The Cost of Campin'

I'm such a Lucky Lady! 
 Yep, with my new PINK LadyFish Fishin' Rod I considered myself  the Luckiest LadyFishin' on Lake Ballinger.
However, when it comes to Fishin' with a Pink Rod, Luck has nothin' to do with catchin' FISH!

It's all about the BAIT!
*GlowGreen Worms....$3.95
*Box of Gross Shrimp....$2.95
*Bag of Stink Bait........$2.75
*Can of Corn...............$0.68
It's all about the SPOT!
*Campin Fee.......$10.00 per day
*Two days-TwoSpots.....$40.00
It's all about the GEAR!
*Pink LadyFish Rod......$14.79
*Two new Bobbers.......$  1.29
It's all about the CampCookin'
HiHoney's new Grill........$40.00
HotDogs and Burgers
Chips and Salsa
Drinks and Snacks
Total Walmart Groceries...$84.00

It's All About Family......Cost of a Weekend Camping with the Ones You Love....

As Always...Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound
For making Saturdays Pink!
I'm gone again, Ya'll....I'll catch up with visiting when I get back!
Until then....Happy Pink Saturday to All You Pinkies!
Have a Great Weekend and Good Luck if You're goin' Fishin!
Oh yeah, I forgot...It's Not About Luck...
It's really about those GlowGreen Worms!
Getcha Some! 

They worked for my GrandGal!
She wouldn't touch the Worms or the Fish she caught with a 10 foot Pink Pole!

PS....Remember My Friend Susan-B...she assisted in a Pink Saturday Post last month!

Well, Ya'll have got to see the SOCKS she has KNITTED. Not just ONE PAIR, but TWO PAIRS in the...
 Simply Sock Yarn Company Summer of Color Contest

...and she NEEDS YOUR VOTE!!!

Start by Visiting Susan at her Blog
You will see the SOCKS and get Instructions on where and how to VOTE!


Ah, Summer....In Texas...In July

"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it."
- Russel Baker

As part of our 'Summer Travels', HiHoney, the Grands and I spent some time 'Paying our Respects'
 and trimming the Purple Sage at the Tamarisk Cemetary in Grandfalls, Texas. 
I posted about it earlier this month HERE

We planted the Desert Willow and Purple Sage ten years ago in July. 
The MoHawk was One Month Old, The MiddleGrandGal was Two and The Bright and Shining Star was Six.

And although, it is called Purple Sage, this year it was a Beautiful Pink...

...and Perfect for a Pink Saturday Post.
As Always...Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for
Making Saturday Pink.


Texas Night Moon and Stars

The moving Moon went up the sky.
And nowhere did abide;
Softly she was going up,
And a star or two beside-

From the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner
 Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)


Travelin' West With Dogs and Kids

It's an Adventure...Travelin with Dogs and Kids...In a Truck...Pullin' a Camper...In JULY!
What Were We Thinkin'?
We were Thinkin....The Grands would LOVE the Crane Sandhills....and THEY did!
Dolly and Ruby...Not So Much!

We were Thinkin'...The Grands would learn the meaning of 'Paying Their Respects'...At Tamarisk Cemetary...and They Did!
Our GrandKids did not know their Great Grandfather, My Daddy! 

Now they know that their Great Grandfather built the Fence and Entry to Tamarisk Cemetary.

We were Thinkin'...Let's Let Sleepin' Kids and Dogs Lie!

PS...Tamarisk Cemetary was named for the Tamarisk Trees that grow in the area around this part of West Texas.  Commonly called Salt Cedar, they line the paths around the Cemetary.


Summer~TimeTravelin for Pink Saturday

I'm still Travelin'!  Yep, this summer has been one road trip after another, and 'That's A Good Thing'!
Come Travel Back In Time with me through a recent PhotoShoot at the Annie Riggs Museum in Fort Stockton, Texas.  We visited there via this post... Vintage Patriotism At The Annie Riggs Museum during the Fourth of July Holidays, and I saved this part of the tour for a Pink Saturday Post.  

My favorite room in the Annie Riggs is the Ladies Room.
 Let me claify....this Ladies Room has no potty or lavatory. 

It doesn't allow visitors to freshen up their lipstick or powder their noses.

It discourages  one from touching the glass and discarding trash.

It's a Ladies Room where ladies wore cream colored dresses with layered ruffles and handmade lace. 

It's a Parlor where ladies studied the violin.  (You can hear them now...just turn up your volume) 

It's a Place where delicate Victorian Lace Collars and hand pieced album quilts are displayed.

It's like 'Stepping Back InTime'!  It's Magical!
It's a Favorite Place of Mine!

Here I am after 'The Magical Trip Back InTime' in the Ladies Room...Back to 2010!
I am particularly proud of this Buggy as it once belonged to a Rancher that my Daddy worked for
 when he was a young Bronc Buster in Grandfalls, Texas. 
It was donated to the Annie Riggs when I was a Board Member and it's restoration was one of my favorite projects.  
How wonderful it must have been for The Ladies to go for a Summer afternoon Buggy Ride
Down the Hot Dusty Rocky Rutted Trails of West Texas!
Thinkin' about that, I'm really glad to be  back in 2010 and ready to get back on the Road again...
in my Buggy with radial tires, faster engine horses, tinted windows and a cold air blastin AC. 
Also, notice I'm dressed for 2010 Summer....

....but I still love those Lace Collars and Long Skirts.
As you can see,  my Sister Connie and I 'Stepped Back In Time' to experience the Lace Collars, Long Skirts and Parasols. 
 It was a Magical Summer~TimeTravelin Together!    

I'm back home now, and we are having a very unusual and rainy July, while I hear some of the rest of Ya'll are having a Texas HeatWave! 
So, I'm sending Ya'll these Rain Soaked Roses from my FourBush Rose Garden that's so confused and DisComeBobULated with the weather, it's forgotten the ChainSaw Massacre and just KeepsOnBloomin'

Happy Pink Saturday, July 9, 2010
  As Always...Thank-you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for making Saturday Pink! 
 Now that we are back in 2010, you don't want to miss the List of Participants!
I'm bettin' some of them may be doin' some Summer~TimeTravelin', too!


My Daddy Was A TexasTrucker

Roll on highway, roll on along
Roll on daddy till you get back home
Roll on family, roll on crew
Roll on momma like I asked you to do
And roll on eighteen-wheeler roll on
Yep, my Daddy was a Trucker! 
And...Ya'll may have a hard time believeing this, but...My Mama was a Trucker, too!

It was one of those, "If you can't LickEm...JoinEm thingies!
So, Mama got her CDL (ClassADrivers License), and joined Daddy on the 'BigRig' haulin' everything from 'Swingin' Beef' to Cabbage all across the USA.

Now, being as I'm a Truckers Daughter, I know a thing or two about 'Truckers' and 18 Wheelers.
#1  All Truckers DoNot wear those 'Gimmie Caps.  Ya'll know the ones...as described by Wikepedia...Really!
The design of a trucker hat is similar to that of a baseball cap, with a slightly curved bill in front, joined triangular sections forming the hat, and a button on top. Instead of being made of cotton fabric like a typical baseball cap, the front section of a trucker hat above the bill is foam, and the rest is plastic mesh for breathability. The foam front of the hat stands up straight and stiff, which makes the trucker hat taller than most baseball caps. There is an adjustable plastic snap closure in the back to ensure that one size fits most.
My Daddy always, and I mean ALWAYS wore his Cowboy Hat! 

All the 'Truckin' Memories' were triggered by yesterdays 'OnTheRoad Again' Trip Hi Honey and I made  to Midland, Texas.  It's another of those roads we travel often, so the scenery and PhotoOp is 'BeenThere DoneThat' stuff.  However, this was NeatONikon's first trip down Highway 87 and shooting through the windshield proved to be entertaining as well as getting some great shots of passing trucks and the amazing Texas Sky along with a few splats of bug guts....that's a trucker term.

 #2  I know you are dying to know...Yep, I have driven an 18 Wheeler with my Daddy sitting right close by to help with shifting 18 gears.  It was all I could do to steer and just for the record, Officer, I only wiped out ONE Mile Marker sign. 

PS...FYI...Most all 18wheelers have anywhere from 8 to18 different gears in them depending on what transmission is in the truck. When you shift gears you are moving a sliding collar on the transmission input shaft and splining it with a gear mounted on the output shaft. Since these engines don't have synchronizers in them like a car or pickup has you have to use doubleclutching to slow the gears back down in order to get the gears to mesh together for the next gear change.

See...I told ya'll I knew a thing or two about Truckers and 18 Wheelers.  Thanks, Daddy!
Someday I'll tell them about your Texas Cowboy Trucker in New York City story!


SummerTime...A Change of Pace

Ya know, Willie Nelson and I have alot in common besides being Texans. 
 This summer, we both seem to be singin' 'On The Road Again'.
I've always liked that song, but never thought about it being my 'Theme Song',
 but this summer it seems to be a good fit as I find myself travelin' around West Texas.

A few weeks ago, I found myself travelin' down a road I've traveled many times before.  One I've always kind of took for granted as just a road to get back home.  When it's not 'BackHome' any longer, it takes on a bit of a different look.  Or maybe, I'm seein' things differently now that I'm looking more through the 'Lens of NeatONikon'!

Texas RanchRoad 1233 runs through the Crane Sandhills on the way to Monahans, Texas, where I grew up and lived most of my adult life.
Now when I go back to visit Family and Friends, I'm seeing things I took for granted for so many years. 

So, being 'On The Road Again' at this time in my life with a Camera, a Blog and Alot More Time has given me a ReNewed Vision of  People, Places and Things.

Ya'll are sure Welcome to come along on the 'DriveAbouts' that HiHoney and I so enjoy, and for sure I'll be sharin' the Places, People and Things of West Texas.
SeeYa'll On Down the Road!







Blowin' In The West Texas Wind

Today's theme for
Urban Macro

West Texas Urban may put a whole new 'View' on Urbanism for some. 
The urban view I chose reflects a Place and Patriotism with the inset photo of the Windmill and Flags on the corner of Main and Dickinson
 in my former hometown of Fort Stockton, Texas.
Obviously, getting a Macro Shot of the Flags and Fan, would have been a Spectacle and a Hazzard to my Health,
 I opted for the Technical Support of Digital Photography.