Rejuvenating Jewelry Case and Jewelry In June

"Hang on to it...you never know when you will NEED it again".
I'm patting myself on the back for hanging on to an old jewelry case that has been in service one time or another through a family thrift store, umpteen Junktique Booths, and now in Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio.  All toll, it's spent as many as thirty years displaying shop/booth jewels or covered in dust while awaiting it's next assignment.  So, here it is...Rejuvenated in June 2017...along with a few Vintage Rejuvenated Jewels.
After a Steel Wool scrubbing and polishing, a new padded faux suede lining in the bottom and Windexing the plexi-glass...dadah...ready for Vintage Bling!  Oh, and several pieces of my new BoHo Line of Fiber&Bead necklaces and Wrap Bracelets.
As you can imagine, I am still patting myself on the back for hanging on to this jewelry display case...it's now a 'Family Heirloom' and back in service....as it should be!  If you are interested in seeing more displayed Jewelry...both Vintage Bling and Boho Fiber/Bead pieces...here are links to Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio Facebook Page.  Thanks for Looking and Liking!


bookworm said...

Vintage case for vintage bling. Pinned to my jewelry board. Perfect! Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

peppylady (Dora) said...

I wish I had more borches. My mom wore quite a few of them.
Coffee is on

Wendy said...

Love those tassels!

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks for pinning..I'll check it out. Can you imagine what our ancestors would think about todays BLING?

Sue McPeak said...

Brooches were a favorite of my Mom, too. I imagine that's how I got started collecting them...plus...I wear them often. Thanks for stopping by.

Sue McPeak said...

I know...right! They are soooo IN right now or as they say on Anthropologie...TRENDY! I have several more Tassel pieces to put together! Watch for them!!!


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