Home Studio Tuesday Tour

Tuesday Tour of Home Studio...Window Shelf Collection
Having TWO Studios is working out quite well for me.  For the first three days of the week...Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...my Home Studio is where you will find me.  That leaves Thursday, Friday and Saturday as designated days at Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio.  One of my daily must do's is posting on Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio's Facebook Page.  It's part of letting everyone know about the 'Daily and Weekly Specials'.
 Like these from last week at Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio
Thursday Threads
Finally Friday Final Markdowns
Scrappy Saturday
And this week at Home Studio
Monday Made to Match
Tuesday Tour of Home Studio...Collection Closeup
To be continued on Wordless Wednesday!
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Dividing Dual Duty and DMC

Those of us who sew are quite familiar with Dual Duty and DMC as staples of our sewing rooms and sewing boxes.  In my case not only are they necessary supplies...they are another obsession/addiction/over collectible!  I'm pretty sure the 'Hanging by a Thread' quote was posted with me in mind.  Yes, I'm talking about THREAD!  Dual Duty is an all purpose thread produced by Coats and Clark.  HERE is a bit of Coats and Clark Thread history.

DMC, as you can see, is embroidery floss.  It has been around since the mid 1700's when it's trade name was established after it's French owner Daniel Dollfus and his wife Anne-Marie Mieg ...ie..Dollfus-Mieg & Compagnie...or...D.M.C.  You will also notice a J&P Coats skein...yes, they make embroidery thread, too.  And I have some of both.  Some new and some used.  That's why I am dividing.  The used I keep...the new...well, it is ready to sell.
First Tray....Done!
Now to find an empty shelf at Sue's Fiber & Fabric Studio.
I think this one will do Dual Duty!


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