Aged Before Beautiful

Sparrow is 50 years old.  My collection of Yarns and Fabrics are from yesterday to 5 years old.  Other tools used in the creations above are somewhere in between.  For example my 'J' crochet hook has been around since the 1970's when crocheting with yarn came on the scene with 'Fringed Ponchos' and 'Granny Squares'. 

Also, somewhere in between those 50 years I collected glassware....lots of glassware.  As a matter of fact...a glassware post 'EAPC Oil Lamp Reaches the Age of Antiquity' has as many pageviews (1461) as I have glassware pieces...close anyway. 
How does that fit in with Aged Before Beautiful?
It is a matter of combining the aged with the new to create something beautiful.  In the case of my 'Winsor Jewelry Baskets' the yarn basket liner is a cut glass party plate made by the Federal Glass Company in 1975.  The plate pattern is called Winsor and has a jewel like design...perfect as a jewelry holder/box/basket.  I had a dozen plates and none of the punch cups that went with the plate, but had bunches of the EAPC patterned dessert bowls of the same era. 
Now for sale in my shop...a dozen Winsor Jewelry Baskets, and Sparrow's Yarn and Fabric Runners.
Oh, by the way...Sparrow is my Leclerc Floor Loom...she is aged to perfection!


Perfectly 'Back In Beads'...Again!

A few months ago I cleaned out the 'Bead Bins' and all that goes with making Jewelry!  Organized it, packed it up and took it all to my DIL.  I was through making jewelry!  Or so I thought!  Then on a whim I decided to pick up the Teenie Tiny crochet hooks and Super Skinny crochet thread and work on a pair of hoops that the finish had worn off.  Big Mistake!  One pair led to you guessed it...more!
  More hoops, more beads, more threads and more stuff to make more!!!
Aren't these peacock feather beads the bomb? 
Perfect for the 'Dream Catcher' hoops!
Perfect for 'Christmas Gifts' at my Shop!
Perfectly 'Back In Beads'...again!
On a Smaller Scale!
That Counts!


Back To Blog and Back To Quilts

I'm not even going to go there...there being the lack of attention this blog has had from it's 'Over Done Doer' also known as CollectInTexas Gal alias OverDoSue.  With that out of the way....
These are what's left of last years 'Plaid Pumpkins' and crocheted trivets.  There was a whole pumpkin patch of ones that sold...I don't know why these didn't.  I'm not sure how they survived to be my only October display.  I take that back...they are the only because I've been too involved in having a last ditch effort to 'Clear the Quilt Closets'.
Notice I said 'Closets'.  Not only several closets, but more than one rack and many walls.  It gets down to how many quilts can one person really use, need, collect, or give away to family.  Everyone is saturated.  Besides, for all the years of making and collecting quilts, I've had it in the back of my mind they were an investment.  So, the time has come to cash them in! 
Do you know how many people have asked "What's a Lay-A-Way"?
Isn't that a hoot?
After explaining to mostly Millenials and Generation XYZ or whatever they are know as now, and how in just a few weeks 'Winter is Coming'...they get that cause they too watched Game of Thrones...the quilts are selling out right and being 'Laid-A-Way'!  I just love it when a plan WORKS!

 I may have 'OverDone' my Facebook Quilt Show Blitz, but what they hey...It seems to have worked!  I basically have no shame....I even pulled in and played the Santa Card...HoHoHo!!!
And On It Goes!!!!