The Artisans and Crafters Gathering

And so it begins!  The holiday shopping season with the Artisans & Crafters Gathering.  I haven't participated in a show since opening a Studio at The Chicken Farm Art Center.  So, it was a different mindset in choosing what to take, planning and setting up the space, and trying to think of everything needed...like bags, change, Square Sign, and on and on.  Needless to say, I had to make several trips back and forth from the Studio to the show site.
Finally....all set after moving things around several times.  My space was 10' wide by 5' deep and fortunately I was next to my spinning group so got to spread out a bit more.  As I look at this picture, I see several things that I will not have to take back to the Studio.  Yay!  It was a good show and worth the time and effort to be there. 
This year's new line of knitted and crocheted items....Cowls and Capes.  Last year I did Shawls and Ponchos, and am in hopes they will go again this year.  I think I'm done with hooks and needles for the season....famous last words...ya know!
Will definitely have to get back to Rag Rugs...both crocheted and loomed.  Especially the loomed as I sold the last one at this show.  Have one on the loom now....time, time, time!!! 

You can see some of the ones I have made on Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber website where I have a LibbyLula Custom Rug Tab.


Hello October

I'm so glad I live in a world where there is October!
The Trees are in their autumn beauty,
The woodland paths are dry,
Under the October twilight,
The water mirrors a still sky.
William Butler Yeats

Abilene State Park ~ Abilene, Texas


Autum Blending, Spinning and Looming

Autumn is quickly becoming one of my favorite seasons!  Summer used to be!  I'm over Summer...whew, it's been such a long hot one!  During the last week of August I began sorting through fabric strip bins, yarn bins and roving bins pulling out Fall colors.  So, now I am definitely in the OverDoSue Fall Mode. 

I'm hoping for orders on the Autumn Boreal Rolags.  I spun and plied them as an example of how beautiful they work up into yarn.  I think the Spinners who are going to be my 'Guest Artists' for October's First Saturday at The Chicken Farm are going to love these fall colors.

How's this for screaming Autumn?  This LibbyLula Loomed Rag Rug Runner sold while it was still on the Loom.  When it was finished the buyer came right over and picked it up and promptly took it home and set up her Fall Ya'll table...take a look...
I think this might be a good time to repeat my Announcement for Ordering a Custom Made Runner!
These rugs are woven in an ancient technique called 'Twining'.
Made with cotton fabric strips that are braided across the loom warp.
Examples and Details for Custom Made Rugs


Sue&LLLoom...Rug Runner Orders for Holiday Season

These rugs are woven in an ancient technique called 'Twining'.
Made with cotton fabric strips that are braided across the loom warp.
Examples of Custom Made Rugs
 14"x42" Runner...$60
Additional Length and/or Width with Edging $3 inch-ends/$5 inch-sides. 
Suggested use as Table and/or Floor Runner...sized for Standard Fireplace Hearth.

14"x 54" Runner...$65
Length includes Fabric Fringe. 
Suggested use as Table and/or Floor Runner

 14"x 32" Runner...$45
Includes one round of Edging...additional edging~$2 inch ends/ $4 inch sides
Suggested use as Table and/or Floor Runner
Made to Coordinate with Your D├ęcor
From a Variety of Fabric Strips in Prints and/or Solids
To Order or for More Information
325-277-9940 Sue's Cell
Studio 14 @ The Chicken Farm Art Center...FB link w/directions
Call or Come by SOON for 2018 Holiday Orders!
Allow 2 weeks...Last date to Order - November 30, 2018.
Shipping Available by USPO....Priority Flat Rate Box
Medium $13.65...Large $18.90
~USA Shipping Only~
Payment due on Ordering via:
PayPal Invoice
(all credit cards accepted...PayPal acct. not required)
at The Chicken Farm Art Center
Cash or Credit Card
(call first to be sure I am there)


Sue's She Shops OverDoSue MakeOver

We hear a lot about 'Boys and their toys.  You know...power tools, dream cars like Jags and Corvettes.  And how about all the hoopla about guys and their 'Man Caves'!

It's high time gals like me...Fiberistas...have 'She Caves'.  I'll call mine 'Sue's She Shop'.  Of course you know I talking about Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio14....which just this past week got a total OverDoSue Makeover!

Why?  I had to make room for a new to me Fiber Toy...a Leclerc Table Loom 4 Harness Dorothy model.  Naturally I'll name her Dorothy.  Adding Dorothy to Studio 14 resulted in this post on Facebook.

Studio 14 Makeover Mess! So, this is what happens when I get a new (to me) Fiber Toy...a Table Top Loom which is about 22" wide x 24" tall x 20" deep and sits on a table 20"x28". 

 Now you would think something that small would slip right in to my about 16ft x 20ft studio. Nope, it required a total move of every shelf, table, cabinet and rearrangement of nearly every skein of yarn, bolt of fabric and finished goods. 

It was all good though...the fiber dust bunnies, lint, dropped pins, buttons etc. accumulated over almost a year got swept and dusted. Tomorrow....the Reveal. Oh, and you will be able to get in the door. I think I need a Re-Grand Opening to celebrate my Table Top Loom...one more off my Fiber Bucket List. Now to find time to WEAVE!

The Reveals
Check out Counter left front. Yarn Blending and RagRug Supplies right front. Spinning and Weaving back left. Sewing center on back wall behind the Roving Bins.
 Reveal part 2...The Sales Floor Areas!!
Welcome...come on in...the AC is on and there is lots to see and do at Sue's Studio!
Yellow Tag Sale still going on for Aprons...you don't have to cook to wear one! Just sayin'. Lots of NEW Microwave Bowl Cozies...Found some great Texas Fabrics in my Stash. NO MORE TO HOT TO HANDLE bowls out of the Microwave. Always a good supply of these best sellers. Also have a rack of Yellow Tag Rag Rugs plus a good stock of new designs...always have a rug on the loom or on the hook.
I know it's still HOT, but I've been busy with knitting needles and crochet hooks
 getting ready for Fall and Winter....THINK COOL/COLD/GIFTS.
Do you Love Vintage...like me? I have a wonderful collection of Vintage Quilts....wall and bed sizes. I also make bags, pillows and more from vintage fabrics, crochet and embroidery. They will bring back sweet memories of mothers and grandmothers. 
So, Yes, I DO All that the sign says and sometimes have to stop and unwind by rewinding. 
 I always have plenty to go around!


On the DPN's...Double Pointed Nightmare!

Several years ago I began combining crochet and knitting, especially when an edging was needed on a knitted item and visa versa.  Adding a knitted band to a crocheted hat requires picking up crochet stitches with a knitting needle.  Simple enough, right!  Except when it is in the 'round' like this hat/cap. 
I would try every small circular needle in my arsenal before I would even think about knitting with FOUR needles...aka DPN's...double pointed needles.  Seriously, when I first started knitting, using two needles was sometimes a challenge and circulars, well, they actually are my faves.  But, I didn't have a small enough circular for this hat/cap so...DPN's...which, at one time I had nightmares over, were unearthed from the bottom of my needle bag.   So, the made with Hand Spun Yarn by Sue McPeak hat/cap required a knitted band with DPN's....there was no other choice....I had to make something with the HandSpun Yarn by Sue McPeak.

I haven't had much time of late for spinning!  Can you believe it?  Especially since February, when my wheel arrived and I was totally in the OverDoSue SpinArama mode.  However, at some point one has to take time to make something with all that 'Hand Spun Yarn' by Sue McPeak. 

The NUMBER #1 question people ask when they see the 'Hand Spun Yarn' is....
I LOVE this question as it gives me the opportunity to 'Show and Tell'.
I SHOW the Capes and Cowls and TELL...
"I Knit, Crochet, Weave and whatever else my
OverThinkItSue can come up with.
Speaking of Knit and Crochet with Hand Spun Yarn...
Here is the result of the DPN's hat Band.
Dreamy, huh!


Learning To Spin...Then What?

I have been learning to spin for 6 months, 1 week and 1 day....well, there about if counting from the month, week, and day that I got my own wheel.  I can't really count the times I tried spinning at the spinning group I belong to.  I'm pretty sure my patient teacher never thought I'd ever get the hang of spinning a decent thin strand of yarn that would flow through the 3/8" orifice, have enough twist to stay together or fill a bobbin.

Sure enough she was spot on with the thin strand flowing through a .375" orifice.  I could clog that tiny thing with every other pump of the treadle.  There was a solution and it works perfectly for a thick and thin art yarn spinner.  It's called a Jumbo Flyer with a 3/4" orifice...pic #2.  Then there was treadling enough to get enough twist so the wad would hold together.  I actually could get twist...over twisted...cork screw tight...for a couple of inches then nothing...Failed the twist test.  Fill a bobbin?  Not enough time in the day when you have to start over a kabillion times.

After 6 months, 1 week and 1 day you can imagine how filling a bobbin, making twist enough for coils and having enough yarn to actually make something has me breaking my arm patting myself on the back.  And that's just one of the bobbins I have managed to fill.  I now have two full hanging racks with Sue Spun Art Yarn in my Shop.  Now both arms are broken.
So, what does one do with a Twisted Mass of Colorful Art Yarn?
One does a Photo Shoot!


Needle Doodling and Subconscious Incubation

Doodling...to Scribble Absentmindedly!
I've been a 'Doodler' my entire life and never really thought about it being a 'Thing'.  It is such a 'Thing' that Google, Wikipedia, Pinterest, UTube and scores of internet sites are as absentminded as I am. 
 Like most lifetime doodlers, I started with crayons, graduated to pencils, pens, paint and other two dimensional Art mediums.  I even passed on my 'Absentmindedness' to my Junior High Art Students with a lesson on Doodling around common objects.  I wonder if they have become lifetime doodlers, too!
There are benefits of being a doodler...according to HuffPost who say, "If you spend half an hour doing something creative, when someone gives you a problem you will think about it in fresh ways."  Doodling as conscious absentmindedness acts as a distraction and allows for "subconscious incubation of a solution".  Hmmmm, now I'm looking back on my Doodle Art examples and realizing I must have always wanted a Mickey Mouse watch and was ahead of the times with 'Arty' nail polish.
Doodling has certainly gained the attention of a number of scientific and mental health studies with topics like etymology and memory.  It seems doodling has been an absentminded practice among some of the worlds notable people...like...the poet/physician Keats, literary genius Beckett and US President Reagan.  Of all the notables I would like to associate my absentmindedness with is Leonardo da Vinci.  Really, his notebook margin doodles give new meaning to Absentminded Scribbling.
I guess it was a natural transition from the two dimensional doodling to three dimensional doodling with needle, thread, fabric, buttons, beads, and whatever else I could find to allow for 'subconscious incubation'.  Just look at what it hatched!  


Momentous Scraps

Here I go again.  Another scrapbook.  This one has been a long time coming...like 58 years.  Here's how it started.....

Room 8-A Jr. High 1960
Having written my name and location on the inside of the cover of my first scrapbook was probably the most useful piece of information in the whole book.

It survived mostly due to the cover being a heavier weight paper than the rest of the pages which have yellowed and deteriorated.  Scotch tape, Elmers glue and manila paper were not Acid Free.  I don't think Acid Free was invented yet, and if it was it wasn't free. 

Being as it was my first scrapbook and being an 8th grader with little to no momentous scraps of information to paste on the pages about myself, I proceeded to cut and paste pictures and articles from the school newspaper about Upperclassmen.

Here's how it has been preserved, reorganized and updated for a GRHS Reunion in October.
Taking apart that first scrapbook has been kinda hard...mentally...but after 58 years it is falling apart.  No acid free paper or glue back in the day.  So, this effort to save those fragile and yellowed papers will be well worth it.  I've just finished my 7th Grade year, and Wow!...there really wasn't much of any momentous scraps about myself.  However, there was a lot about those cute high school boys!
Go Big Red...Lasso the Lions!


Scaling Up with Fiber and Fiber-gibberish!

How is it that as soon as I say one thing I do just the opposite?  How is it that as soon as I think I should downsize and/or get out all together I do just the opposite?

Answer...It's how I roll!  It's how I get my juices to flow!  It's what happens when business gets slow! 

And...it's good for my heart and soul! 

So instead of scaling down...I scaled up with Fiber by the Pound with Rag Rug Strips for SALE and Fiber by the Ounce with Wool.

It really is how I roll...I never give it up.  First of all because it's what I love to do and secondly, Hi Honey (husband) says, "Once it leaves the house you can't bring it back."

And thirdly, neither one of us likes to pack!  So, I'll keep moving forward and not look back!  Yikes, enough of the rhyme time.

Wool Roving by the Ounce.  So easy for novice and experienced spinners to try combinations of Custom Blended and/or small amounts of spinning fibers before investing in the whole Sheep to Shop.  I now carry for sale both domestic wool roving from a local Spinning Group with a Flock of Sheep and Imported Dyed Roving.  I also offer Custom Blending in the form of Rolags, Roving, and Mini Batts.  Then of course I have for sale what I have spun and processed Art Yarn and Core Spun Fibers.  Sorry, if this is Greek to some of you readers.  I'm so into Fiber-gibberish!

On to Poundage!  Did you know that 1.5 pounds of Fabric Strips is equal to 6 yards and that you can make an 18"x30" Oval Rag Rug?  Oval Rag Rugs are my favorite to make and NOW you can make one too!
Here are some choices in Fabric Strips by the Pound....
....and More....
Okay...enough of my Scaling Up...I better go Blend and Spin!
Thanks for listening to my Fiber-gibberish!


Shameful Self Promotion...Whoop Whoop!

Here it is the MIDDLE of JULY and my Blogging Posts Count is more Shameful than this Shameful Self Promotion.  As you might imagine...if you know my work nickname of OverDoSue...I've been way OVERDOingIt these last couple of months.  And they say Summer is Vacation time!  What's that?

So, Summer is also suppose to be HOT...and it definitely is that here in Texas.  However, in my world of Fiber...yarn spinning, knitting, crocheting...summer is the time to get ready for WINTER.  Surprisingly, this HOT mess sells when temps soar in triple digits.  Go Figure!!!  I took this display shot on a 98 degree day and two days later...102 degrees...the green Caplet, Tassel Collar, Knitted Sock Bag, 2 Kimonos and 3 Headbands were gone.
Oh and have I shamefully promoted my new Rag Rugs?
I dubbed them Kaleidescope RagRugs!
Whoop Whoop!!!


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