Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas Countdown

8 More Days Til The 46th Annual Thanksgiving Open House at
 The Chicken Farm Art Center!
  Here is Day 5 'Christmas Gift Shopping' preview from
 Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio.
For the 'Sewing Enthusiast or Fabric-A-holic' on your List...or...for your 'Stash'.
 You can never have too much Fabric and Trim.
I love shopping in my 'Shop Stash'!
Here's an example 'Trim' shopping...never would have found it in Home Studio!


Day 4 of 12 Days of Christmas Countdown

9 More Days Til The 46th Annual Thanksgiving Open House at
The Chicken Farm Art Center!
*Here is Day 4 'Christmas Gift Shopping' preview from
Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio.
*Home, Hearth and Head for You and Yours
Talk about 'Gottcha Covered'.
From Shoulder Bag to Table Centerpiece to Floor Covers!
Oh...and here's one for your Head...Stay Warm, my Friends!


DAY 3 of 12 Days of Christmas Count Down

10 More Days Til The 46th Annual Thanksgiving Open House
at The Chicken Farm Art Center!
  Here is Day 3 'Christmas Gift Shopping' preview from

Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio.
  It's a Shawl Show...For YOU and YOURS!
Just so you know...Overdo Sue has not OverDone herself in the last few days, weeks, months!
She OverDid herself last year!


12 Days of Christmas Count Down...Day 1 and Day 2

As of yesterday there are 12 More Days until
Have I been jumping through hoops, meeting myself coming and going, and putting 'Overdo Sue' in Green/Red High Gear?  Yep!  Wow!  It has been fun!  Studio 14 is packed full and believe it or not, I'm still sewing, crocheting, beading and all that stuff!  I hope you won't mind if I share here on CollectInTexas Gal my 12 Days of Christmas Count Down happening on Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio's Facebook page.  Shameless self promotion, I know, but here goes with Day 1 and Day 2.
 Here is Day One's 'Christmas Gift Shopping' preview from Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio. Something for everyone on your 'Gift Shopping List'.
 Here is Day TWO's 'Christmas Gift Shopping' preview from Sue's MadeWith Fiber&Fabric Studio. Something for everyone on your 'Gift Shopping List'.
Guess where I'm doing my Christmas Shopping?  That's right...from the leftovers.
I hope my Family and Friends decorate their Christmas Trees, wear Scarves, Hats and Ponchos, drink Wine, snuggle Stuffie Kitty's, Bears and Monkeys and are messy Christmas Pie eaters...I have a Bib for that! 


On The Porch...Split Rail Seasons

This is my solution for hawking my Fall and Winter wears.  Yes, I know it looks like my Studio Porch suffers from a split personality...hmmm...makes you wonder about the owner.  All in all it does look pretty nifty.  I think shoppers for November's events will think so, too.  Tomorrow, the 4th, is November's First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center.  Then the biggie...The 46th Annual Thanksgiving Giving Open House November 24-26.  Last year I was in a tent.  So excited to be in Sue's MadeWith Fabric&Fiber Studio 14.
Four Split Rail Personalities...I'm on the far left...which one are you?


Welcome November to Texas

November is one of my favorite months of the year for a number of reasons.  First, the weather...finally we Texans get a break from the season of 'Still Summer'.  Second, I get to eat Turkey and Dressing as many times as I can find it on the 'Menu', and third...it rings in the fourth Texas season...'Christmas'.  You do know the other three are Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer and then Christmas.  Please tell me 'Climate Change Science' does not predict the end of the Christmas Season in Texas.  I don't know that we can cope with 'Forever Summer'.
November brings beautiful color changes in our Texas landscapes which makes for some pretty awesome photo shoots.  This winding road with falling fall leaves was taken near Buffalo Gap, Texas and The Taylor House History Center.
The Taylor House History Center at Buffalo Gap, Texas. 
Website HERE
Be sure and view the slideshow...you will want to put the Buffalo Gap Historic Village
at the top of your places to visit in Texas. 
Ya'll Come...In November!


Heads Up Halloween

Scary, huh?  These four heads have been hanging...no wait...sitting in my home studio for several days.  First they are waiting for stakes...no wait...dowel rods to mount them on a skeleton...no wait...a stand.  It will require gauging...no wait...inserting the dowel up into their brain...no wait...the hole in the bottom of their neck (already there...no pain). 

Secondly, their bald heads have endured extreme temperatures with Texas Mother Nature's yo-yoing  between blazing heat and freezing rain...well, it feels freezing to me and I'm not bald.  Really, they have been quietly waiting for me to get the covers made for their bald heads.
Seriously, it's all I got!
Happy Halloween 2017
 I'm keeping the Slouch Beret...it's so groovy!


Keyhole Knitted Scarf...Unforgettably Soft

 The key word here is 'Keyhole'.  It's a scarf style I've wanted to make for several years, but couldn't find a FREE pattern...until now.  HERE it is on Ravelry...if you want to make one, too.  You will notice I have changed the pattern a bit.  I did the 'Rib K2,P2 Pattern' for the first 4 inches and then switched to Knit on the right side and Purl across the wrong side.  The pattern was written for Noro yarn and size 10 needles.  I prefer a softer less scratchy yarn like this skein of 'Unforgettable' mixed with an other soft yarn from my stash.  I also increased to size 11 needles.
As per my usual 'OverDoSue-ness'...a second Keyhole Scarf is waiting for casting on with larger needles.  I love both Vanna's green and Bernat's rose with this skein of Unforgettable, and since I can't decide which one to use, I'll just use both. 
I think the #15 needles will work for the extra strand of yarn.  If not, I do have even larger needles. It will be fun to experiment, and besides I need the casting on practice.  It has been awhile since I knitted.   Like Vanna, I am first a Crocheter, and I will probably adapt this Keyhole knitted pattern to a Crochet pattern.   Do you think Vanna would like a copy? 


Down To A Basket Full of Fall Fabric

Fall fabrics have never been my favorites.  It's more than likely the reason my Fall Fabric Sale looks picked over before the Sale has begun.  That's because I've been the one picking it over....
...while putting together Fall Aprons, Runners, Potholders and Bowl Warmers.
Down to a Basket Full of Fall Fabric!


October, November and December Fest at Studio 14

October, November and December Fest.
Yes, I have it all covered.  First thing you see when walking through the front door of Sue's MadeWith Fabric and Fiber Studio. 
Got YOU covered for October, November and December with Poncho's, Cowl Collars, Gloves, and Concho Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets. 
Just a few of the Scarves!  Great Gifts and soooo Festive!
It's not too late to Quilt for Christmas...or at least think about a quilt for next Christmas!
This Christmas for sure, your Tree can hold one or two more ornaments. 
How about a Quilted Origami Ornament?
As promised...The Cabinet!
What a perfect fit!  Now to sew strips!
For Rag Rugs, ya know.  Even I, will have to wait on piecing a Christmas Quilt!


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