Violet Surviors

What flower do you associate with February?   Roses?  Red Roses, right?  A bouquet of a dozen red roses this time of the year...first couple of weeks of February, anyway...keeps floral shops and other Sweetheart gift providers, hopping. 

What about February's Flower of the Month...the Violet? 

Typically, not thought of as a February flower or as a bouquet gift unless the sweetheart's name is Violet or Viola...or...the recipient is an avid 'Saintpaulia' grower/collector/fan. 

Saintpaulia is the botanical name for African Violets, and yes, I have had a collection of them, and no, I was never a member of the African Violet Society of America....but my Aunt Bea was.

Bea was my African Violet mentor and inspiration to be an African Violet enthusiast.  At first I was content with the five or so plants she gave me to start my own violet collection/hobby.  Then, as they began to bloom with a plethora of 'Blooming Must Haves', my hobby turned into yet another 'OverDoSue' life changing event.

Before I knew it, shelves of violets took over every appropriately sun lite window, and when that space was over run, out came UV Grower Bulbs to hang over more shelves.  I read and collected books on How To Grow Violets, bought Violet Pots, Violet Potting Soil, Violet Food, and of course more Violets...usually ones that were on their last living leaf and bloom.  After Easter is a good time to find bargain violets.

Like many of my life changing events/collections the 'Living Violets' eventually bit the dust as we say here in Texas.  After several moves to not so violet friendly places, the only survivors were a mixed media painting and a McCoy Pitcher.

Aunt Bea and her violets have also been the inspiration for several posts here on CollectInTexas Gal.
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February 2016...An Uncommon Solmonath

In Old English language...like the Middle Ages...February was called Solmonath (mud month).  Do you think they much liked the second month of winter?  Probably not for the muddy mess that freezing rain and snow left for them to deal with, but there was a bright side to Solmonath.  It was also known as Kale-monath.  That's right...February as we know it was not always celebrated with chocolates and cherries...but...cabbage.

February has a confusing calendar history with day tripping starts and endings.  For example it starts on the same day of the week as both March and November in common years, and as August in leap years.  That one day of 24 hours every four years is a horologists and astrologists nightmare.

Here's how Leap Year messes with February's end of the month...it ends on the same day of the week as July of the following year in years immediately before leap years.  In leap years, it is the only month that ends on the same weekday on which it began and is the only month of that year that can pass without a single full moon...except in 1999.  Horologists...students of  horology...the art or science of measuring time,  calculate the next February full moon will occur in 2018.  I am going to consult my Crystal Ball or maybe even the Ouija Board...better yet a croaking frog.  It's true, says so in the Farmer's Almanac...the wood frog is the voice of the weather.  Oh wait...that's a gopher. 

I imagine by now you are wondering how this month's opening post got off on amphibians and rodents when we generally think of February as a month of pretty valentines, chocolates, amethysts and violets.  My best guess is because this is one of those...
...Horologists/Astrologist nightmares.
February 2016
There will be NO FULL MOON!
A rodent named Phil will NOT see his shadow due to predicted cloud cover!
Croaking Wood Frogs will NOT emerge from the 'Middle Ages Mud'!
It is a LEAP YEAR!


January Time Capsule Closing

Here it is the last day of January.  Time to wrap up, put up and close up all things collected and connected to January.  Enclosed in this January Time Capsule are posts from the first January's blogging back in 2010 through today, January 31, 2016.  So for posterity....let's begin with Calendar Collections.

 Todays post will be Post # 1099.  I can't explain what prompted me to check on that 'Stat' other than to say...Hello Crystal Ball.  You'll get the jest of that by reviewing these 2016 January posts...
Now, it's time to wrap up this post with a list of my Favorite January Posts.
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January Time Capsule...Closed!


Cross Stitch Sampler Collector

About this same time last year I posted about a 'Sampler' rescued from Salvation Army Thrift Store. As a matter of fact it was exactly on January 28th...which was Wordless Wed...Cross Stitch Collage. 

Several days earlier on the 26th I posted about finding the sampler and how I am a collector of cross stitch.  It went like this..."Cross stitch makes me cross-eyed.  Cross stitch counting makes me crazy.  I collect cross stitch samplers done by someone else...anyone else...definitely not by me."  That post...Cross Stitch Sampler...Meant for Me.

It happened again!  Same place, same price, same month...different year, and the same reaction of how could anyone not keep this as a family heirloom.  Just like last year, it's the same conclusion...it was 'Meant for Me'.

Some things don't change from one year to the next.  Cross stitch still makes me cross-eyed and counting cross stitch will always make me crazy. 

The 'Seasons Samplers' is expertly stitched, un-signed, and professionally framed, which in the world of 'Stitch Collectors' means one of two things.  First, the stitcher was so cross-eyed and crazy by the time she was finished she forgot to stitch on her name or initials.  Or, the sampler was a 'Display' to sell the 'Season Sampler' Kit to potential cross-eyed counted cross stitch stitchers with a closet full of UFCSS...unfinished cross stitch samplers that made them crazy enough to think of stitching another one.  That is why I am a....
....Cross Stitch Sampler Collector....


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