Hankies~Mostly Blue...Still No BlewN or SewN

Girls Raised In Texas, especially in West Texas, keep a Texas Hankie Handy! Yep, when the Tumble Weeds and the Dirt start Blowin so does the Nose. That's when we reach for a BOX of KLEENEX...NOT Sue's Prize Texas BlueBonnet Hankie.

For that matter, there will be NO NOSE BLOWIN on any of the Collected Hankies. I'm sure that at some time, someone has used them for the purpose they were intended. That'd be...
1) Tucked in a Blouse Pocket
2) Carried in a purse with the edge showing.
3) As a coin holder.
4) As a gift sent with a Birthday Card.
5) Oh, Okay!! For some SnotNosed Kid.

My Grandmother Minnie was NEVER without a Hankie. Now she wasn't a GRITexas, but Girls Raised In Iowa needed hankies, too, and I remember hers having pennies tied up in them, and always one folded in her Bible.
One of the Blue Flowery Hankies was hers and the other one was one she sent to me in a Birthday Card.
The Crocheted Pineapple Doily was made by my Husbands Grandmother.
They have been framed for many years and hang in the Quilt Bedroom for Guests.

Speaking of Quilts....

This PastPinkSaturday I showed how Hankies were used in a Quilt Block, and I promised to show you some more of that quilt. Here, a White Hankie has been folded into a Butterfly, appliqued and quilted. All the fabrics are 1930's Originals or Reproductions. This group of blocks makes up the top center part of the quilt. I'll be showing more on a later post this week. I hope you'll come back for that, and if you missed the Hankies on Pink Saturday, they are just below.

And As Always....Thanks for Coming and Commenting!

PS...Beverly from How Sweet The Sound gave me a 'Big Ole ShoutOut' today!
So, a BIG TEXAS WELCOME to all of You
for making the trip over to Meet Sue...
that'd be ME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Thanks Beverly!!!!


  1. I love those hankies, they are so lovely, it is hard to imagine some green goo on them once upon a time!

  2. More than saying Gorgeous! My first time to see Hankies, absolutely I enjoyed, Sue. In between, I arrive your beautiful corner by kindheart Bev's guidance, thanks to her.
    Have a creative inspiring day.


  3. Hi Sue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love your blog !!

  4. Hi Sue..Beverly from How Sweet the Sound sent me over to say hi! I am glad I did! Love your blog and cute hankies...Congratulations on your new grandson! Will come visit soon. Grace

  5. Oh! Can I come visit & stay in your Quilt Bedroom for Guests?!

    I have a box of hankies that were my Grandma's but GRIMichigan must've used theirs 'cause they're pretty battered & worn.

    I LOVE the picture of you with your new grandson!

    Hugs, Leslie

  6. Blue is my favorite color! I love all the blue hankies!!

  7. Good morning Sue, congratulations on a certain baby who has been born. So you are a grandma. Hurray, you will love this wonderful role. I am sorry I missed the wonderful event. Where was I? Ok I scrolled down and I didn't see an announcement. Am I right?

    I adore your wonderful hankies and the story of your grandma. I love the hankie butterfly.

    I was on Beverly's blog and saw her shout out about your blog. Beverly and I have been friends for 39 years. I can't wait to tell her I found you first. BIG Smile. We do not live in the same city in NC. I live 5 plus hours away in the mountains.

    I better go before this becomes a short story. LOL.

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  8. You know I love all of the pretties you have.

    I posted about your blog today. I know everyone will love it here.

  9. I tell you, that Beverly, she really knows how to make a Gals Day! Welcome Ya'll, and you can be sure I'll be visiting you today, too.

    PS..To answer Jeanne's question about my Grandson's Birth Announcement. It's on my other Blog...SuKnitWitty...click GrandmaRaisedInTexas picture.

  10. Hi Sue! I've come to meet you via our Dear Beverly at How Sweet The Sound! I've been scrolling down through your posts and just love your blog. I've signed up to be a follower. I'm a Texas gal too and you know, us Texans must stick close together! I do hope you'll come and visit me sometimes. Welcome to Blogland!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Hi Sue,

    SOOOOO glad Beverly told us about you...I'm loving your blog!Your hankies, and story about them, plus the beautiful quilt, just speak to my heart! I'm originally from Oklahoma, and have always wanted to visit Texas...maybe someday I will...I've heard the people there are wonderful and friendly, and judging from your blog, I'm sure that's true! Have a wonderful day, and God bless!


  12. Anonymous10/13/2009

    Hey, Sue! Beverly sent me over and I'm glad she did. I love your blog. My daughter has a hugh collection of antique hankys. She has them displayed on a rack in her craft room.

  13. I want that pink hair!

    and the blue hankies. And the yellow one. I don't know what I would do with them but they are so purty.

  14. Congratulations!
    I am so glad to meet you and see your lovely place!!

  15. Beverly sent my this way as well...and I'm glad she did! I have a few vintage hankies as well...so nice to see what you did with yours.

  16. What nice hankies! Can't remember how I got here, but now I'll go to Bev's from your post!!

  17. Hi Sue, I found you through Beverly and she was right! Great blog and wow those hankies. Boy I do remember that we always had plenty of them stashed in our drawers. All colors, designs and always washed, ironed, folded and sometimes even starched. Also congrats on your new grandbaby. Come visit, Mollye

  18. Hi Sue! I came over from Beverly's blog. I live in NYC but I've visited Texas and loved it there. Your hankies bring back memories! I am also from the era when all young ladies wore white gloves to church on Sunday and had a clean hankie in their purse.
    Congrats on your new grandbaby..my first was born 10 months ago --time goes fast!

  19. Hi Sue, I found you via Beverly..thought I would hop on over to say hey..
    I love the hankies. I have quite a few of my nana's hankies, I don't know what to do with them, they have been in my dresser drawer since she passed away 10 years ago..Maybe I can get some ideas here?!
    Congratulations on your new grandson..I have two grown sons, one is married, no grandbabies yet..hopefully one day!
    Stop on by my blog at
    http://dogmomdiva.blogspot.com/ and say hi..have a nice evening...chat later Sue..

  20. Good Morning to you Sue. It is so mine to meet you and I'm glad you stopped to visit at my blog. I remember the hankies too. I loved how soft and delicate they were. I wish I could have kept some, but I guess I'm not OCD about hankies...(LOL). But don't mention fabrics, my kids call my sewing room, "The Sweat Shop".

    Take care and talk to you soon!
    Yoli :)

  21. Hey Sue, Beverly sent me over. Congratulations on your new grandson.

    I had pretty hankies when I was growing up and learned to iron by practicing on hankies. They are so much more lady like than kleenix. I wish I had saved some of mine. We had special ones for every holiday. Gosh, what memories.

    We lived in Houston for years. I loved Texas. There's just no other place in the world quite like Texas. The ad is right - it is a whole other country.

  22. Hey Sue

    Love the wig in the self-portrait!Too funny!

    I love hankies and remember my Gram had good ones and everyday ones. I am lucky enough to have 2 of her "good ones."


  23. Hello Sue,
    You have a lovely award waiting for you on my blog. Please swing by and pick it up. Blessings!

  24. Sue, that is one wonderful quilt! I enjoyed meeting you on Pink Saturday, and I came back by to say, "Hi."


    Sheila :-)

  25. Hi, Sue,
    I enjoyed seeing more of your pretty hankies today and also your beautiful quilt. I can remember my aunt making things from her hankie to keep me quiet and entertained while we were sitting in church. Blessings to you! Vicki

  26. Hi Sue
    when you run out of tissues and hankies your quilts might come in handy...!!! : ) ) ps they are so pretty !!!

  27. Anonymous10/15/2009

    Oh,oh,oh! Sue,I love your blue hankies (sigh). That bluebonnets one is tdf! You know,I remember my mom tying up my milk money in the corner of a hankie when I was in kindergarten or first grade :) I went to part of the 3rd grade in Webster,TX, btw.
    How lucky we are to have hankie-totin' mamas and grandmas to pass down the love and tradition of hankies.
    I LOVE your pink hair,too! It really suits you~must-get-pink-wig.

  28. Oh my! I surely do love this gorgeous post! Everything on your vintage blog is something that makes my heart flutter! Memories come rushing in! Thanks so much!


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