FoldIt, StickIt, BeadIt and BowIt Origami Ornament Maker

It's been many years since I made Christmas Ornaments.  Truth be told, in the last five years or so, downsizing Christmas decorations and Tree Ornaments has been a seasonal priority.  Some were passed on to family members in their Christmas Gift Bags as momentos, and others made the Juntique Booth shelves look festive.  And still more were donated to the already overflowing shelves of GW and SA.
As for my own overflowing shelves and drawers of Christmas fabrics and trims...I've been inspired by Pinterest and a UTube video on Quilted Origami Ornaments.  I had pinned several posts on them last year to my Christmas Board thinking I would someday give it a go.  I was further inspired by a Christmas 40% Off Sale at Hobby Lobby....package of 8 Styrofoam balls regular price $3.99...HoHoHo!!! 
So now I am a FoldIt, StickIt, BeadIt and BowIt Origami Ornament Maker!


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