Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Countdown

The Chicken Farm Art Center!
*Here is Day 10 'Christmas Gift Shopping' preview from
 Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio.
*You and Yours DoNot have to COOK to wear my SusieQ Apron/Smocks...just sayin'
There is no getting around it....Aprons are in my DNA...I've been tested so I know it's true.
For sure I can trace my Apron-DNA to my Grandmother Minnie...she was an Apronista, too!
Here are some Apron Posts from the Past.


Sewing In My Sleep...Dreamy!

I missed posting Day 9 of the 12 Days of The 46th Annual Thanksgiving Open House.  My excuse is...I had to sleep on it!  It's my way of solving a problem when the answer doesn't readily come to me...as in the closure on this jacket.  So, after sleeping on it, I got up this morning, had a cup of coffee and a muffin and mulled over my 'Sleep Solution'. 
 Here's what comes of sewing in your sleep.
Pretty dreamy, huh?
A typical closure of this type is called a frog.  I don't do typical.
I hope the Quilter in Heaven who made this 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' quilt top back in the 1930's isn't having a spell of 'The Vapors' seeing her handwork cut and stitched into this jacket.  It would be for the second time if so...the first time was when I cut the top in half and made two table toppers by adding reproduction borders, backing and machine quilting it with a meander stitch. 
Who needs two exactly alike table toppers?  Obviously, not me or anyone I've tried to sell them to at my shop.  Now one is this jacket and the other may be another jacket if it doesn't sell pretty soon.  I'm betting the jacket sells before the quilt.  Wanna bet?


Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas Countdown

The Chicken Farm Art Center!
*Here is Day 8 'Christmas Gift Shopping' preview from
Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio.
*For You and Yours...from one Bead, Button & Bauble Jewelry lover to another.
 I've tried to explain this 'love of beads, buttons and baubles'...but I got nothin'.
Well, maybe just this one thing....it started at a young age!
Here I am in 1955 wearing a leaning to the left Medallion Necklace and a shoved up the arm Bangle Bracelet.  I can just hear my Mom saying, "Sue, for Pete's Sake, stand up straight, you are slumping to the left, again."  That explains the leaning left necklace.  As for the bangle bracelet...it would have been a saddle oxford ornament had it not been pushed up nearly to my elbow.
On my Birthday...January 20, 1955...I was 8 years old.


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