Hankies Galore-ious...Pink Saturday #6

It's Another Hankie Pink Saturday here at CollectInTexas Gal.

Last Saturday I shared a few Hankies from my collection.

Some as Prized Hankies for framing.
Some used in my Very Victorian Quilt.
And, Some memories that Vintage Hankies bring to mind.

My favorite Hankie Ideas, Thoughts, and Memories came from Your Comments.

~Sarah uses them as bread basket liners and cocktail napkins and has boxes of hankies that belonged to her Mother and Grandmother.
~Jil confessed to having BAGS of vintage hankies, and can't resist buying more.
~My Arts Desire Sue can't bring herself to cut into hers either.
~Beverly has a few hankies that belonged to special people in her life.
~Claudia was inspired to StartANew Collection....of Hankies.
~Peggy openly admitted to being a 'HankieHolic'.
~Lynn's the brave one who has cut and folded...only ones with holes, for pockets and to decorate pillow cases.

There's more ideas and memories if you would like to visit last Saturday's Comments.
Thank-you all for your Hankie Ideas and Comments.

Did you ever see a more beautiful Hankie arrangement for Quilt Blocks than the ones my Friend Ann created in her all Hankie Quilt? Every block is embellished with lace, beads, pearls, embroidery and more. I've selected the ones with Pink to share with you today.

Thank-you Ann for allowing me to Photograph and Share your Beautiful Hankie Quilt with my Pink Saturday Friends.

As promised, this week I've shown several more blocks from my Very Victorian Quilt. Here are three Heart Blocks. Each one is only 4 inches square, but they sure Pack ALotta Love!

I'm going to be a Texas Early MockingBird...Texas State Bird...for this Pink Saturday. Due to my High School 45th Reunion starting Friday, and a Must DisConnect of the Computer for Carpet Guys...I'll be posting on Friday. That will give some of you a head start on Saturday. Hope that works for Ya'll. Notice that I linked the Gals that made Hankie Comments? Please visit one or all of them for my Pink Saturday ShoutOut!

 Thanks to our Hostess Beverly at How Sweet The Sound...be sure to pop in and visit the other Pink Saturday Participants.
And As Always...Thanks for Coming and Commenting!


  1. Anonymous10/16/2009

    So pretty. I'm going to start a hankie pankie collection of my own, for fun and will figure out what to do with them....later. I can put them in a box or basket (which I collect) for now.

  2. Good morning Sue. I love the hankies and the quilt. So gorgeous.

    We are going to Florida for the Gator football game so I will be catching up with everyone on Monday.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. You have changed up the look of your blog, love it!
    I love the hankies, makes me think of old victorian days.. ladies in long dresses, with fans, umbrellas and of course hankies.
    Happy Pinkness!

  4. Sue, the hankie are beautiful. I don't collect them or have any old ones, but I enjoy looking at them. Hope you have a great weekend.


  5. Love,love that fan block of your friends. I also collect hankies and just love them. I don't think I could cut into one though. *sighs, but that quilt sure is making me have second thoughts. :)

  6. Anonymous10/16/2009


  7. What a beautiful pink Saturday post. I wish you a wonderful weekend.


  8. it's amazing how creative you can be with hankies....or any type of fabric...happy weekend :))

  9. Those are beautiful blocks and hankies! I bought a gorgeous lavender one today with pink roses. I'm not participating in pink Saturday this week so maybe I'll show it off next week.

  10. Thanks for sharing these quilt blocks. Love the idea of using hankies for quilt blocks. I'll have to start a plan. LOL

  11. Beautiful hankies. That's a great idea of using them for quilt blocks.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Stop by my kitchen when you get a chance. I have an award for you.

  12. Love those vintage hankies. The colors are fantastic! Have a great pink Saturday and be sure to come visit!

  13. Wow..really good hankies! Thank you for sharing those sweet things!
    Happy pink Saturday! xo Tami

  14. G'morning...your hankies are just fabulous.
    Pretty quilt!

  15. I think hankies for quilt blocks is the best idea ever. Just think how gorgeous that quilt would be. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  16. Absolutely beautiful hankies -- on their own or in a quilt, gorgeous! Best wishes, Tammy

  17. Sue, your pink post today is simply awesome. The hankies are great and something you can collect without needing a lot room. Love all your pinks.

  18. The quilt blocks look beautiful!
    The hankies are sooo pretty. I just love vintage hankies!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Mary :)

  19. I love your vintage hankies. They are really lovely. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  20. As usual, I am not disappointed with all of the pink goodies I get to see on Pink Saturday. With fall in the air and the days getting shorter, Pink Saturday is going to be more important than ever to bring a little sunshine into my home.

    Wishing you a weekend filled with good food, good company and much l♥ve.

  21. Hello thank you so much for visiting me this pink Saturday and your lovely comments on Destiny. She had so much fun participating. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


    Happy Pink Saturday

  22. Loved your post. Have fun at your reunion...


    Sheila :-)

  23. Hi, Sue,
    I am loving all of these pretty hankies. The hankie quilt your friend made is very nice, too. Have fun at your high school reunion! Blessings to you! Vicki

  24. Hi there, I'm just now making my rounds. I LOVE all of the different quilts & blocks! Please come visit my blog-I'm doing a giveaway through Friday, 10/24. Hugs, Leslie

  25. Happy Pink Saturday, Sue. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. You'll have to tell us all about it.

    You know I am in love with all of your wonderful hankies. And, your friends quilt is exquisite.

  26. Hey Sue - did you get my message a couple of weeks ago??? We're in Gruene Flea also...Bella Blues and just realized Connie is your sister.

    This quilt is going to be amazing. Happy belated PS. :) Nancy


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