Better Knitter...Better Blogger...Really!

Truth be told, I've about given up becoming a 'Better Knitter', and by the looks of my Blog Stats the same could be said for my Blogging.   Oh sure, I have a list of excuses about as long as the last cast on I did for a lace shawl...several years ago.   I guess I'll have to call it finished since it's about as likely I'll knit or purl back across those kabillion cast on stitches as my going to Estonia.  I should have known from previous projects that called for really, really thin lace weight yarn and really, really, really, tiny needles on a really, really long circular thingy.  And, I really, really thought I wanted to be a Lace Knitter!  
So much for Vogue Knitting's 25 TIPS FOR FASTER KNITTING.
SALE...$9 per hank
 And so much for Knit Pics gorgeous lace weight yarn intended for a shawl from
Knitted Lace of Estonia!
Hmmmm...I betcha #1 is Post More Often...Really!


Patriotism by the Bundle

Late in May I began going through my Patriotic Fabric Stash to get ready for a display at Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio.  What a surprise to discover my Red, White and Blue Stars, Stripes and all things patriotic was hardly enough to be raising 'Old Glory' up the flag pole.  But, as I have done for earlier holidays and celebration events, I managed to do July 4th justice.
Who knew you could Bundle Patriotism!!!


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