About August and Five Years of Blogging

I have been reviewing the previous years August posts, and discovered that I am not an August Blogger.   The pattern seems to have started in August 2009 with just TWO posts...one of them being the FIRST post of this blog entitled A to Z Collecting...Art to Zippers.

Three days later on August 18th a second post was published....Yellow Kitchen Collection...It's Magic.  If I remember correctly, I agonized over the placement of photos and wrote and re-wrote the text...not to mention the learning curve of blogger back in those days.

In September 2009 I must have gained ground with blogger and with the encouragement of a few followers 12 posts were published.  A BIG boost to CollectInTexas Gal was the discovery of Beverly's How Sweet The Sound's Pink Saturday. 

My very first Pink Saturday post was Four Generations of SewingAt the end of the day on Saturday, September 12, 2009, 59 Pink Saturday Participants had visited and left comments.  I was blown away, and hooked on Pink Saturday and Blogland.

The next August...2010....was even more sparse as far as posts went.  There was ONE post and it was an attempt to explain the where's, what's and why's of CollectInTexas Gal's  absence in August blogging.  Completely forgot the 'First Blogiversary'....didn't really even know there was such a thing.

By August 2011 I was well into my Texas Family's Genealogy and CollectInTexas Gal was a guide to my Family History Blog....Tracks of My Texas Ancestors.   I was so involved in Tracks, that again the Blogiversary came and went without acknowledgement, however, my August numbers improved greatly from the two previous years with 9 posts.
August 15, 2012....I remembered my Blogiversary!
Plus 7 more posts...I was on a Roll...until August 2013 and then I was back to....
And Missing Another Blogiversary!!!!
Here it is August 28th and I missed the Official Blogiversary Day by 13 days!
Better late than never! 
Not really, I have a thing about being on time!
Maybe next August.


Repurposed Dust Bunny Collector...

...AKA Hardback Knife Edged Pleated Lampshade.
Believe it or not there is a history behind pleated lampshades, and insignificant as it may seem, the invention of this illuminating diffuser gives new meaning to 'let there be light...less light...okay, shaded light.   It's an AhHa moment...LAMPSHADE!

I am not a Lampshade Historian...made that up...probably not an official genre of historical study, but the 'Pleated Lampshade' is an official 'Patent Filing' with the US Patent Office in June 1944.

From the accumulation of Dust Bunny droppings between the knife edged pleats, I think this one might have belonged to the inventor.  Not really, his would probably not have been Pink.   Anyway, whoever owned it last probably got tired of dusting it and donated it to Goodwill where I happened to be on the hunt for a non-breakable STAND.

This painted pink metal tubular lamp fit the seven dollar bill perfectly.  The shade not so much, but it came with the stand, so I took it.

After trying several different wire baskets on the lamp stand, the pink pleated shade was a keeper, but the 'Dust Bunnies' were not.

 Those 'Knife Edge Pleats' were Feather Duster and Swiffer resistant. A stiff bristle brush brushed those bunnies right out of the pleats.

 I think it will work as a Display for my 'Button Jewelry'.  Those 'Knife Edge Pleats' make great dividers!

I am practicing my 'Booth Setup' for the September 6th First Saturday Event at
The Chicken Farm Art Center.
Doesn't Modella look pretty in pink?
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Beverly's How Sweet The Sound


Running With DMC and Aunt Lydia's Blues

What does DMC stand for and who is Aunt Lydia?

The first thing that comes to mind when one talks about running with DMC is Run DMC, and even though I am not of the HipHop generation, I have heard of this 1980's group.  So, NO, this is not how I 'Run with DMC'.

The next thing to pop up when searching DMC was an 'Action-Adventure Hack and Slash video game.  I won't even go there with the graphics or the name of the Xbox game, but here's a hint on the 'D'...H E double L NO that is not how I run with DMC.

There were a few other DMC icons...for instance 'DeLorean Motor Company'.  I recognized that 'D', and although I could run with a DeLorean, again, not my DMC.  There were other DMC's:  Destination Medical Center, Del Mar College and the entertaining Disney Movie Club.  If you haven't already guessed, my 'Running with DMC' is Fiber related.  Yes, it's Floss, Thread, Yarn and more Needleworks stuff which you can explore on the DMC Website.

 What does DMC stand for, you asked and I wanted to know since I have an inquisitive mind and I suffer from Fiberpsychosis...a disorder of 'OverDoing' Fiber related products.  So here it is...what DMC stands for...
DOLLFUS-MIEG & Compagnie
Now we know, but as usual for Fiberpsychosis sufferers, this was just that one strand
of Blue Floss in the 'Thread Tangle'  that led to untangling the HISTORY 
of a company started in 1746 who's motto remains alive today.
"Tenui Filo Magnum Texitur Opus"
"From one fine thread a work of art is born"
Oh yeah...I definitely 'Run With DMC'!
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PS...I am still working on 'Who is Aunt Lydia'.  What I know for sure, she is not related to Dollfus Mieg and in all likelihood she and I have at least one thing in common...Fiberpsychosis!


Bohemian Inspired

"Bohemian Inspired"...I see this used as a title/description for much of the brass jewelry on Pinterest , and it intrigues me.  You see I am descended from 'Old World Bohemian' ancestors, and from the photos I have seen of my great great grandparents they were a far cry from today's Urban Dictionary's description of Bohemian.

"Somebody who leads an alternative lifestyle...not hippies...more like Gypsies." There Ya Go!   I sort of identified with hippies as a wannabe flower child of the sixties. 

I say sorta because my parents definitely did not because Cowboys and Iowa Farm Gals did not raise Flower Children...if they did they would be called Magnolia, Petunia or Pansy. 

Still 'I Dug It, Man' and felt somehow tuned in and turned on by the 'Artistic Side' of HippieDom.

"They can have an extremely wide range of 'different' tastes in music, fashion, art, literature etc. and are usually very creative people."  GROOVY!!!  I Got This!!!  Well, parts of it anyway.  I have to opt out of the wide range of music preferences...I'm way stuck in the Sixties with Runaround Sue, Hey Hey Paula, anything by Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers.  I did stray from the Sixties some for George Straight...afterall what Texas Gal would not buy into his 'Ocean Front Property in Arizona'?  Now  Fashion and Art is where my 'Wide Range' was different...much to the dismay of the Cowboy and Farm Girl. 
So, much of what I attributed to being a 'Wannabe Flower Child' BackInThe Day is today thought of as being Bohemian Inspired.  I'm good with that especially since I now know that I come from Old World Bohemian stock....even if they weren't Gypsies.  Now I know why and where my Bohemian brass necklace's inspiration came from. 
I wonder if the Iowa Farm Girl knew about her Bohemian Great Grandmother. 
Probably not...otherwise she might have understood her oldest child's
wide range of differences in Fashion and Art.  


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