2017 Reflections In Photos...Jan-Feb-March

1,303...not my lucky number, but a Blogger STAT...number of posts published since the beginning of CollectInTexas Gal in August 2009.  STAT numbers use to be a big deal for me during the early years of blogging...not so much in the last several years.  I imagine, like many other Bloggers, my reasons fall into categories like, other Social Medias and Life.  However, like many other Bloggers, my Blog continues to be a 'Journal'. 
A Journal of my 'All Over The Place' interests.  Hmmmm, that would have been a good blog title!  Anyway, back to reflecting on 2017 in these last four days of this year.  Let's begin with my favorite photos from January, February and March.
 See you tomorrow for


  1. it has been a very fun colorful year. I agree that the blog does serve as a journal. We just happen to share with the world


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