Sue's OverDone Button Bins Feature Pink Button Jewelry

I have been on a 'Button Bin Binge', and yes, some may say and think  I've OverDoneIt...again!  Ever since I wrote the post Button Sickness...A Real and Present Danger, I have worried about how my Button Collection has been organized and stored.

The warning of mixing metal buttons with any and all other buttons got me started separating and organizing the metal buttons.  Not such a difficult task, but of course I had to sort them in categories of metal color, size, shank or holes, collectible and so on.  Now I have a Silver Button Bin, a Gold Button Bin, and a Misc. Metal Button Bin.

The next order of  'Button Wellness' was to get the Collectible Celluloid and Bakelite buttons out of plastic baggies and into/onto acid free cards and open glass containers.  The experts stressed the need for them to breathe.  That's being done, and research ongoing for their worth and market value.

As it usually does when one is an 'OverDoer', one Button Bin Binge led to the next Mason Jar, Baggie,  and still on the 'Card' buttons....Button Market Crash Prompts New Strategy.  Hopefully, this organization will facilitate the production of 'OverDoSue's Eclections' of Button Jewelry.
Here is one of my favorites...fresh out of the Pink Button Bin!
Pink Buttons and Old Bowties
1960's Pink Shank Buttons with altered Vintage Bowtie clasp...Necklace and Earrings. 
Featured with 'Winter'...a watercolor from 1960's portfolio. 
Three Jars, a Bowl and a Plate Full and the Button Bins will be done.
Since I've separated out the 'Sickness Susceptible' Buttons,
I think the 'Plate Full' will go back in the Jars.
Afterall, what 'Bonafide Button Collector' does not have a Mason Jar full of Buttons?
Not this 'OverDoSue'!
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Button Market Crash Prompts New Strategy

Obviously my past marketing strategy was a bust.  I mean, who could pass up a package of buttons worth $20 for the absolutely final markdown of $4?  Not me!

That's why I pulled 'Buttons' out of my 'Junktique Booth'...I couldn't give them away!  That was several years ago, and now as I am gearing up to get back into the Junktique Booth business, I am re-evaluating my 'Button Marketing' strategy.

I started with trashing the old plan...literally!  The trash basket is full of old cards and bygone bargins!  'Old School' marketing just won't cut it in today's 'E'commerce and Social Media markets...yes, even on the Social Media Sites, you can panhandle just about anything...why not Buttons!

Did you know there are Button Market Analyst out there who for a price will 'give your marketing strategy a good shake-up and an injection of fresh energy'?

Before I check into that further and consider their 'Button Bright Ideas', I better rescue that $4.25 gray button, MADE IN ITALY from the TRASH!

Might be a good idea to hang on to those stripped of their buttons CARDS from JAPAN, SPAIN, GERMANY and HOLLAND.  The cards are probably worth more than the buttons they held.

My New 'Button Bright Idea' Marketing Strategy?
Declaring them ART!
By Famous Artist from
ITALY....Toulouse LeChic
 SPAIN...Pablo LaMode
GERMANY...Ernst Streamline
HOLLAND...Vincent VanBuTon
That should 'ShakeEmUp'....I Am So Energized!


Black and Blue and Art All 'OverDoSue'

Is it Art? 
No worries, Ya'll, you don't have to answer, although you may decide one way or another as you browse through this 'Gallery Post'.  It is completely up to you!  BackInTheDay when I was an 'Art Student' working on my Masters, I DID have to answer the question "Is it Art?", and let me tell you some of the 'Stuff' I had to give a Yup or Nope was shocking to this here-to-fore 'Art Is Dalhart Windberg Bluebonnet Landscapes' Gal.
All along it was a 'TEST'.  My Yup's turned out to be Art alright, but my double the number of Nope's also turned out to be ART!  Needless to say, I failed the 'TEST', but learned quickly to say 'Yup' to ALL except the 'bogus bathroom sign' thrown in just to make sure I wasn't snoozing through the slideshow. 
That was a long time ago...like 31 years to be exact...and now, here I am
sifting through 'Old Portfolios' trying to decide...Is It Art? 
 If So then I'll keep it!  If No, then I'll trash it!
Is it Art?  What it was...was a 'practice' watercolor testing a block out product.
It must be Art...I kept it for over 30 years. 
In another 30 years it maybe priceless...or Not!
For now it works as a background for photographing my
OverDoSue Jewelry Eclections.
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...That'd be the 'Button Hunt Club'!!!
Is that a perfect button for 'Hunters' of whatever? 
My hunting lately has taken me through the Mason Jar Jungles of my stash. 
I've also been 'Goodwill Hunting'. 
Out of the Mason Jar Jungle I have designed several 'Bracelets'.
I keep thinking my stash should be dwindling.  If it is, I can't tell.
I bagged a Lion!  Actually, I rescued these Lion Buttons out of a Ziploc Baggie!  ROAR!!!
These two Lion Bracelets are going to my ETSY Zoo Shop!
In my Vintage Jewelry Jungle I went hunting for parts to make a necklace.
I think this 'Tiger Eye' bracelet is going to make several 'Hunt Club' pieces.
Don't you Love the 'Eye of the Tiger' Pendant?
Guess I'd better get back to my Jungle Jewelry Hut and finish it!
Watch for the finished necklace in OverDoSue Eclections ETSY Shop.
Take a look at what is Already there!
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