Shameful Self Promotion...Whoop Whoop!

Here it is the MIDDLE of JULY and my Blogging Posts Count is more Shameful than this Shameful Self Promotion.  As you might imagine...if you know my work nickname of OverDoSue...I've been way OVERDOingIt these last couple of months.  And they say Summer is Vacation time!  What's that?

So, Summer is also suppose to be HOT...and it definitely is that here in Texas.  However, in my world of Fiber...yarn spinning, knitting, crocheting...summer is the time to get ready for WINTER.  Surprisingly, this HOT mess sells when temps soar in triple digits.  Go Figure!!!  I took this display shot on a 98 degree day and two days later...102 degrees...the green Caplet, Tassel Collar, Knitted Sock Bag, 2 Kimonos and 3 Headbands were gone.
Oh and have I shamefully promoted my new Rag Rugs?
I dubbed them Kaleidescope RagRugs!
Whoop Whoop!!!


Rounding Up Round RagRugs

Although it has been quite some time...October 2017...since posting about RagRugs, they certainly have not been put on the back burner.  Of all the items I make for my shop, Rag Rugs, Bags and Baskets are perpetual.  By that I mean they are good sellers year round.  However, due to a hand and wrist injury last November working with a 'Q' crochet hook and 1 1/2" fabric strips did shelve rug making for several months.

I've been working on a new design technique that eliminates obvious color changes when working in same color rows.  I'll be sharing pictures later.  So, it is in with the NEW and out with the OLD...which means a Round RagRug SALE! 
Here's my pitch to my Facebook Customers....
Round Rag Rug SALE!!! July's First Saturday Event at The Chicken Farm Art Center. July 7th...OPEN 10 to 5. These 18", 20" and 22" Round Rag Rugs are perfect for a Table Centerpiece or as a bath mat. Made of cotton for easy washing and lay flat to dry care. 
 Come see my NEW OVAL Rag Rug Designs, too!!!


Hot June Brought Sheep to Shop Demos

Did you know June had 5 Saturdays?  It made for a long time between the First Saturday Event of June and the next one this month.  Six weeks between the biggest sales day of the month makes for slow traffic and marketing.  Then there were record breaking temps in triple digits...wow...June...you were HOT.
The long hot month and slow traffic were incentives to find ways to advertise my Studio's newly set up Weaving and Spinning Space.  Strategically placed Chalk Boards at the Front Courtyard and Center Courtyard let visitors know I was OPEN and working in the Studio.  They worked...not only did my Rag Rug inventory and sales increase, blending and spinning yarn got lots of attention. 
Folks are quite amazed at how yarn makes it from 'Sheep to Shop'. 


'Gusher Age' To 'God Ahmighty',Thel...What Next?

~to read Texas Historical Commission Markers...click on picture~
In the early 20th Century, the Texas oil boom, sometimes called the Gusher Age, was a time of dramatic change and economic growth in Texas.  After the Gushers, by the 1940's production stabilized in East Texas, and West Texas began to be more fully explored and the Permian Basin gradually became the top producing area of the state.  The Permian Basin became the Oil Service Capital of the nation as the influx of foreign oil depressed the price of oil and gas. 
Santa Rita #1
Management of the petrochemical industry and the discovery of natural gas and it's bi-products of styrene, butadiene, polypropylene, benzene and quantities of synthetic rubber and ammonia kept the Oil Industry booming.  New installation Plants were built along the Gulf Coast and the Houston Shipping Channel.  The Odessa-Midland area was a hub of Oil Service Companies with branches throughout smaller communities like Monahans, Kermit, Ozona, Big Lake and others. 

My Dad was a Jack of All Trades and one of them was as a 'Roughneck' on 'Drilling Rigs'....like the one pictured bottom left during the 1950's.  On the 'Rig', he was a Jack of All Rig Jobs from Floor Hand to Derrick Hand...which was the one that caused Mother the most worry.  In the bottom right picture, Dad and his brother MD are standing on a site where a 'Pulling Unit' is in operation.  This piece of machinery was part of the 'Oilfield Service Industry', which flourished during the 1950's through the 1990's, and will again when the current Texas Oil Drilling Boom Rigs move to their next Drilling Sites.

As I look at these pictures of Dad as a 20th Mid-Century Texas Oilman, I wonder what he would think about the  21st Century Oil Bidnezz.  I imagine he would say....
God Ahmighty, Thel, what will they think of next?
~photos by CollectInTexasGal©...1950 Drilling Location© by Thel~


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