Family Christmas Party' when the door bell rang!
"Who could it be? We are all here", I said as Papa Santa went to answer the door.

It was our Santa Mailman with a 'Big UHaul' box!
It was addressed to Sue...that'd be this GRIT...and was from Seattle'NorthPole',Washington!
Everyone gathered around and...

My Favorite Tradition for Christmas...

Picture taking in front of the Christmas Tree!
Like this one taken Christmas 2001 with our Grandchildren...Baby Mason (6 months), Kami (7 yrs.) and Taiten (3 yrs.)

And, like this one taken last Saturday, December 12, 2009.
Look, Santa, there's a 'New BabyBubba', Jackson (3 months) who is celebrating his 'First Christmas'! Yep, they sure have grown and changed in 8 years, and OK, so have Nana and Papa!

OK, Ya'll...back to SaraJane...

I just wanted to show you a few pictures of SaraJane since she arrived last Saturday, and then I'm going to let her tell you her story.

But first she wants to say a 'Big Thanks' to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting this Amazing Event called "Pink Saturday" where 'Believing' makes Christmas Wishes come True!

So, grab your Christmas Mouse and ClicketyClick HERE to visit Beverly and the other Christmas PinkParticipants!

OH! Before you go SaraJane would like to tell 'The Rest of the Story' about arriving last Saturday!

Yep, SaraJane is a Blogger and invites you to visit her blog...SaraJane's Christmas Diary. Her First entry is about her arrival last Saturday. She will be posting about her MakeOver, her New Room, and in time when she's better, her many Christmas' apart from 'The First Little Girl' for whom she was a Christmas Gift, Sue.

PS...Thanks to all of you who 'Believed in Santa' and knew SaraJane and Sue would be together again.
And As Always...Thanks for Coming and Commenting!


  1. Anonymous12/17/2009

    Beautiful! Beautiful! That's a makeover...can you do that kind of "wonder" for me too?????????

    Love you! Linda

  2. Fun!
    I love your family photos! Where are the pups?

  3. Hi, Sue,
    I am so glad you and SaraJane were reunited and are going to spend your first Christmas together after so many years!! Your family is just beautiful, and I love the tradition of family picture in front of the tree. Wishing you and your family the merriest of Christmases! Vicki

  4. Such pretty pictures! The doll is georgeous! Happy and Healthy Holiday Season to you and your family and Dolly too! Grace

  5. Sue, what a great story! I'm so glad that your sweet Santa got you your doll! This just made me smile BIG!

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Anonymous12/18/2009

    SaraJane came home! How wonderful! Happy Christmas to you both! ;)

  7. What a wonderful post, so glad your doll is with you. Thanks for stopping by to see me too.
    Love the Dolly Parton song also.


  8. What lovely pictures around your Christmas tree. I believe in Santa and I'm so glad to find you do too. Why if you didn't believe, you might not have reunited with SaraJane. Have a wonderful Christmas down in Texas and happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Anonymous12/19/2009

    Beautiful cozy photos..HPS Happy Holidays

  10. SaraJane is beautiful and I'm glad she made it your house this year. Thanks for sharing your lovely family.

    Now I'm off the visit SaraJane.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. a most beautiful doll and 'family' pictures of her. have a wonderful christmas with her!!!!

  12. Oh, your pictures are so gorgeous and I am happy to see that SaraJane is home. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Happy Pink Saturday and I will see you in 2010, Char

  13. Hey Sue, What a fun post. 'yall do clean up real good 'ya hear. Great Family!!!!!

    I'm off to see little Sarajane now. bye bye, Mollye

  14. Ah, SaraJane is home with her mommy, and she looks beautiful. So does her mommy.

    Sue, your family is beautiful, and I know they adore you.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Getting to know you has been one of my blessings for this year.

  15. Hi Sue,
    A sensational Pink Saturday Post!!!! I love the tradition of the family picture in front of the tree. I know that your grand babies will always keep that tradition alive. I love your story about SaraJane! I'm off to visit her blog! Thanks for following and adding me to your sidebar. I'm following you now, too! Have a Merry, Merry Christmas, Sue!

  16. Happy Pink Saturday, I love your new post "header", so cute! Oh, and a new baby, how precious. Thanks for sharing your stories!
    Merry Christmas!

  17. How special to have your family with you for the holidays. A new baby makes this one all the more special. SaraJane....I'm off to read more about my name sake. LOL

  18. Anonymous12/20/2009

    Love your picture taking tradition. It's funny but we have never taken a "family" picture in front of the tree. We do have lots of Christmas
    pictures that are taken though out the day but none as a family. Hmmmmm! Merry Merry Christmas and happy Pink Saturday.

  19. Great Family pics!Happy Belated Pink Saturday! Yesterday was crazed trying to get everything ready! Happy Holidays!


  20. What fun it looks like you are having with your sarah jane doll. Love the family pictures. Blessings!

  21. I just love your family pictures!! Reminds me of Bill and I before his illness. He has white hair and a little white mustache.... ♥ Kerrie


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