Watching My P's & Q's...Pitchers & Quilts

I seem to have several Pitcher Sets and for sure I have more than 'several' Quilts.
Here's another set from my collection. Same Harvest Pattern, but in MilkGlass.
Such heavy and durable glass which was again, a wedding gift in 1965.
Our families and friends must have been thinking this new bride would need at least a place setting for 8...the two of us and 6 more for dinner.
I added 4 glasses, years later when my husband sent a 12 Place Setting of Noritake White China from overseas.
I didn't have Crystal for another few years, so this beautiful Milkglass has served our table well.

Besides, nearly everybody has Fancy Crystal, but few have 'Priceless MilkGlass'.

'More than Several' is a bit of an understatement when it comes to Quilts!
You see, I am a Professional Quilt Designer and LongArm Machine Quilter.
Yes, I just let the 'Batting Out of the Bag'.
Knowing that now, you can only imagine What A Collection of Quilts I have. I lost count a long time ago.
One of my specialties is what I call Vintage To Vogue...taking vintage quilt tops and making them like new again with new reproduction fabrics for borders and backing and machine quilting them.
On the line are some examples.

The MilkGlass Set is displayed on one of my favorites...a 1930's Double Wedding Ring with Red melons....very rare to find the red.

One more Pitcher, then My P's and Q's will be in Alphabetical Order.

This Yellow Pitcher was made by HALL.

When I found it, I thought it said HULL.

Of course I Hung onto the Hall.....'It's a Good Thing'.


  1. I love the quilt under the milk glass, too. Your line of quilts = INCREDIBLE! I like the stories about your wedding presents. How did everyone like Granny's Meatloaf on Labor Day?

  2. Love the milkglass set! I use to have a set but I got rid of it with one of the many moves we made. Beautiful quilts!

  3. Sue, when I saw the P&Q post below today's post I had to pop over here. You know I love quilts! ~ Sarah


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