Don't Mess With Texas Pinks...Pink Saturday #7

It's been a week of 'Travelin' through West Texas and The Big Bend National Park this week on CollectinTexas Gal.
If you'd like to catch up, you can scroll down to 'Collectin BlueBonnets, Cactus and Quilts'...In The Big Bend.
'Believe It or Not'...There's PINK In Them There Hills!
Yep, Mother Nature has a Strange Sense of Humor when it comes to the Beautiful Pinks of the Prickly Pear Cactus.

The Prickly Pear is armed with two kinds of spines, large smooth fixed spines and small hairlike spines that easily penetrate skin and detach from the plant. The bright PINK Fruit, commonly called Cactus Fig, Indian Fig or Tunas is covered in the small hairlike spines. It is carefully picked and skinned before blooming to make candies, jelly and a refreshing drink.

Now, if you'd like to Mess With Texas and Mother Natures Prickly Pear Protections here's a Recipe for making Prickly Pear Jelly.

But if you're like this Girl Raised In Texas, and would like to skip the pain of being stabbed by the 'Large Smooth Fixed Spines' and the hours spent with Tweezers and Magnifying Glass picking out the 'Small HairLike Dudes', then here's the Recipe for You.

I'm a Plum Jelly Gal myself, but give Prickly Pear a try, it's great on Texas Toast.

Happy Pink Trails To You as you ride around the Big Bend of West Texas!

Thanks to Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. I hope you will 'Mosey on Over There' to meet the New Pinkies and visit the Other Pink Saturday Participants.

And As Always...Thanks for Coming and Commenting!


  1. Being a Texas girl myself, I have run afoul of the prickly pear many times... it was most surely not pleasant and I wouldn't want it to happen again. :).
    Happy Pinks and have a great weekend.

  2. MMmm! I'd like to try some of that Cactus Jelly on my breakfast biscuits! Even a cactus can produce beauty and sweetness! Thank you for signing up to follow my blog. I have also done the same with yours and look forward to your future posts. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, Sue.

    Those blooms are beautiful. I have a few roses bushes that are rather deadly "stickers", too.

    So, is the jelly good? Do you like it?

  4. Happy Pink Saturday Sue...you found some lovely pinks in the desert! I like the Saguaro cactus best but I must admit that I'm a Midwestern Girl who loves my grass & fields & changing seasons!
    Hugs, Leslie

  5. Cactus jam, that's a new one on me! Stunning photos. Happy PS.

  6. What beautiful flowers! Thank you so much for visiting my party, it is always nice meeting new friends and a quilter at that!

  7. Hi Sue! Happy Pink Saturday! The cactus is beautiful. I've never had cactus jelly - this makes me think I should try some. Who would have thought that such sweetness can come from a cactus? And why not? Have a great weekend!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday!

    These cactus in full bloom are beautiful!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  9. Beautiful pinks in your post !
    Have a nice weekend .
    Rini the Netherlands

  10. Wow! Cool cactus, so beautiful! I sent the link to my son -- he just planted a bunch of prickly pear cacti -- he's quite the cacti enthusiast (and he's 9!). Who knew I'd be sharing a Pink Saturday post with my 9y/o son?! Thanks.

  11. Now, how neat is this! Cactus jelly, WOW! I just read Mari's post about rose petal jam. This is really a fun Pink Saturday.

    Happy Pink Saturday to Texas from the Sunshine State...


    Sheila :-)

  12. Oh, all your Texan talk is making me lonesome for all my buddies who live in that wonderful state! So enjoyed seeing all your photos from this post as well as the Collectin' BlueBonnets one. The bright pink fruit against the green of the Prickly Pear Cactus made for a beautiful photograph. Such beauty!

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. What beautiful cactus flowers! Happy pink Saturday!

  14. Such a n awesome captures!
    Happy Pink Saturday and a nice weekend.
    "My Pink Saturday Post Here"

  15. Your photos are stunning. Happy Pink Saturday.

  16. Happy Pink Saturday!!! Flowers are beautiful!!!

  17. Prickly pink beauties...I find them fascinating...happy pink saturday!!!

  18. Happy Pink Saturday;;;; what a pretty Pink color they have... When we lived in Az. we saw quit a few of them.. we even had some of the jelly which was really good... have a great weekend...


  19. Anonymous10/24/2009

    Sue, I did not know plum jelly is your favorite. It is mine too...imagine that. No other flavor compares. I love reading your blogs, and look forward to what you come up with next. Here is a big "lilsis" hug. You need it!

  20. Hi, Sue,
    I do love the Big Bend area, one of my favorite places in Texas (or anywhere else for that matter). I have tasted cactus jelly before. I always did a unit on the desert at school and brought in cactus jelly for the kids to enjoy on crackers. Thank you for sharing your trip with us and Happy Pink Saturday to you! Vicki

  21. What a fantastic post, made me think for a minute that it was from AZ. I loved it and often see the prickly pear for sale in the stores, but I have no idea what to do with them, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  22. So that is what a prickly pear is! Very pretty on the plant. (Still on my Pink Saturday rounds. Have a great week!)

  23. Great post, Sue! Love the pretty prickly in pink photos! Big Bend sounds great!

    Thanks for sharing!


  24. Anonymous10/25/2009

    Isn't it surprising how something as prickly as a cactus can have such pretty blossoms and fruit? Amazing~love the wonderful pictures in the great outdoors. Mmmm, pppreserves on toast...with a cup of tea...mmm.
    Hi my Texas amiga~happy pink Saturday!

  25. Beautiful picture! I think the most beautiful pinks are the ones that occur in nature!

  26. Those pink blooms are gorgeous! I do believe God's precious pinks are the most beautiful!
    Happy Pinkness!


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