Collectin BlueBonnets, Cactus & Quilts...In The Big Bend

Welcome to West Texas and Big Bend Country in the Great State of Texas.
Home of the Big Bend National Park and Land of:

Land of The Bluebonnets, Texas State Flower, which cover the Basins of the Mountains and Mesas in the spring after a winter of snow and an early spring of good rains.

Land of
The Fishhook Barrel Cactus
The Spanish Dagger Cactus
 Land of Spectacular SunSets

Home of 'Law West of the Pecos',
Judge Roy Bean in Langtry, Texas.
The Buffalo Soliders at Fort Davis State Park, Fort Davis, Texas

The Texas Rangers - Law Enforcement

Yep, by now ya'll know this GirlRaisedInTexas can find a Quilt Shop in the most remote places, and the 'Terlingua Quilt Shop' is about as remote as you can get in Texas. It's an Oasis for the Quilt Thirsty Tourista's, and even when the temperature is in Triple Digit HOT, they buy quilts. How do I know this? Been There...Done That.

PS...More about Judge Roy Bean and Texas Art in my First CollectInTexas Gal Post


  1. Hi Sue...nice change from all the "pink hankie-pankie". It's about time. I was seeing pink! Nice pictures, especially the sunset. I have never been to Terlingua or very far into the Big Bend. Hope I can make it there some day!
    hugs :0) "lilsis"

  2. Great pictures. I would love to visit that quilt shop. As I told you before, both of my Grandmothers made quilts so I have a ton...but would buy just about every one I see if I let myself. Something so warm and safe about a handmade quilt.

  3. Congratulations Grandma!

  4. Beautiful pictures of W TX! We'll have to mosey on over that way.


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