BobbySocks, PennyLoafers & LetterJackets in 1962

It's 1962, Bobby Socks, Penny Loafers, and a Letter Jacket were a part of every morning getting dressed for school. Especially the Letter Jacket I earned as a Freshman in Basketball. Rain, Sleet and Burning Heat....The Jacket was worn.
Middle of the knee was the 'School Dress Code' accepted dress and skirt length....no shorter. Boatneck, shirt collar and PeterPan collars were the favorites for tops.
I had several patterns that had combinations of these necklines and could modify them to fit the bodice and skirt patterns. The skirts took yards and yards of fabric and at 49 cents a yard, I might have spent $3.00 on 34" wide fabric and 50 cents for a pattern. That pattern today is selling for $5 to $8 and new ones.....well, let's just say Simplicity, Butterick and McCalls, you have Priced Home Sewing right out of my home and into the Clothing Stores Sale Racks and Thrift Shops.
And although we didn't wear Pants to school, we did wear shorts as part of our Basketball Uniform. I was very proud of my #14 uniform and thought the shorts were really neat, especially after I took in the side seams to make them fit my 'NoBehind SkinnyLegs' Self.
Remember Queen Lea from 1963 Homecoming? That's her wearing #4, and to her left is My Best Friend Nancy. We three were All District in 1962 and received a patch for our Letter Jackets.
The most important person in my Basketball memories is Coach Moore. Many of life's lessons are learned in high school athletics, and I learned lots of them on the Basketball Court. He was the inspiration for this Girl Raised In Texas to be the first in her family to earn a college degree and become a Coach.

PS...On the back of the picture of Coach Moore in the 'Patches Picture' he wrote...To a fine basketball player. Coach Moore...and a good student, at times. He was also my English teacher.


SusanB-knits said...

I remember! I remember! I had penny loafers but first I had saddle shoes. Remember them? I didn't get a letter jacket (not being sports oriented {can you say band geek}) but I did get to wear a letter sweater from a boyfriend.

Leslie said...

This seals it in my mind....I was definately born too late! I pined for those skirts & blouses & shoes but it was the late 70's/early 80's by the time I hit high school.
I am loving the recollecting you're doing...please keep it up!
Hugs, Leslie

Unknown said...

I just love seeing all these old photos of you! What a beauty, bet you had to beat the boys off with a stick!

Carol at Serendipity said...

What wonderful memories. I remember Pappagallos and Capezio Flats and straight skirts with matching sweaters. I graduated from High School in 1962!


Abatevintage said...

Wow what a wonderful post, and your uniform is great. I love the letterman jacket. I had my clothes made for me as a child, even though I only 30 when I grew up money didn't grow on trees :0) so my mom would sew outfits for me, and that is what I had to wear. I think buying fabric and designing something by hand, with a creative eye and all the hard work; gives you an end result you can be proud to wear. Great post.


Abatevintage said...

Okay a girl sometimes forgets her age, I am 31, just in case someone I know stops by, wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea about me :0)

Anonymous said...

You were a basketball SWEETHEART back in 1962 and a SWEETHEART in everyway since then! Is BB Sweetheart the same as Most Valuable?

Pom Pom said...

I didn't know you were a coach, too! I believe it! Now you are a life coach - so much wisdom and other good stuff to share. YOU are such a STAR, my friend!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Look who had the Ball in the picture. You have not changed a bit! HaHaHa!!!

Vicki said...

Hi, Sue,
Thank you again for some wonderful memories. I love the Statler Brothers and this song in particular. Sending autumn blessings your way (We are actually getting some rain and the weather is cooler here in Central Texas so it is beginning to feel a little like autumn.) Vicki

Nancy said...

I think there's more and I think I missed it. Going back in to read. How fun! (no, I didn't go when those great skirts were in, but I am a mid-century modern girl now!)

Abatevintage said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by today. Your such a wonderful person. Have a great day.


Abatevintage said...

Hello there pretty lady, you have an award over at my blog awaiting you. Congrats you are truly a wonderful person. Have a great day.



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