Groovy Gals In The 60's...Pink Saturday #3

Retro's the Rage Today! Pink Retro is Groovy, Man!
Oh! My Pink Pedal Pushers, who are these Pink Retro People, anyway?
That's the question I asked FiFi DuBois.
The second question I asked FiFi was
"Is that your real name?"

Welcome to The House of FiFi DuBois.
"Where The Lava Lamp is Always On".
And where this Girl Raised in Texas in the 1960's, found her Mother's Pink Lamp, the Standing Pink Ashtray that stood by her Daddy's 'Not Pink Chair, and more Pink Retro Ceramics.

Actually, our 1960's Floral Couch and matching end tables were there, too.
I wonder if my Mother would like to have them back?
Probably not!
I'm amazed at the Retro Craze today.

FiFi says the Retro Crowd are the Twenty and Thirty Something's.

Well, all I gotta say about that is..."Been There Done That".
Although as I look back on my own 1960's Memories,
I'm beginning to appreciate that Era more.

FiFi is her real Nickname and her Very Retro Shop features
Mid-Century-Vintage Furniture
Retro-Themed Clothing, Gifts & Accessories
123 S. Chadbourne.....San Angelo, Texas

M I C...K E Y...M O U S E !!!I know many of you remember the Mickey Mouse Club and the Mouseketeers,
and I bet your thinkin,
"What's That Got To Do with PINK"?

Annette Funicello, one of the most famous Mouseketeers in the 50's, Teen Movie Star of the 1960's and subject of a series of books. She was America's Sweetheart, and being a teen in the 1960's, I saw her Beach Movies with Frankie Avalon, Fabian and that 'Big Hunky Guy'. Read about her in my best friend Nancy's Teen magazines, knew the words to all her songs, and yes, read this book. It is wonderfully PINK and the following pictures are a few of the illustrations from...

Annette ~ Sierra Summer.....published in 1960

I hope you have enjoyed this
Pink Blast from the Past

with FiFi, Annette and this GRIT.
Learn more about Annette Funicello HERE.
She really was 'America's Sweetheart of the 1960's' and a Groovy Role Model.

Annette Funicello
12-22-1942 ~ ALIVE...Thankfully
Many Thanks to Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.
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'Auntie Alieen and Mama', and wonderful Collectables on her blog.
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Thanks for Coming and Commenting!

PS...Thanks to Big Gee and with further research on my part...Annette Funicello is still living. My most humble apologies to all for the mis-information that she had died this past June. Unfortunately, I misunderstood or was misinformed via an Inter-Net Site during my research for this post. Like, they say..."You can't believe everything you read in the paper or...now...on the Inter-Net.


  1. Anonymous9/26/2009

    I don't remember any Pink in my childhood. Mom must not have liked it but she DID look a lot like Annette- bust measurements and all! I can't see Annette in a movie without getting teary eyed. What a great book you have there! ♥

  2. I totally remember Annette. I adored her and all her Disney appearances.
    Her role model inspired many of us "pinkies" for sure.
    I wil go and visit Fifi Dubois also.
    Thanks Sue
    I have a Shout- out on my blog for your blog...
    I think you'll like the hat my daughter is wearing today. Reminds me of yours on your side bar.
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie

  3. I'm a mid-century modern lover ever since living in Florida in a perfect 1960 ranch. I wish I was a 20-30 something! I guess I have tempered it now with a bit of nordic french country, but as soon as we can, we are going all downsized and retro modern. As you can tell, I'm totally in love with everything in your pic. Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Love all the retro pinks. I was such a fan of Annette. I used to watch her on The Mickey Mouse Club and wanted to be her. I thought she had the coolest life! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. What a great post . Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Pink Saturday!!

  6. Thanks for your visit and your comment!
    It's my first pink saturday and I'm so happy... because a lot of people can visit my blog for first time!
    You are welcome in my Dulce Diciembre (sweet december) anytime!

    and my website www.jacaranda-artesanias.netfirms.com

  7. I am so digging the retro pinks! I used to watch Anette in her beach movies when I was a kid. They were so fun, I even remember that crazy motorcycle gang that was in them. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now a follower of yours and will add you to my links. Blessings!

  8. Sue, I too am a Texas girl who grew up in the 60s. What a fun post of pink memories. I so enjoyed myself. Thanks for stopping by to say high at the QCI. I've added myself as a follower. I want to go visit all your previous posts. Are you headed to Round Top this next week? ~ Sarah

  9. Hi: So glad I found your blog. How fun is this post? I love all your pinks. I am off to visit your shop. Blessings, Martha

  10. Anonymous9/26/2009

    Great Post!!! Remembering Annette brought back a lot of memories.....plus it shows my age. LOL. I sure do miss the movies that made sense.

  11. Oh, thanks for the memories. I loved her and used to watch her all the time. I think she is still alive, but living with the dreaded disease ms. Happy Pink Saturday and have a great week, Char

  12. When my sister and I stayed at our granny's house, she'd let us watch old beach movies. I loved them! I always wondered why Annette wore such a fuddy duddy swimsuit when the other girls were wearing bikinis. Now I think it is a GOOD thing! I like pink, but I remember my friends' pink counter tops and pink bathroom fixtures. They got weird real fast. I like this blog, Sue!

  13. I just love your post! I loved Annette and all those beach blanket movies...thanks for taking us back to such a fun time! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  14. I watched her every week!!!! My favorite mouseketeer!
    I even have some of the bears she created for her company and they are so sweet!
    Thanks for the memory!

  15. Anonymous9/26/2009

    I am so blown away by your fabu retro pink celebration! Gosh, love it all! I can't believe I did not hear about Annette Funicello's passing this summer :*(
    Somehow Britney Spears (former Mouseketeer) just doesn't compare to Annette in my view ;)
    Thanks so much for the "shout out", too. You're too kind. C u 'round, gal!

  16. Hi! What a wonderful tribute to Annette! LOVE this book, too!.. Only thing is, I never heard she passed away?? (6-20-09??) I heard she had MS, but never heard more than that! (I have one of her bears) Boy, all I can say though, in MY opinion, THIS is when Disney girls were NICE girls!.. I can't say I'm impressed with the ones I'm seeing these days!.. Well, on a brighter note, Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  17. Hi, Sue,
    I loved Annette. I am pretty sure I read this book. I also read The Lennon Sisters and Trixie Belden. Thank you for sharing your pink memories. Happy Pink Saturday! Vicki

  18. Hi again
    I like the Tickled Pink theme... my blog's first name was Tickled Pink, really! Then I got gutsy, and started being me, and only me... so became BUBBLIN' OVER.
    Hope your having a very pink day Sue.
    Love Claudie

  19. What a groovy post! I do remember
    Annette! My mom just told me the other day that we had a pink, yellow and aqua blue cabinet back in the early 60's. I wish we had it now!
    Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  20. What a fun retro post!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. I like that fish!! As always, you have a lovely post and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Happy Pink Saturday! Hugs, Leslie

  22. Hi there Sue, what a great pink Saturday blog, I love the artsy pictures, and Anette is so cute. I love it. Have a great weekend, glad you stopped over earlier :0) I love our visits.


  23. Anonymous9/26/2009

    Oh I didn't know annette passed..Love the tiki pink perfect for pink tiki!!

  24. Hi Sue.. This is my first visit to your blog and I just love it. Loved your post today..ahhh, how well I remember Annette. What a sweet gentle time that was...ohhh,what memories.
    Loved looking at your blog and will have to come back and see more. I became a follower of yours..and I hope you will follow me as well.
    p.s. The yellow rose trivet set..I remember that set so well and my mother patiently crocheting it. How very pretty it was..she was so pleased with it. I have the pattern and have thought so many times to make it..but never have.

  25. Hey Texas Girl,
    Your blog was like a trip down memory lane. I remember the mousketeers and all that retro stuff is a hoot. Isn't it funny how we find it hard to believe these young girls going ga-ga over our ugh stuff. Best of Pink Saturday to you

  26. Happy Pink Saturday, Sue.

    Girl, this post is fantastic. And, guess what. I have that book - and a few others.

    But, I didn't know that Annette had recently died. I knew she had been suffering from MS for a very long time. How in the world did I miss that?

  27. I really enjoyed blasting into the past with you. This was a fun post. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  28. Not much pink for me growing up but plenty of blue! I think I read that book!! Annette was the greatest, I watched all her movies.

  29. Thank you for visiting my blog! I am so sorry for the delay in visiting. Your blog is lovely and a joy to read.


  30. What a fun post! It's a true blast from the past! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  31. Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks for stopping by. Wow, the memories I have of the 60's, you just brought them all back for me with this blog and earlier ones. So much fun!

  32. Anonymous9/28/2009

    Annette is thankfully not dead.


    Big Lou Gee

  33. The 60's were such a fun time! I love Annette! Twyla


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