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Have you noticed how the 'Boho Trend' has caught on fire in Fashion, Jewelry, Home D├ęcor and just about every aspect that pertains to the Design Industry?  I have always been drawn to the Bohemian/Gypsy/Hippie look and culture.  I once was a young wannabe Hippie Girl, but Lone Star Cowboys and Iowa Farm Girls did not raise Flower Children...unless named Daisy, Violet, Rose or even Petunia. Can you imagine...Petunia Sue!

It wasn't until I began researching my Iowa Farm Girl Mother's Family Tree, that I understood why I felt so drawn and in tune with the Bohemian/Gypsy/Hippie culture.  Turns out my Mother left behind her Czech ancestry and converted to Texan when she married a Texas man...that story Love At First Sight.  Truth be told, she was almost as surprised at her Bohemian heritage as was I.  She never knew her immigrant grandparents and her parents were intent on becoming successful first generation American farmers during the difficult years of the Great Depression.
I am So Boho...at least 42% according to my DNA. 
  Great Grandfather Thomas born in Bohemia Czechoslovakia.
Great Grandmother Sophia...1st generation Bohemia American.
One of a kind Boho 3x wrap bracelet with Czech glass beads crochet embedded in 4 strands of satin finished Perle Cotton cord. Hand beaded in seed beads, the round closure bead fastens the wrapped band comfortably around a 7-8 inch wrist and slightly looser on a smaller wrist. Bracelet measure 25" from Loop to Closure Bead. Can also be worn as a necklace or ankle wrap.

'Zelena' means green in Czech...the language of my Bohemian Ancestors.


It's All About 'The Details'

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. Charles Swindoll

Pay attention to details.  The most important things are often overlooked
in the search for things greater than the obvious.

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.  Leonardo da Vinci

These three pieces have been RE-MADE with attention to DETAILS.
If at first something doesn't sale...redo, repurpose and resale!  CollectInTexas Gal


Hummer Time

You know how one thing leads to another?  Of course you do, it's a common malady among people like me who have the 'Dori Syndrome'..."Oh, Look...something shiny".

Turns out the something shiny caught my eye while fishing (pun intended) for clasps for several necklaces I made from a strand of beautiful porcelain and glass beads that belonged to my mother.

 Like I said...'One thing leads to another', and before I knew it, my worktable was cleared of fabric, rotary cutters, rulers etc., etc., and replaced with 'Jewelry Making Stuff' and a new idea I have been contemplating....
 ...combining Fabric/Fiber with beads, chains and charms.
 Hummer Time!


May Day Center Pieces At Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio

Welcoming May with Mother's Day Monthly Themed Center.
This display welcomes visitors as they enter the shop. 
It changes monthly to reflect a season/holiday/special event, etc. 
The Fiber Center is front and center in the shop and occupies the space visitors see first as they make their way into the shop.  The Fiber Center is the newest addition to the shop and features things from my Knitting and Crochet Collections/Stashes.  Having this Fiber Center offers shoppers a discount on books and magazines as well as a variety of yarn.  It gives me the opportunity to market items I enjoy making like stitch markers, jewelry, cards and knitting needle stem YoYo Flowers.  Most importantly, the Fiber Center will feature the Crocheted Shawls and Ponchos I have made and the 'Color Combo Kits' I have put together.  I'll post photos of the those later in May.
To the right of the Fiber Center is the Fabric Center...which is greatly condensed from when I first opened.  I am finding that in this shopping environment, the majority of quilters/sewers are more likely to pick up 'Bundled' and 'Short Yardage' fabrics.  Like 'Designer Packets', Fat Quarters, and Color Combo Quiltmaker bags.  Next on the tour is the Rag Rug and Basket Center...or at least the majority of the rugs.  Others are displayed in the Monthly Center.
Then of course there is the Quilt/Blanket/Bedding Center which occupies the third wall of the studio with one of the two windows that face the open area of The Chicken Farm Art Center.  Here also, are baskets of threads and other sewing notions.
Across from the Quilt/Bedding Center is the 'Kitchen Center' which is on the back side of the Fiber Center.  Aprons have been good sellers and the Microwave Bowl Warmers and Potholders are perhaps my best sellers.  I keep a stack of ready to stitch together warmers and potholders beside my sewing machine and sew on them just about everyday.  They are a great way to use up scraps and/or short yardage pieces. 
Lastly on the tour is the check out counter. 
 I am always happy to see you here on CollectInTexas Gal,
 and would be thrilled for you to come see my shop in person.
Happy May Day 2017!