No Such Thing As Ugly Fabric

They say there is no such thing as 'Ugly Fabric'.  I'm guessing that goes along with "In the eye of the beholder".  However, my beholding eye does on occasion see some uuugggly fabrics!  Point in case...the greenish, brownish, yellowish, bluish, blahhhhish 5ish yards inherited from an estate.  Notice I said inherited...not a cent spent on the 'Ishie' stuff or any of the other 'Blahhhish Bolts'.  But, you know me...'Waste Not, Want Not' and I never turn down Fabric or Fiber no matter how ugly or lovely!
Once it is paired with a lovely color like turquoise, no longer does it's 'blahishness' seem important.  Instead it serves to highlight the fabrics with which it is combined.  
Now, my beholding eye agrees...
...'There's is no such thing as Ugly Fabric.

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  1. you are a generous kind person to fabric. Now if you could have only seen the fabric I remember on a really old couch at a relative's house...trust me - no love there


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