Homecoming 1963...RedNetDress Memories

Red was my FirstFavorite Color.
So, it's no wonder my first Store Bought formal was Red.
Could also be because the GRHS school colors were Red and White
and this was my
Homecoming Nominee Dress in 1963.

I mentioned this 'Layers & Layers of Red Net' on 'PinkSaturday',
and told you about JoLynn's Dress Shop where this
BigBosom-BigBustle Red Dress captivated this 16 year olds
NoBusom-NoBehind SkinnyArmsSelf.
Notice the Elbow Length Gloves....they wouldn't stay up
and the next smaller size that fit around the elbow would have cut off all circulation to the fingers, and I wouldn't have been able to do
'The Pointing At You Pose'.

As you can see the Formal Fashion Trend was STRAPLESS and only One of Us had the Bosoms...the more mature Senior Nominee...to pull that off. For me and the Freshman...well, Thank-goodness for layers and layers of
BusomNet and PaddedBras.

Here She Is.....GRHS Homecoming Queen 1963
Queen Lea in her White Strapless Gown with
Proper Fitted Elbow Length Gloves....
she had smaller hands....and a Big Crown.

I don't know for sure, but I imagine all four of these
StunningStrapless NetConfections all came from
JoLynn's Dress Shop.
Since JoLynn's was the only dress shop within 60 miles of our small town,
she was well stocked with Homecoming Frocks.
I'd say her profit margin in 1963 was pretty good.
You see my 'ReallyRedFormal' was about $40....alot of money in 1963, for a girl who made
ALL her clothes for the whole school year for alot less.

Now in 1963, one did not wear that $40 Formal to the Homecoming Dance. Another Red Dressy Outfit was needed.
On the back of the 'RedFormal' picture sent to my Grandmother Minnie, my Mother wrote:

"Sue was Homecoming Nominee during football season. This is the formal she wore. She made the suit in the other picture to wear after the homecoming. It is red corduroy. age 16
Thank-you, Mother for recording that information. I forgot it was corduroy...and boy, do those 'Wrist length White Gloves fit better.

What a fun trip Back to 1963 this has been.
I think I'll FastForward to GRHS Homecoming 2009, which was last week, and send this Post to Queen Lea.
You see,Girls Raised In Texas Small Towns know each other for a lifetime.
Easy with Lea...she's my SisterInLaw's first cousin and we are all on FACEBOOK.
What Will They Think of Next?


  1. Anonymous9/20/2009

    How fun! There is a part of me that will always be part Texan. ♥

  2. Beautiful gowns! They don't wear gowns like that to proms today. (I sure remember wearing long formals to homecoming and proms)

  3. Oh my gosh sweetie, this was fun. I love that red dress too, and I can certainly see why you loved it so much. Just beautiful, and just to be nominated for the Queen was an honor. You made a beautiful nominee for sure. Love it. Can you imagine what the girls would think today, seeing as what little they do wear these days? Thanks for the memory lane and for sharing today. What a fun time I have had. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to have you visit. Country hugs, Sherry

  4. You looked beautiful in your red formal. I loved all the red net. It's so nice you have these pictures and memories of this special time. Have a wonderful week! Twyla

  5. Anonymous9/20/2009

    Sandra Sue,
    You are sooo.. beautiful standing there in front of the 2 "some-kinda" trees that flanked the front porch of the old wooden house we lived in with Mother's wringer washing machine on the back porch. She made lots of biscuits and "grease gravy" back then on that old stove you high-lighted earlier.
    Thanks for conjuring the memories. Bad spellin runs in the family! Ha!
    hugs, "LilSis"

  6. Anonymous9/20/2009

    P.S. YOU SHOULD HAVE WON! Damn Seniors, anyway!

  7. I can see how you were able to part with the $40 for this dress....you must have felt like a princess in it! Thank you for elaborating on your story...love the pics of the other contenders and your red courderoy suit! Hugs, Leslie

  8. Hi, Sue,
    Thank you for the wonderful stroll down memory lane! You looked beautiful in your red dress! I loved those long white gloves (even if they would not stay up!). They made a girl feel very elegant. Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories. I am curious as to which high school you graduated from. Sending autumn blessings your way. Vicki

  9. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories and such terrific photos. End of year Proms are becoming popular here in the UK but certainly not when I was in school in the early 1980s. We knew all about them, of course, thanks to films like Grease!

  10. I love these memories and photos. My homecoming princess dress (yes, a princess - not the queen!) was pink and sported ruffles. The other princess and the queen wore low necklines, but Pom Pom's gown was more or less a turtle neck! Oh, and my hair was so bad that year. Bummer.
    YOU are a lovely princess, Miss Sue!

  11. Wow. Yep it was you in the red dress. You look so nice. Did the red corduroy outfit itch? I can not bear to have any rough material next to my skin. I like cottons and silks.And it is so nice to see everybody in their elegant gloves. These days style lacks that kind of flair.

  12. These are so lovely- the suit and the formal. I can't believe the suit is homemade-I'd wear it today (hint...anyone out there have a suit like that for me?) :)

  13. I really like your red homecoming dress and you look very stylish in all your photos and elegant...and oh so pretty !!! : ) )

  14. Anonymous10/18/2009

    Oh my gosh!! I think I wore the same dress in BLUE to the prom in Seven Mile, Ohio! Great minds...

  15. Oh my you look like a Southern Belle! Gorgeous!! Just like one of those Cypress Garden Belle's. You were quite the catch!

    We had one formal dress shop in our town too! Unfortunately my formal was a hand me down. That's what happens when you have older sisters and frugal parents!It was still pretty though!~Ames

  16. I forgot to mention the gloves. I always loved wearing gloves to church. They don't wear them anymore. Hat's either.~Ames

  17. Anonymous1/15/2012

    Hi Sue. I loved reading all of this and seeing your great pictures. I see you have always been a beauty. Proms were wonderful "in the day" The first great sewing accomplishment for me was my prom dress. It was light blue. I wish I had a picture. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful history. Hugs, Dean Deerfield

  18. Anonymous1/17/2012

    Mother insisted on making all our formals, so each was a one of a kind. My favorite was the red satin one she made for the Valentine's Dance. One strap on the left shoulder, the other - no strap. Then it had a layer of red chiffon over it. She made a red satin floor-length coat to go over it. My date was Jimmy Rogers and somewhere there is a picture of the two of us that Mother took before we left. I still have the dress, it's just a little tighter now!


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