Count Your Blessings and Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

For the hay and the corn and the wheat that is reaped,
For the labor well done, and the barns that are heaped,
For the sun and the dew and the sweet honeycomb,
For the rose and the song and the harvest brought home --
Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving!

For the trade and the skill and the wealth in our land,
For the cunning and strength of the workingman's hand,
For the good that our artists and poets have taught,
For the friendship that hope and affection have brought --
Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving!

For the homes that with purest affection are blest,
For the season of plenty and well-deserved rest,
For our country extending from sea unto sea;
The land that is known as the "Land of the Free" --
Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving!

~Author Unknown

Here's Wishing You and Yours
A Happy Thanksgiving
And Many Blessings!!!

CollectinTexas Gal...Sue
Grandson Jackson!

PostStuffin....Gosh, Ya'll, I nearly forgot my Texas Turkey Announcement!
It's The HEB Thanksgiving Parade! Really!!!
And Ya'll thought MACY's was the only Game-Parade Around!!!
Yep, I've talked a bunch about HEB this month,
and I don't want Ya'll to miss the Parade with the Biggest Turkey in Texas!

PostExtraStuffin...Click HERE for info on the HEB Parade and More on Texas Holiday Kick-Off Events!


Tin Turkeys and Please Pass the Salt'N Pepper!

Trottin Round Texas
A-Typical Turkey!

Yep! Here's Your
A-Typical Turkey
In Texas Tin!
Found In
Fort Stockton, Texas

That's where I Roosted last week!
Did ya'll miss me?

Well, I'm Baaaaack!
And with the last of my 'CollectinTexas Turkeys'
Turkey~Thankful Tunes!

Fort Stockton, Texas is known as the GateWay to the Big Bend.
We toured the Big Bend in October with
Marathon, The Place...Not The Race and
Collectin BlueBonnets, Cactus and Quilts...In The Big Bend.Fort Stockton was Home for this Girl Raised In Texas
moving to San Angelo.

Please, Pass the Salt and Pepper!"

"Mama, this Turkey and Cornbread Dressin is the best ever. Please pass the Salt'n Pepper.

"Mama, I don't know when I ever ate better SweetPotatoes, but could ya Pleeeease Pass the Salt'n Pepper". Thankee Bunches!

And ThankeeYa'll for visiting CollectInTexas Gal and Sharing Your Thanksgiving Traditions and Memories.
I've saved one of my Favorite Turkey Memories for last!

In March of 1992, I was given Two Turkey Chicks which I named
Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Put them in the pen with the chickens and ducks and fed them
all the Right Stuff...ing!
Several days before Thanksgiving, we caught TG and Chris....
I know, I should never have named them...
and prepared to...well, do the deed!
My Mom and Dad were there with the the Hatchet, Kettel of Boiling Water and the rest of the tools and knowledge of
'HowToDoIn Turkeys'.
I'll always be thankful for those two turkeys for the
Unforgettable Memory of My Folks 'Dressing Out Turkeys'!
Just like they did growing up on the farm and ranch so many years ago.

PS...Those two birds were the worst tasting and toughest turkeys....so everyone else said! I couldn't eat a bite!
PPS...I'm Thankful to ButterBall and HEB for Thanksgiving Turkeys!


Pluckin Pink Turkey Feathers...Pink Saturday #8

You have Tuned In To
Station CollectInTexas Gal
Coming To You From BlogLand, Texas!

And your listening to the Tunes
of Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys!
Bob's a Good Ole Texas Boy
Turkey, Texas

Visit CIT's Post
'Texas Turkey's and Turkey, Texas 79261'
To find out more about Bob Wills!
(Jest Scroll on Down...later)

This Girl Raised In Texas is Focused on Turkeys for the Month of November!
Yep, I Betcha you'll see Turkeys here like you've not seen anywhere else!
And I'll DoubleBetcha you'll
'Learn More'n Ya Ever Wanted To Know'
about All StuffTurkey!!!
Starting with.....

Yep, I Googled this Gobbler! Sure was ShockedPink, too! Who knew?

Now, in the search for 'All Things Turkey',
I was 'ShellShocked' to find a 'SeaShell Turkey'!
Now that's some 'Clever Crafters'
use of Shells from the
Texas Shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

This Turkey gives new meaning to
"Turkey In The Straw"!
She's all Dressed-Up for
Thanksgiving in Pink Posies!
Another 'Clever Crafter'!

HEB, a Texas Food Chain Store, stocks so many Turkeys for Thanksgiving
that they make this offer...
'Buy A Spiral Ham and Get A 10 lb. Turkey for Free!

What I really like about buying Turkey and Ham at HEB is that you don't have to...
~ Chase down and chop off the Turkey's head

~ Boil water and pluck off the feathers...that so does not smell good enough to eat!

~ Clean out the guts!

....you get the picture....and I won't even go there with Butcher'n a Hog!

Besides, who could even eat Ham after seeing this cute, underweight Pink Porky?
Not even if you have Two Pink Porkys!

Now it's time to 'Fly' over to Pink Saturday's Hostess Beverly at How Sweet The Sound, and Spread The Pink Love to All the Pinkies.
My 'ShoutOut' goes to Winona at Shabby Chic Diva's Pink Corner.
It's Pink, It's Sweet!

Gobble Gobble Gobble!!! Texas Turkey Talk for ...
As Always, Thanks for Coming and Commenting!

PS...NOW you can Scroll On Down!


Turkey's In Texas and Turkey, Texas 79261

They're Everywhere! They're Everywhere!
Yep! Turkeys are Everywhere in Texas this time of the year!

Here's a couple of Turkeys
that have trotted into this
Girl Raised In Texas Collection.

Picked the Table Turkey up at a Thrift Shop.

(that'd be a Quiltin Thingy)
the Wall Hanging outta the ScrapBox,
Trot both of them out to display in November.

Now these are some of the TamerTurkeys in Texas...

...Texas has Wild Turkeys, too. Like these that inhabit most parts of Texas even in this GRIT's yard.

...and this Wild Turkey that Texans keep in the Medicine Cabinet this time of the year.

...and this Wild Turkey scene by Norman Rockwall. Not so much with the Snow here in West Texas, but in the Texas Panhandle in TURKEY, TEXAS...

...they get Snow in the Winter.
Yep, That's right! There's a Turkey, Texas!
Population 494...2000 Census!

Home of...

Bob Wills...Cowboy Western Swing Musican

Turkey Day Football is BIG in Texas! Here's a Bit of Turkey Football Talk...
...The pro football team had just finished their daily practice session when a large turkey came strutting onto the field. While the players gazed in amazement, the turkey walked up to the head coach and demanded a tryout. Everyone stared in silence as the turkey caught pass after pass and ran right through the defensive line. When the turkey returned to the sidelines, the coach shouted, "You're terrific!!! Sign up for the season, and I'll see to it that you get a huge bonus." "Forget the bonus," the turkey said, "All I want to know is, does the season go past Thanksgiving Day?"


Collectin Thanksgiving Traditions!

November! November! November!

Three Things Come To Mind!


And Then There's



Norman Rockwall's
"Freedom From Want"

I'm sure Norman Rockwall had no idea what an impact this painting would have on
'The World of Art'.
Little did he imagine that 'Forgeries' would pop up in the years to come.....

Disney Thanksgiving

Redneck Thanksgiving

Norman Rockwall is an American Icon who captured the Essence of America and Americans in his Paintings and Illustrations for Post Magazine.
Read about Norman Rockwall's Life History HERE.

Collectin Norman Rockwall has been an Antiquer's Dream!
Here are Three of CollectInTexas Gals
Norman Rockwall Plates.

Don't ya just love the Sentiment and Story that each plate depicts?

There'll be more November Themed Collections and Thankfulness right here on CollectInTexas Gal.
So Ya'll Come Back!

PS...I'm StartinOff my Thankfulness like Little Tommy. When asked to write a composition titled "What I'm Most Thankful for at Thanksgiving", he wrote.
I'm Thankful I'm NOT a Turkey!


Collectin Halloween Hauntings In Texas!

Girls Raised In Texas Raise Mighty Handsome Sons!
Is That A Face Only A Mother Could Love?
Yep, MoreInLikely...as we say in Texas.
Meet My Tall,Dark,Hairy Son, Spencer.
Wonder where he gets it?

GRIT who raise such handsome Sons,
also have Handsome Grandsons.

Meet the SpitnImage of HisDad...
Grandson Mason!

The Devil Made Her DoIt!
Surely that's the reason,
my Beautiful Granddaughter Taiten has Horns!

Now That's What I'm Talkin About!
The Cutest Little Monkey of All!
Grandson Jackson!

The Hootin-Hollerin Halloween Gang!

And To My Door Came

'The Swine Flu' and 'Twin Sisters'!
They are not Related to this Girl Raised In Texas!

And Lots of Cute Kids and their Creative, HavinSome Texas Halloween Fun, Parents!!!!

Here's what CollectInTexas Witch did on Halloween Pink Saturday!
It's the KreepyKitchen Thingy!
Thank Goodness Halloween is Over!
This GRIT Kan't Take NoMore DungeonDishwasher Spells!

PostSpooked...It started with the DungeonDishwasher...and OneThingy led to AnotherThingy and to AnotherThingy and now I have a new Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Stove and
KreepyKitchen Re-BOO!