Hoop Shooters Since 1941

Today starts the 'Elite Eight' Bracket of 2015's March Madness.  It's a big Hoopla!  Of course you know that without being a College Basketball Fan as it takes up a good part of the evening TV viewing time the last couple of weeks in March and into April.  This year I noticed that Northern Iowa made it to the Sweet Sixteen Bracket before losing out to Louisville.  I mention this in particular as it reminded me of another Iowa Basketball Team...my Mother's High School Team.

The team photo is from the collection of Mother's BFF, Phyllis, with whom I visited last month.  Phyllis shared the photo and their 'Basketball Story' with me and now seems like a good time to share with my Family Readers and my Blog Readers.
Thelma and Phyllis finished Country School with the eighth grade.  In order to further their education they moved to town and enrolled in Exira High School.  Neither one had ever seen a basketball game and new nothing about the skills or rules.

Phyllis remembered their first year in 1941, trying out for the team:  "All the town girls had been playing since 3rd grade, so we had to 'bluff' our way through...pretend we knew how to play...it was hilarious...very hard to complete.  During the summer, Thelma went to her Aunts in DesMoines, and when she got back she had grown 4 inches.  Until then we were the same height...then the Coach paid attention to her and gave her one on one training as a guard.  She was the tallest one on the team.   Thelma loved basketball."

Like Mother...Like Daughter...20 years later!
Like Grandmother/Great Grandmother...Like Grandsons and Great Grandsons...68 years later.
Thanks Mother...Hoops are in our Genes!
In Loving Memory
My Brother Stacy...Go Duke!
My Mother Thelma...Exira Spartans 1941-43


AJ Lauer Introduces Sue and Dolly

Have you noticed the Owl Be Watchin' Badge on my Sidebar?
Do you know what a Minion is?
I didn't the first year I participated in the AtoZ April Challenge!
I do know now! 
 I am one...with 'One Goggled Eye' on the AtoZ Challenge during the month of April.
 AJ Lauer, Team Leader and Co-Host for the Challenge, begins the introduction
of her team of wHooligans...with Me.
Would you like to know my answer to this question asked by Barbara in Caneyhead?
Have you ever been to Texas and if so, what part?
Really, have I ever been to Texas!
Read my answer on AJ's Blog post


In The Midst of March Madness...

...there was The Great and Powerful AtoZ Theme Reveal Blogfest!!!

It was Great!  It was Powerful!  It was Revealing! 
Over 500 AtoZ Bloggers signed up for the BlogHop.  Did I make it to all 500?  No, but I visited and commented on as many as I could for two days...March 23-24...and will continue until Opening Day Wednesday, April 1st.
This being my fourth year on the AtoZ April Challenge,  I felt prepared for my Theme Reveal with CollectInTexas Gal decked out with a 'Challenge Header', a Theme Card, the AtoZ Badges, my 1950's-60's Photo Collaged Background, Sidebar Tags and most important of all....my AtoZ BLOG ROLL.   Check it out on the Sidebar.  I'll be adding more as I continue to visit the Reveal List. 

Ya'll are welcome to join me...


AtoZ BlogHop Theme Reveal

Welcome to CollectInTexas Gal's AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal.
This is my Theme...
A collection of stories and photos based on my Mother's Shoebox Album
and my 1950's and 1960's Scrapbooks!
Here are a few Photos and Story Titles!   Can you 'Match' them together?
Letter A....All A's and One A-
Letter B....1950's Bathing Beauty Bombs
Letter D....Dad and Sixteen Hands Dan
Letter O....Operator~It's a Comb Not A Wand
I look forward to visiting YOUR BLOG! 
I will leave my Signature Link for an easy one click trip to MY BLOG!
AtoZ 2015 Challenge AJ's wHooligans
{make YOUR Signature Link....HowTo...HERE on AtoZ Blogging Basics}
Thanks for Blog Hopping by...please leave a comment so I can return your visit.
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A Lot On My Sewing Plate

As much as there is on my 'Sewing Plate', there is more on my 'Other Stuff Plates'.  Some of those plates are stacking up and getting dangerously close to toppling over.

On top of the plate pile are the remaining AtoZ Letters to be written.  Down to a place setting for six at that table. 

Wow! I just had an IDEA for Letter 'T'.  One down...five to go!

From the stack, I must begin putting together a 'Place Setting' for Two.  There is going to be a wedding in our family, and 'Family Heirloom Table Treasures' are on that Plate. 

My work plate has been quite full this month, and that is a good thing as it keeps me inspired to get back to my 'Sewing Plate'.  You have no idea how hard it is to put other stuff plates on the back burner when you are highly exposed to a 'Plateful of Fabric' for hours every day.  I have to remind myself that my 'Fabric Plates' at home are stacked to the ceiling and filling every nook and cranny. 
You know, having one's 'Plates Full' is a blessing...the Irish said so just a few days ago. 
"May there always be work for your hands to do."


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