CollectinCrochet & CrackerJack Prizes

Collectin Crochet is like snacking on CrackerJacks...You can't eat just One CrackerJack, and you sure can't leave the peanuts or the prize in the bottom of the box. That's been my weakness with collecting crocheted, knitted, tatted or any handmade lacey, and lovely stuff...just one piece is never enough. No matter how yellowed, ripped, torn, snagged or rotted, it goes in my stash, and just like the peanuts, some of the best prizes are found in the bottom. Like the bag of laces and lovelies seen in CollectInTexas Gals new 'Tableau'. That was a 'BottomBin' find at a Thrift Shop for $5, and in the very bottom of the bag was a crumpled camisole with the most delicate lace and faded yellow silk rose...I knew I would use it for something special someday.

How Lucky can a Collector of Crochet and All Things Crochet be?
Ben Franklin once said, "Diligence is the Mother of Good Luck."
And Diligence paid off for this Collector last week while in New Braufels.
While making the rounds of Antique, Thrift and Flea Markets, I lucked onto a box of Crochet and Knitting Pamplets dating from 1934 to the 1950's.
All were from the collection of Mrs. W.R.Harris, and after looking at them all, I settled on three.
Woman's Day~1947 Crochet Annual was my first choice for several reasons. First, it was published in the year of my birth; secondly, the cover featured a Crochet State Flower Bedspread...Texas Bluebonnets shown on pg.29; and thirdly, Mrs. Harris was urging me to buy this book as well as the others.
Have you ever had that feeling of connection, but wasn't sure why, and you knew this was one find to not leave behind?

This Woman's Day 1947 Crochet Annual has 105 Crochet Designs with directions and wonderful 1947 pictures. The condition of the booklet attests to Mrs. Harris' careful care or lack of use in crocheting more than a few of the 105 designs.

The same can't be said about one of the other Booklets, a much used and worn Handmade Sports Wear published in 1934.

It has patterns for both crochet and knit, so maybe Mrs. Harris was more of a knitter, even though in 1934 wool yarn was not manufactured in the United States.

How do I know that bit of 'Crochet-Knit Trivia'?
Please read my letter to Mrs. Harris on SuKnitWitty...my knitting blog, and you'll know about how J&P Coats brought wool yarn to the US.

Now that you are back from SuKnitWitty...
Remember that feeling of connection I had?
I think I figured it out. What do you think?


  1. Hello there, the peanuts are the best part. I like them better than the prize.

    ♥ Rebecca

  2. I love vintage knitting and crochet pattern books too & really enjoyed your post on carnival glass. When I was 11 my neighbour started a little "hope chest" for me and gave me a few items, one being a Carnival glass milk and sugar set on a little tray. I still have it (and use it) to this day.

  3. What cool stuff! I don't even sew, knit or crochet and I'd LOVE to have found those!
    ~ Anne

  4. My mother is always buying crochet. She is particularly fond of pink. I have some that my grandmothers made and they have such wonderful memories. There were always crocheted doilies and scarfs all over their homes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a neat find!! You are lucky in finding interesting old crochet/knit books.


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