Keep Calm and Weave On in June

Typically weaving with wool and wool blends is for winter months.  For sure they are winter wearables.  In my situation of thinking ahead for having an inventory to sell during the winter months weaving with wool in June makes sense.  It's like they say about Christmas...you know...Christmas in July. 
So, here I am in my home garage weaving studio with no AC weaving with wool. 
Thankfully, the mornings are cool, fans are blowing, and I am weaving away.  
And with all that is going on in the world...I'm going with this...
"Keep Calm and Weave On". 


I Felt Like Felting

I've had very little experience with felting, but it's been on my bucket list for awhile.  After sorting through several large bags of wool yarns, I came up with a basket full of scraps.

Most of the scraps were rolled into a yarn ball and were enough to make several passes on Bonda...knitting machine.  The smaller scraps were balled with bits of wool roving and made ready for dryer balls.

All of this scraping out wool was for a reason.  In the process of setting up my Home Weaving Studio, I came across a long forgotten book...The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting.

Bingo...Inspiration on page 79.

The first two practice felted pieces were light to medium felted.  I wanted the knit stitches to show as well as the felting to be solid enough to be stable.  To add more stiffness to the case, I stitched in a stabilizer under the fabric liner. 
I think the next panels of knitted wool will need hotter water in the wash cycle for at least 20 minutes.  Then after the cold water rinse to set the felted fibers I'll toss in the dryer on high heat for a few minutes.  Next will come a bit of block shaping to finish drying.  Time to go experiment.
Felting is Fun...Glad I Felt Like Felting!


My Signs of The Time

But do you really, Sue?  That is the looming (pun intended) question as I move Sue's Fiber Arts Studio from The Chicken Farm Art Center to my Home Studio Two...formerly the garage.  This sign has gotten lots of LOL's in my Chicken Farm Shop, but now it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed.  You see...this is just the Weaving Yarns.  Home Studio One is overflowing with knitting, crochet and other needle works yarn.  With the closing of the Shop my outlet for Sales of yarn and all the yarn items I make is gone, and I'm not sure how well Online Shopping of my wares will work.
As I mentioned, Home Studio Two is mostly a Weaving work space.  I'm making the most of the space and still have storage areas....it was and still is a storage space for stuff.  Thank goodness for curtains and sheets that block all that stuff from sight.  Sparrow...floor loom...is ready for a new warp and next weaving project.  I'm looking for inspiration...it make take awhile.
Setting up a Home Studio always requires a place for doing business...whether much business is going to happen or not.  It just feels better.  Then there is work space for other things as well.
Guess I best get to Work!


2020 AtoZ...Letter I...Indecision

I often refer to my Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary to make sure I'm using a word appropriately.  Sure enough 'Indecision' in 1971 was spot on for my state of indecisiveness today...49 years later.

Indecision - a wavering between two or more courses of action.

If only it were just two courses of action.  For me it's always  more because of my 'OverDoSueness' and the tendency to bite off more than I can chew.  Don't you just love clichés?

Here's one that goes way back with me...thank you parents...Finish what you start!   Then there is...It is possible to spread oneself too thin.  And, the kicker...choose wisely! 
Life is change. 
Growth is optional. 
Choose wisely.
My oh my how life has changed in the last few months.  All of a sudden my husband and I are in the 'At Risk' age group and strongly urged/ordered to 'Stay Home' and for me...'Work from Home'.  No problem, I have a Home Studio and love the work I do. 
It just so happens that the work I do is desperately needed for my Family, Friends and Community.
My course of action?
Make Masks!
Thank you to all who have visited  my A through I posts.

2020 AtoZ...Letter H...Off the Top of My Head

Letter H...Heddles

 Heddles are weaving loom needles and a weavers threading nightmare.  Multiply threading one needle by...let's be conservative and say 50....times 4 Harnesses.  Harnesses being the frames that hold top and bottom rails that the needles slide on.  Yes, they are moveable and threaded one at a time through the center of each vertical needle.  A threading tool with a hook on the end is used to pull threads through the eye.

Briefly, heddles are essential pieces of a weaving loom whether they be on a Harness Rail or a Ridgid Heddle frame.  I have both and I have to say the Ridgid Heddle Loom is much less of a nightmare to setup and thread.  In fact in comparison it is a Dream. 
However, it is limited somewhat to a plain weave or Tabby Weave. 
Fast, Fun and Fabulous...Right!!!
Then there is Slow, Stressful and Stunning!!!

Worth It....Right!!!


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