Stacked & Spun Punkins & Shucks!

Spinning Pumpkins and Corn along with a few other Veggies makes this Fall Wall Quilt one of my choices for Fall Decorating.
Stack N Whack was a popular pattern for quilters at the Turn of The Century,
21st Century...that is.

Fun to be able to say that in our life time, isn't it?

If you're a quilter, you probably have several of these,'A Surprise Everytime' a block is finished, Stack N Whack Quilts in your Collection.

Drawn before the 'Turn of the Century'...21st...that is,
in Graphite and Prisma Pencils,
Indian Corn, hangs on the wall next to my 'Just After the Turn'
Computer and Desk.
I cross my fingers every day that it will hold out at least through this Fall Ya'll.

PS...Magic Stack-n-Whack took the quilt world by storm in 1998. A second book, Stack-n-Whackier, came out in 2001. Both by Bethany S. Reynolds. I just found her new Web Page, and at quick glance, it looks like Bethany is Groovin in the 21st Century with some more Whackiest Yet Designs. I'd better go look....I may need to update my Whacky-ness-Self.
PPS...See a couple more of my Stack-n-Whack Quilts HERE and HERE


  1. I have never seen this pattern before...Awesome! I love all my grandmothers quilts and thought I had seen them all. What a great decoration for fall. Thanks for sharing and I am going to keep my eyes open for this pattern.

  2. This is such a lovely quilt pattern.I always love to see what you quilters can do. Is that you in the red net dress. You look so sweet!

  3. Love the quilts. I like 4 patch posie and 1 block wonder as well. I haven't done much quilting since the blogging began!


  4. Great quilts! I-must-resist-a-new-hobby... I-must-resist....

  5. Awesome. When I first saw the photo, I thought the colors were embroidered.

    Great fall quilt!

    Enjoy the warmth it gives from the colors.


  6. Hello Collectin Texas Gal. I love your blog name. Anyway, I have been out of town and I am trying to catch up with my visiting. Come over, I think you might enjoy my post about a wool farm in MI.

    I have never heard of this quilt pattern but I am not an avid quilter. I intend to become one though. Your quilt is awesome. It looks hard. My first step to being a better quilter is a brand new Genome quilting sewing machine. I am anxious to learn how to use it. I'll be posting about it.

    Have a great day and thanks for your visit to my post while I was gone.

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  7. Wow I just love those quilts the fall colors are just beautiful, and the pattern too...

    have a great weekend;

  8. Wow, there is so much quilt stuff I don't know!
    Wonderful and harvest-y!


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