So Much For Keeping It Simple

The hardest thing about an 'Ending' is knowing where to 'Start'.  That's where I am now that I don't have a work schedule to follow.  It's where I am when I walk into my studio where I have organized and re-stocked my stashes of fabric, yarn, notions, lace, trims, buttons and all of the frenzied liquidation shopping stuff.

So much for my 'Stash Busting' proclamations of Use It or Lose, Sue...and just when I was making headway in that regard.  So much for the '4R's Bucket List'...you know the one where last year I swore on my stack of Bible Fabrics to 'Re-Use, Re-cycle, Re-New and Re-Sell'.  You'll notice that not one of those Re's had a thing to do with Re-Stocking!

Anyway, it's over, and I have a plan for the winding down process...yes, I do. 
I plan to keep it simple. 

That's why I chose the 'Simple Crochet Shawl' pattern.....

.....and the Bridal Shawl pattern...times 2....

....and the Re-reads of Game of Thrones while watching Season 6. 
Afterall, the Tower of Joy theories have to be boned up on if I am to intelligently discuss medieval castles, crypts, creeps, shape changers, dragons, and a bunch of messed up Family Trees.  Then there is learning a bit of Dothraki. 
So much for keeping it simple, huh?


It Is Almost Over

Liquidation Shoppers Rapture and Remorse

This being my first time experiencing a 'Liquidation', I can tell you it is a rollercoaster of human reactions, emotions, questions, thoughtfulness, and ridiculousness.  What a test of maintaining a positive outlook, good customer service, keeping my mouth shut and eyeballs from rolling.
Some of the questions Liquidation Shoppers ask remind me of Art Linkletter's 'Kids Say The Darndest Things', except these are Adults.  Here we go....
~When will you get in a shipment of seam rippers and sewing machine needles?  There aren't any more on the Notions Wall!
~Phone Call:  Could you tell me if you have anymore of the fleece print I bought 3 weeks ago?  It was blue with hearts and flowers.  I bought all on the bolt and need another half yard!
~Why are you closing?  Don't people sew anymore? 
~What are we going to do for a fabric store?
~Is this store re-opening at a different location?
~What?  You don't take checks?  You should have that posted.  There it was...Big as Dallas on the counter where she whipped out her checkbook.  Not to mention Bigger than Dallas signs all over the store.
After answering these questions....without screwing up my face with the 'Really?' look...I bag their purchases...no seam ripper...and say, "Thank-you, have a nice day".  I no longer say, Thank-you, come back and see us!  Last time I did, I got...Oh, are ya'll opening in a new location?
The absolutely most amazing and for a better word...'Ying Yang' reaction...is the Liquidation Shopper's expressions at checkout when they swipe their credit card...no checks...
"OMG, I am so excited and ecstatic at getting all this for nearly nothing....and in the next breath....I am sooooo sad to see you close.  What ever will I do for a fabric store?"
I'd like to say, Getting all that for nearly nothing is exactly why there won't be anymore shopping here.  All the years of Coupons, Bonus Bucks, Door Busters, Half-Off and every Holiday or Whatever Sale imaginable gave shoppers such a 'Bang for their Buck that the company's Profit Bucks went Bust.  Of course, there are other reasons like competition, e-shopping, and inventory that has nothing to do with being a Fabric Store. 
So, yes, it is a 'Sign of the Times'...to use a timeless cliché...and sad for those of us who love to 'Feel and See' our fabric before buying. 

Who enjoy spending hours thumbing through a Simplicity Pattern Book, and have the sense of accomplishment in 'Making' something useful for ourselves, family and friends. 
On the bright side of all this, those of us who are Fabric-a-holic-Sewist...not hoarders...can look forward to months if not years, of  Feeling-Seeing-Petting-Organizing and Sewing with the fabrics, notions, buttons, patterns and more from our Liquidation Shopping.
Oh, what Rapture and Remorse!


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