Heads Up Halloween

Scary, huh?  These four heads have been hanging...no wait...sitting in my home studio for several days.  First they are waiting for stakes...no wait...dowel rods to mount them on a skeleton...no wait...a stand.  It will require gauging...no wait...inserting the dowel up into their brain...no wait...the hole in the bottom of their neck (already there...no pain). 

Secondly, their bald heads have endured extreme temperatures with Texas Mother Nature's yo-yoing  between blazing heat and freezing rain...well, it feels freezing to me and I'm not bald.  Really, they have been quietly waiting for me to get the covers made for their bald heads.
Seriously, it's all I got!
Happy Halloween 2017
 I'm keeping the Slouch Beret...it's so groovy!


Keyhole Knitted Scarf...Unforgettably Soft

 The key word here is 'Keyhole'.  It's a scarf style I've wanted to make for several years, but couldn't find a FREE pattern...until now.  HERE it is on Ravelry...if you want to make one, too.  You will notice I have changed the pattern a bit.  I did the 'Rib K2,P2 Pattern' for the first 4 inches and then switched to Knit on the right side and Purl across the wrong side.  The pattern was written for Noro yarn and size 10 needles.  I prefer a softer less scratchy yarn like this skein of 'Unforgettable' mixed with an other soft yarn from my stash.  I also increased to size 11 needles.
As per my usual 'OverDoSue-ness'...a second Keyhole Scarf is waiting for casting on with larger needles.  I love both Vanna's green and Bernat's rose with this skein of Unforgettable, and since I can't decide which one to use, I'll just use both. 
I think the #15 needles will work for the extra strand of yarn.  If not, I do have even larger needles. It will be fun to experiment, and besides I need the casting on practice.  It has been awhile since I knitted.   Like Vanna, I am first a Crocheter, and I will probably adapt this Keyhole knitted pattern to a Crochet pattern.   Do you think Vanna would like a copy? 


Down To A Basket Full of Fall Fabric

Fall fabrics have never been my favorites.  It's more than likely the reason my Fall Fabric Sale looks picked over before the Sale has begun.  That's because I've been the one picking it over....
...while putting together Fall Aprons, Runners, Potholders and Bowl Warmers.
Down to a Basket Full of Fall Fabric!


October, November and December Fest at Studio 14

October, November and December Fest.
Yes, I have it all covered.  First thing you see when walking through the front door of Sue's MadeWith Fabric and Fiber Studio. 
Got YOU covered for October, November and December with Poncho's, Cowl Collars, Gloves, and Concho Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets. 
Just a few of the Scarves!  Great Gifts and soooo Festive!
It's not too late to Quilt for Christmas...or at least think about a quilt for next Christmas!
This Christmas for sure, your Tree can hold one or two more ornaments. 
How about a Quilted Origami Ornament?
As promised...The Cabinet!
What a perfect fit!  Now to sew strips!
For Rag Rugs, ya know.  Even I, will have to wait on piecing a Christmas Quilt!


Laid to Rest and Rust...Ready to Restore and Repurpose

I bought a new Singer today...well, new to me, and the thing is she was secondary to what I was looking for.  She came with the cabinet.  Bless her heart she has been rode hard and put down.  Put down in the sling bottom cabinet where she has collected dust and laid to rest and rust with the promise of electrocution should anyone dare shove her plug into a socket.
I'd say her wiring, foot pedal, plug and light are original as are all her parts....at least the ones that are still there.  Bless her heart...again...the fly wheel is frozen and the motor is likely blown.   Not by me, mind you, I would not be responsible for her death by electrocution. One thing she has going for her is her beautiful gold scroll decals and her still readable last name, birthdate and commemorative plaque.

Not bad for a 70 year old gal.  I am going to name her April Singer since that was the month she was made and delivered along with 15,000 sisters in 1947.  Without actually giving away my age, I will tell you she is four months younger. 

Thankfully, I have not been rode hard and put down to rest and rust...although I am getting a bit creaky and require regular lubricating.  So far my wiring is holding up fine...again...although...I require higher wattage lighting, tension adjustments...love my chiropractor...and for sure stitch magnifying tools that fit on my nose.  Other than that, April and I have one other thing in common...we both still have our original cabinets.  Hers, fortunately for me, is in better shape than she, and is exactly my size.  Well, the perfect size to fit in my new Studio....18x24.  Pictures later...already cleaned, given a good Old English rub down and set up at the shop. 
In the meantime what do you thing of....
....April as a Lamp?


Rag Rug Making and Blooming Mums

In one of my last posts...Rag Rug Demo...I am sitting on the porch of Studio #14 with a Q crochet hook and a basket overflowing with fabric strips.  Did I do Rag Rug Demos that day?  Was a Rag Rug the result of showing folks the art of Rag Rug making?  Have I been patiently waiting for my Mums to bloom? 
Yes, I demonstrated Rag Rug Making all day...not only as a result of sitting on the porch with a basket full of rag rug making stuff, but as a result of posting signs that read 'Rag Rug Demo-Studio 14' around The Chicken Farm Art Center.  A good example of  'If you build it...they will come'.
Yes, there was one Rag Rug about half made that day.  There were lots of people who shared stories of their grandmothers making rag rugs and how amazed they were that anyone knew how to make them in today's world of high tech manufacturing, Walmart and Amazon.  I think several went right home to strip their stash.
Having not made any Rag Rugs since last fall and winter...doing the demo was just as inspiring to me as it was to the folks who couldn't wait to get to Walmart...to buy a 'Q' crochet hook.  As for me, my basket full of strips and my 'Q'...
...we have been busy Rag Rug Making and waiting for the Mums to Bloom.


Rag Rug Demo

October's First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center and my first day in my new location...seemed like a good day for a Rag Rug Demo!  And so it was. 
It was all about having the space on the 'Porch' with Rag Rugs and Quilts draped over the railing.  Folks were drawn in by the display and the nostalgic memories of bygone days of their Grandmother's rag rug making and quilt frames hanging from the ceiling.  I love bringing those memories back to folks. 
A few of the Rag Rugs and Baskets I have made. 
I hope someday they will be a special memory for those who purchase them...not only as a reminder of their Grandmothers, but as a special piece for their home.


Studio14...Porch and All

What fun to have a display porch....perfect for a country gals  quilts, rag rugs and more....like.... 
...and posing!


Welcoming October with Pumpkin Pattern

Pumpkin Coasters....who'd thought!!!!
Not me...I usually just fold a paper towel and hope it catches my drips and spills!  That was before I was a TEA drinker and learned about  Tea Etiquette.  Now I know a folded paper towel just doesn't cut it when setting a proper Tea Party Table.
What can I say...Old habits are hard to break!
If you would like to make a few Pumpkin Coasters...here's the link
Welcome October!