1964 Memories of A Majorette

Girls Raised In Texas loved to Twirl...
Batons that is!
Oh! What a thrill that was in 1964!

All the high steppin, baton palm spinng,
toss & catch behind the back,
roll around the neck-the
waist-the knees and
sky high toss-spin twice-and catch
practice paid off.
I forgot to mention the holes in the ceiling of my bedroom.

And the Majorette Uniform.
Dressing in that Off-White, High Necked, Short Skirt, WOOL uniform was a dream come true.
The only alterations made was taking in the waist and making my own Red Satin bloomers.
Then...The Hat!
It was covered in White Fur and had to set at just the right angle for the
SkinnyBangs and SpitCurl hairdo.

There were Three GRHS Majorettes in 1964.
Senior Jeannie, Junior Sue and Sophomore DeAnna.
That was the tradition...only three...
the Freshman Alternate was needed in the marching band.

Here we are...out in front of the Marching Band.
One thing about being TALL...Spotlighted in the Center.
I would always remember Jeannie and DeAnna, even if they had not signed their name in the 1964 RoundUp Annual, which I shared with my
Sophomore brother and 7th Grade sister.
She's the drummer...far left, front row.
I can't believe she didn't sign her name.
At the time, sharing an annual was so not cool for this Junior Sister,
but as I look back at the 45 year old RoundUp signatures and comments,
I'm so glad we could only afford One Annual
...and I have it!


  1. OH How wonderful you twirled batton, me too, I was in about 6 Tri-state parads as a child in Enid, it was a big thing. I loved twirling, I will post some pictures of me twirling another time, you'll have to drop over and see me lol. That is wonderful, I never stuck with it when we moved to Arizona, it wasn't as big out here as it was back in Enid. There was no where to train out here.

    I love your pictures your post was wonderful. Thanks for sharing it today.


  2. You were a "Major" majorette! Love the uniform. Our marching band uniforms were wool too! I always had trouble keeping the High Hat on my head, lol.

  3. Ha ha! I remember playing with a baton. I couldn't catch it. Couldn't twirl it. I bet you can still do tricks with yours! You are so cute!

  4. This is so neat. I was the drum majorette for our school. I am told my uniform was so small that it is still hanging in the closet! I also played the drums too. But only during orchestra. Now my grandson is a 3rd generation to go to my school. Ahhh memories. Thanks for sharing~Ames


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