Precious Moments and Precious Quilts...Pink Saturday #4

Life is Filled with Precious Moments. We have all experienced them, and this Precious Moments Figurine is a sweet momento of the birth of my
Grandson on 9-09-2009.
'Dedicated to God', #488232 dated 1999 is one of the many collectibles from
Precious Moments Figurines
I have a few more to show you, but before I do,
I would like to call your attention to the patchwork quilt
beneath this sweet baby figurine.
Made of 2" squares of country floral prints in pinks and blues, it is a small table topper I made in 1999.
An appropriate background for this Precious Moments Figurine.

These two Sweet Pink Precious Moments girls were discovered at an estate sale I've been working this week in San Antonio, Texas.

Overall Sam and SunBonnet Sue have been favorite subjects for baby quilts since the 1930's.
Sam and Sue are depicted performing everyday chores and events.
Sam and Sue in these quilt blocks are gardening.
They are two blocks in a crib quilt with other Sam's and Sue's doing a variety of gardening chores.
I chose these two to share with you on this Pink Saturday of Sam in his Pink Overalls and Sue in her Pink Bonnet.

I hope you will come back for the rest of Sam and Sue's gardening blocks, and the completed Crib Quilt which I will begin posting on Monday.

Thanks to our Pink Saturday Hostess, Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. Please visit this weeks Participants and my
'New Blog ShoutOut' Rosebud Quilting.
Michelle is a LongArm Quilter and has a beautiful selection of fabrics in her ETSY Shop.
My visits To All of You will be delayed a day or two as I'm working in San Antonio, Texas this weekend.
As Always....Thanks for Coming and Commenting.


  1. Hi, Sue,
    The Precious Moments figurines are some of my favorites. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson. The table topper is very pretty. I like your material selections for it. Sunbonnet Sue has always been my favorite pattern for a quilt. I look forward to seeing your quilt when it is finished. Happy Pink Saturday!! Vicki

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson. I've always been a fan of the Sunbonnet Sue pattern. it is fun to see how it is used in such creative ways. Happy Pink Saturday. ~ Sarah

  3. I'm happy to know that someone else loves little Sue as much as I do. Also love Precious Moments and collect them as well. Happy Pink Saturday..have a most lovely weekend.

  4. I love Precious Moments I have collected them since I was a child. Lately I have noticed my daughter taking interest in my collection so that is exciting. I would love for you to stop by some time so if you get the chance swing by and say hi. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Anonymous10/03/2009

    I've always adored those sweet little "Precious Moments" figurines.


    Happy Pink Saturday

  6. Sue,
    Congratulations on your latest little gift from heaven! I had my last baby {a boy} on 9/10 but now he's almost 6'2" and just turned 16. His name is Sam and since my name is Sue, you know I'm a little partial to the Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam quilts! I loved your earlier posts on reliving the 60's. Such wonderful memories and great photos you shared!

    Hope you find some air-conditioning breaks in the sweltering heat of San Antonio!

  7. Grandchildren are so precious, you should be so proud. Thank you for sharing ,happy pink saturday!!

  8. Congratulations on sweet grand baby. The precious moments are so pretty and the quilt is beyond words. I love old quilts and esp those made with lots of love and memories too. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  9. Winter is just around the corner in my neck of the woods and I won't see much pink in my garden again until at least April so THANK YOU for the wonderful blog entry and for giving me a little pinkie-lift today!

    Hoping that your weekend is filled with laughter and sunshine☺

    Congratulations on your new grandson! There is nothing more precious than a baby!
    Your Precious Moments collection is amazing and thank you for sharing!

  11. Congrats on your new grandson! Your Precious Moments are so cute! I love the quilts squares! Thank You for sharing your Pink!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Livin' With Peaches

  12. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Congrats on your new grandson!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  13. Happy Pink Saturday, Sue. How is that sweet little grandson doing? He is very lucky to have you as his grandmother.

    I love the quilt and the Precious Moments. I will be back to see more.

    Thanks for introducing everyone to Michelle.

  14. I love the pinks you've chosen to share with us today. They're lovely. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  15. Congratulations on the birth of your grandson. The precious moments figurines are precious!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Congratulations on your grandson's birth.I always love to see what you are working on and Sam and Sue are some of my favorites.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  17. Well looks like we have another collection in common!

    Happy belated PS!

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog on PINK SATURDAY! I'm so happy to meet you! Any quilter and a fan of SUNBONNET SUE is a friend for life! I love those little patterns so much! Very SWEET! I've signed on to follow! Have a great day!

  19. Hi Sue, I will be back to see the quilt progress. Happy Pink Saturday, a little late.

  20. Anonymous10/04/2009

    The Precious Moments in time hanging out with "My Sister & Best Friend" make me very happy, and grateful that you are always there.

  21. I collect Precious Moments. We went to the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Mo this summer. It's a beautiful place. I look forward to having grandchildren someday:) Have a nice week! Twyla

  22. Very sweet! Happy Pink Saturday (sorry to be late, the computer is playing up yet again - keeps overheating so I have to keep turning it off. I'm getting nowhere fast!)

  23. Sue, I do not have any figurines by Precious Moments, but I love to look at them, they are so sweet and innocent.
    My a joy, a new grandson, anxious for some pictures.

  24. Anonymous10/07/2009

    I am only just a "little late" for Pink Saturday or am I early for this Saturday? :) Congratulations on the precious little one. We will be having one also soon. xo


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