Tool Bar...Download for June

Betcha thought this was about a new Tool Bar App!
I wish it was...I'd be stringing $$$Bills instead of Beads!
As it is, this Tool Bar lineup has the potential to perpetuate Beads to Bucks!  Let me explain...then you will know why this is my first download for June.  June 1st fell on a Thursday,  two days before my biggest $$$Day...or potential for...at The First Saturday Event/Show/Sale.  It happens on the first Saturday of every month, and as a Studio Artist at The Chicken Farm Art Center, I make the most of the days before getting Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio #15 ready for that Saturday.  So there you have it...my excuse for not kicking off June on the first.
And...here's why it's taken me until today...the 12th...to post in June.
Home Studio Re-Do to make room for Jewelry Tool Bar!
Now I must get busy at the Bar!  July 1st is on a Saturday! 
Cheers June!!!


  1. Wishing you continued success in your business, Sue! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Alana. I'm having fun and making a few Bead Bucks!

  2. Sue, I LOVE this idea for storing pliers, snips, and cutters of all that sort!! I will be on the look-out for one of these wiry contraptions!! ((hugs)) and TFS!! ~tina


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