Rigid Heddles...Say What!!!

Really...there are such things as rigid heddles!  Somehow they are going to take the heat for this blogger not blogging since October...Say What!!!  I know...it's unbelievable...unforgiveable...wish I could say unforgettable!!  Truth is...CollectInTexas Gal has been forgettable right up until this moment!
So, I'm going to take Erma's New Year advice and 'Seize This Moment'
to wish you all a Belated Happy New Year!
I plan to partake of the dessert cart every chance I get!
Now about that Rigid Heddle.  It's a loom.  It's my 3rd loom.  See, already grazing off the dessert cart!  Seriously, keeping 3 looms warped, wefted, treddled, shuttled and all that goes with weaving is going to take the heat...be the excuse...for November, December and January's blogging absence.
Just so you know I'm not being a dessert cart over doer...here's the pudding weaving proof!
 November's Dessert/Fruit Cart Weaving
December's Shawl Weaving and Spinning Demo

Speaking of the Titanic