Antique Shop and Shop Girl Shots

In March 2012 I wandered into an antique shop with camera in hand in search of blogging inspiration.  Mind you, it wasn't until I scrolled across this photo that the date was remembered....thanks to the camera's date recorder and digital developing on the computer.  Although the camera is clunky and weighty in my bag, I still prefer it over my cell phone camera.  There is just no comparison when it comes to focus, zoom, lighting or lack there of, and composition. 

Among the photos taken then were several used in 2013 April AtoZ Challenge with my theme 'Fiction From Forgotten Fotos'.  Here are a few of my favorites and the stories they inspired.
After viewing these photos and re-reading the stories they inspired, I realize how much I miss going on photo shoots, writing stories and blogging more often than I have in the last couple of years.  Even though I am super busy since becoming a 'Shop Girl' this past February, I am hoping that after the Christmas Holidays my bag will once again feel the weight of my camera and I'll be dusting off my PC keyboard.  I think it will be my #1 New Years Resolution. 
March 2017...Shop Girl Shots!
Just wanted you to know that I'm not totally out of practice with my clunky, weighty camera. 


Finally Finished For Fall 2017

Adding the date to photos taken for this blog was kind of automatic as I had always done so with paintings, pottery and other art forms over the years.  I guess it was a good thing.  It gives a sense of timeline to posts, and serves to jog my memory...sometimes not such a good thing.  Such is the case of the granny squares pictured above.  Was it really three years ago that I had a great need to make granny squares...again.  The first ones I made was really Back In The Day...like 1970-ish. 
Anyway, a few weeks ago I was cleaning shelves...the dust bunnies had petrified...and I unearthed a basket of UFO's.  There was the forgotten Granny Square Bag in a state of 'So Near Finished' I couldn't figure out how it ended up in the Unfinished Objects basket.  Then I realized it needed straps!  Good Grief, Sue!  How hard was that going to be... you did the hard part...making all those squares, putting them together and EVEN hand stitching in the lining.  Just 'Get Er Done'.
One problem!  I used the yarn in another project sometime between Fall 2014 and Fall 2017.
I'm going with...'I meant to have  Cord Straps with Tassels all along".
Whoever buys it will never know and I'll never tell.
Welcome Fall 2017.


FoldIt, StickIt, BeadIt and BowIt Origami Ornament Maker

It's been many years since I made Christmas Ornaments.  Truth be told, in the last five years or so, downsizing Christmas decorations and Tree Ornaments has been a seasonal priority.  Some were passed on to family members in their Christmas Gift Bags as momentos, and others made the Juntique Booth shelves look festive.  And still more were donated to the already overflowing shelves of GW and SA.
As for my own overflowing shelves and drawers of Christmas fabrics and trims...I've been inspired by Pinterest and a UTube video on Quilted Origami Ornaments.  I had pinned several posts on them last year to my Christmas Board thinking I would someday give it a go.  I was further inspired by a Christmas 40% Off Sale at Hobby Lobby....package of 8 Styrofoam balls regular price $3.99...HoHoHo!!! 
So now I am a FoldIt, StickIt, BeadIt and BowIt Origami Ornament Maker!


Window Sill View...It's Sew Fallish

There are several Owls perched on my Home Studio's window sill, and as you see this wise white owl watches over a mason jar of buttons.  I've found that a window sill works as a perfect perch for a number of things.  Besides being decorative, the miscellaneous sewing collectibles, buttons, threads and bric-a-brac are within reach when needed.
For some reason Owls give me the feeling of Fall and Winter.  Perhaps it's because the Great Horned Owl...like the one on my window sill...begins setting up it's territories in the Fall.  They mate for life, and in the Fall begin their courtship with a lot of loud hooting....then they set up tree housekeeping.  By January they take turns keeping their eggs warm and incubated.  So there ya go...a bit of Owl ornithology.
Most likely my sense of Owl Season can be traced to them being a popular subject for Fall holiday decorations in everything from scrapbook papers to Halloween hooters to Fall fabrics.  Ah ha...now we're on to something!  And right below the window sill and several rows of thread spools lies that 'Something'.
Auditioning Fall Fabrics for SusieQ Apron/Smocks.
I must admit though....beside the Owl inspiration...the big push to Fall Fabrics came from my Serger.
It's all about changing Thread Color and making the most of that color change!
Right Serger Sewers?


September Days Are Here

by Helen Hunt Jackson
"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer's best of weather
And autumn's best of cheer."
Look at the 'Lovely Tokens' our pomegranate tree has produced this summer.  I've been watching them for weeks now, and thinking how perfect they would be for a Fall Wreath.  I've noticed the birds have been watching them as well.
So with today being the first day of September and the opening of 'Dove Season', it seemed the perfect time to clip a few branches that were bending low from the weight of the red-orange fruit.  It is a fruit, ya know, and the Dove are nowhere to be seen today, so it is all mine.
Texas Mother Nature still thinks it's summer and I guess she's right since it is not officially FALL until around September 21st, but I'm ready for fall and I've been waiting not so patiently to get out the fall flowers and grapevine wreath/basket.  Most of my fall decorating stuff has seen better Falls, but it is going to have to make one more September, October and part of November....that's when I'll be ready to drag out the Poinsettias. 

Welcome September!