2015 'Best Laid Plans' In Review...continued

JULY thru DECEMBER and a post Post Script

JULY ~ Flag Fabrics Fly Proudly in Fashion
For those of you are Fabric Junkies, you probably notice that fabric follows what is 'Trending', as they say in the social media world.   For instance when there is an event that triggers a wave of 'Patriotic Passion', it is quickly reflected throughout just about every commercial avenue imaginable.
I will always be a 'Piecemaker' whether it be for Quilts or Fashion!

AUGUST ~ Pedal To The Medal Machine Embroidery
I do so love and appreciate hand quilting and hand embroidery, and I have done quite a lot of both in the years of being a needle and thread enthusiast.  However, I have an affliction I call FastFinishItist that often results in hand done not getting done...sometimes for years!

SEPTEMBER ~ Loom Dream Come True
Conservative is how I am going to describe my immersion into the art of weaving.   It isn't that I haven't any experience with weaving...I did a few classes in college and I taught basic weaving to my students while teaching art at the junior high level.
I am now more interested in the weaving of my pioneer ancestors.  They were weavers of cloth for home and hearth.

OCTOBER ~ YarnARama..Circle Crochet Chaos
It is organized chaos around my Nesting TV Chair.  It's been that way for several days...or maybe weeks...I lost track...it's a result of getting an overdose of FiberPsychosis.  It's what happens when I Fiber Multi-Task.  It's how I roll in order to get in a JOB work schedule, to get ready for a SHOW, and watch my favorite evening TV shows. 

NOVEMBER ~ LibbyLuLa Dressed In Rags
When one 'Rag Rug' comes off LibbyLuLa, she doesn't usually sit naked for long. Long being less than a few hours before she is warped up and ready for her next dressing. Not the case since I pulled off a Christmas Table Runner about ten days ago. Does that mean I am losing my looming enthusiasm? I should say not!

DECEMBER ~ Speed Knitting and Fast Crocheting
I am a SLOW Knitter and a FAST Crocheter.  This I know from years of starting knitting projects that about half way through become WIP (works in progress) that seldom make any progress.  They eventually are Un-knitted via the Yarn Winder.  Yikes...all those hours knitting ripped out in minutes.  I truly love the look of knitting....just plain ole knitting which is called 'Stockinette Stitch'.

Post Post Script...Thank-you to everyone who reads CollectInTexas Gal.  I appreciate your visits whether you leave a comment, 'g+1', share on Facebook or pop in from another blog.  Blogland has become an extremely busy and competitive social media entity over the past few years, and that makes your 'Following and Friendship' doubly appreciated.  Thanks again, and Happy New Year!!!


2015 'Best Laid Plans' In Review

It is obvious to me as I look back on this years posts that I failed to stick with my January 'How I Plan To Do Everything In 2015'The plan was to finish my Georgia Genealogy, but somehow two Galleries got the top spot for 'Letter G'.  Both Summer Gallery and Fall Gallery are Needlework oriented...not Ancestors.

   One of these New Years I will learn not to blab about Best Laid Plans...like blogging everyday or doing everything.  As it turns out, blogging everyday lasted ONE month...January, and of course in April for the AtoZ Challenge...Growing Up In the 1950's and 1960's. 
   I realize now, looking back, the Challenge was the beginning of my Needlework focus with many of the posts relating to my love of sewing, fabric, patterns, crochet, yarn and the creative outlet that I now know is an addiction...FiberPsychosis.
JANUARY~ BackInTheDay Crochet
Love of Crochet....kind of says it all doesn't it?  And what lover of crochet can resist at least taking a peak at their offers of great savings and latest patterns?  Not me...a Lover of Crochet since I first picked up a 'J' hook and enough Red Heart acrylic yarn to make a 'Groovy Poncho'.  That would have been about 1968-69. That same 'J' hook and Red Heart yarn whipped through a number of afghans and whatever was trending in the magazines

FEBRUARY ~ Crochet Baby Blanket Edgings On Fleece
It's a TwoFer One Project.  Yep, from one yard of  a baby print fleece I can get two baby blanket tops which I back with one yard of a coordinating solid.  It is a win-win winter blanket deal when there is a Winter Fleece Fest Sale. For this post, I am sharing one of the ways I like to finish fleece.  It's totally a NO SEW project that requires tools from a quilters studio.

MARCH ~ Past Patterns and Persnickety Presentations
...are wondering what's happening in Sue's Sewing World...no present day sewing, but lots of BackInThe Day Sewing as I write my posts for the AtoZ April Challenge. ....these Butterick Patterns and Singer Tracing Paper from the 1950's and 60's.  Oh, and the photo of my Easter outfit made in 1963...and, yes, I made it.

APRIL ~ Patterns, Predictions and Perspectives
"Sue, to be a seamstress you must learn to use and read  pattern instructions."

Those words from my Mother and Homemaking Teacher usually had me putting the pattern and instruction guide back in the pattern envelope.  I was a 'Visual Learner'.

My Mother said, "Sue, you can't play basketball forever, but you can sew for the rest of your life." 

MAY ~ Where Are Your Ginghers
In October 1998 my Mother-In-Law opened her 'Heavenly Sewing Basket' for Saint Peter's inspection before passing through the Pearly Gates.

"Ruth", he said, "Where are your Ginghers?  I know you have had them safely stored in your drawer for many years.  I figured you were saving them for your 'Heavenly Sewing Room' where your Heavenly Family members are waiting for a Made by Ruth Robe." 

JUNE ~ It's Simplicity June...Sixty Years Later
"Okay, I'll take them.  I can't stand the thought of them being thrown away.  I'll think of something to do with them, but for now I'll box them up and put them in storage.  I just don't have time right now to mess with them.  Thank-you, I think."
This is what happens when people know you sew and suspicion you are a collector of all things to do with sewing.

~Continued Tomorrow...Last Day of 2015~


Fifty Years Ago...Paper-Silver-Gold Traditions

Born in the 1940's and raised in the 50's and 60's has pretty much stamped us as a 'Traditional Couple'...except for our 1965 un-traditional wedding.  Although, running off to Mexico has made for a good story all these years.

Traditionally, the First Anniversary's gift is paper.  I'm pretty sure we held true to that tradition on our First Anniversary with our Anniversary Dinner on paper plates.  Then there was the shared card which probably expressed 'First Anniversary' sentiments....
I wish us many more years of
 happiness and unconditional love.
I love you and Happy 1st Anniversary.
We may have even made the card on a paper napkin or notebook paper....college kids, ya know.  If you look closely at HiHoney's chin, you can see we spent our meager dollars on bandaids, and for me...big cans of Aqua Net!
Like I said, we are a traditional couple!
On our 25th Anniversary our 'Families' threw a Silver Jubilee Party...complete with silver platter.  Our gift to each other was traditional Oak Dinning Room Furniture.  Furniture, traditionally, is a 17th Anniversary gift...we couldn't afford oak then.  We renewed our vows...this time in English...with our families as witnesses instead of crying, newly christened babies and a Mariachi Band.
Funny thing about Traditions...they change with the passing of time. 
In 2015, casual has become the tradition.
Studio portraits have been replaced with Selfies. 
Home is where the heart is, and where we are spending our
Golden Anniversary.


Fifty Years Ago...Anniversary Weather

It has been 25 years since it snowed on our Anniversary.  I remember it very well as we took our Anniversary Trip to Sante Fe New, Mexico.  It was the first 'Blizzard' there in probably 25 years.  What timing!
Obviously, future weather conditions was not foremost in our minds when we decided to elope to get hitched in Juarez, Mexico, on December 27, 1965.  It was a bright sunny morning when we left for El Paso.  Yep, it was a good day to get married in sunny Juarez.  It was also a good day for christening babies, Mariachi music and noon siestas.  By the time the Judge awoke from his siesta, christened thirty or so babies and found an English speaking interpreter for our 'I Do's', it was downright hot.  So, no, we didn't give a thought to what December weather would be like for future anniversaries.

This year we talked about taking our camper and going on a short trip to one of favorite places in the Davis Mountains for our 50th Anniversary.  Now, the Davis Mountains are a hop skip and a few hours drive from El Paso.  It came a blizzard in El Paso on Saturday, the 26th.  The Sun Bowl crowd was in shock!

There's a lot to be said for being older and wiser, as we checked the weather forecast days before we were planning to hook up the camper and head west.  As it turned out, most of West Texas was covered in record breaking SNOW including our favorite place, the Davis Mountains.  (photo: Lone Star Weather Center 12-28-15).

So instead of getting on Texas roads, we went to Texas Roadhouse for our Anniversary Margaritas and Mariachi music.  The only baby there was our own...our 43 year old Son...and his bride of 16 years this coming May.  It is nice they planned for their future anniversaries to be in late spring when the weather is more accommodating and there aren't conflicting 'Once A Year' big events.  Oh, wait!!!  They got married on Son's Birthday!


Fifty Years Ago...The Forever Anniversary Card

Thank you for sharing your life with me and
making so many dreams come true.
The 'Forever Anniversary Card' dates back to our 37th Anniversary. 
It's message is timeless. 
Our times together are my most treasured memories.
You are and always will be
The most important person in my life.
I Love You
Happy Anniversary
37th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st, 42nd, 43rd, 44th, 45th, 46th, 47th, 48th, 49th
2002 ~ 2014
December 27th, 2015


Fifty Years Ago...

....We Got Married!
Now, that WAS 'BackInTheDay' and although this picture wasn't taken on 'The Day', it was as close as we could get to a traditional 'Wedding Album Photo'. 

Just look at HiHoney in his suit and tie...so handsome...and taller than me.  Had I stood next to him on the porch, I would have been at least a 'Hat' taller. 

Our wedding was anything but 'Traditional', as we eloped to Juarez, Mexico. 
That story...
Here we are 50 years later....with somewhat of a traditional announcement.
It's our Golden Anniversary, and nothing can compare
With the joy of celebrating all the warmth and love we share.
Wed on December 27, 1965


Merry Christmas Mantel and More

Decorating this year is sparse compared to previous Christmas Decorating Posts here on CollectInTexas Gal.  I can't put my finger on just one reason why.  Perhaps it's a combination of things.  Like, working more and having less time to get it all out, which leads to putting it all back.  Then there is knowing that our family gatherings are not going to be at our house this year.  And finally, I am seriously thinking it is time to downsize...again.  I started by adding special ornaments and decorations to my gifts this year. 
Merry Christmas from My Mantel to Yours!


Snow Globe Gift...Christmas 2015

Adding to my Snow Globe Collection each year has become a Christmas Gift Tradition from HiHoneyHusband.  In Christmas' past, the collection theme has been Santa and Christmas Scenes.  In memory of our Angel Mothers, this years Snow Globe with swirling glitter snow, features an Angel.
Our Mother's always sent Christmas Cards that reflected the 'Reason for the Season'...the birth of Jesus Christ.  The two cards featured with the Angel Globe are from my Mother's collection of cards.  She kept a box of Christmas Cards in her bedside dresser drawer.  Some of them left from previous years, but all of them reflecting her belief in this Holy season with a scripture from the Bible.
"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
~Matthew 5:9~
"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they shall be filled."
~Matthew 5:6~

May the love of the Christ child bless your Christmas and all the days ahead.
...and his name shall be called...the Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6
A 'Treasured Christmas Card' from my Mother~In~Law, December 1970.
Here are Links to previous years Snow Globe posts.


Practicing Purple Pursuits Prayer Shawl

 A friend began celebrating her Birthday ONCE a MONTH after learning that her Yearly Birthdays were limited.  I love the idea of a Chocolate B-Day Cake every month and the thought of fulfilling 'Growing Older' with loved ones.  
In support of her 'Growing Old' by the month, I suggested she should begin practicing wearing purple in reference to 'When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple'.  I mean who would want to miss....
"I shall go out in my slippers in the rain and pick flowers....in other peoples gardens, and learn to spit." 
Or have the chance to..."wear terrible shirts, eat three pounds of sausages at a go, and hoard pens and pencils and things in boxes".
I told her, "I feel it my duty as your friend to help you on your way in Practicing Purple Pursuits so others, who don't know you as well as I do, won't be shocked when suddenly you start wearing purple".

I explained to her about the purple shawl..."This is a prayer shawl.  I knitted and crocheted it just for you in the spirit of our shared 'Old Souls Friendship'.  As you wrap it around you, I pray you will feel God's arms holding you and know you are loved."

And finally..."Now, go practice wearing purple, but maybe you should hold off on learning to spit...especially while wearing this shawl".

Happy Birthday,


Angels Watch

Those we love don't go away,
they walk beside us every day.
2-11-1927 ~ 12-13-2013


Modella's Prayer Shawl for Janet

This is a Prayer Shawl;
Knitted and crocheted in the spirit of our lifelong friendship.
In the warmth of this prayer shawl, my hope is it will
calm your fears, and raise your spirits.
May this shawl be a peaceful place where you are wrapped in
Warm Wishes
Heartfelt Blessings
Healing Thoughts.


Wet Blocking...No Need for Speed

Regardless of how speedy one is at knitting whether with two needles or twenty, there is the final chore of blocking.

 I say chore because it is not as much fun as choosing colors, zipping over the twenty-five or so needles on Bonda...knitting machine...and fast crocheting edging.

Blocking is even more essential when speed knitting on a knitting machine as the outside edges always curl in towards the purl side.  I do two things to flatten out the edges.

One is to pick up the edge stitches and knit a rib border or in my case cast off with a crochet needle and continue around the edges with a single crochet stitch.  Usually two rounds of single crochet is sufficient and prepares the piece for a decorative crochet edging pattern.   Two is to 'Wet Block'.

 For this 20x70 inch shawl I choose to layout the piece, measure and pin the knitted section to size and shape the crocheted edging.  Once the edging is pinned, I measure the entire piece and make adjustments as needed.  Then I wet it down with a water filled spray bottle, place a fan to blow directly on the shawl and let it dry....usually over night.  The whole blocking process takes longer than it took to Speed Knit and Fast Crochet the shawl.

There are two more shawls...same size, same yarns, different colors...waiting to be blocked. 

Modella is waiting impatiently to model this one for you.

Hopefully tomorrow!


Modella Models Finished Fast Crocheted Shrug

Modella is on retainer, however, her contract has a clause that gives her a cost of hanging around fee when I fail to get her photographed in a timely manner.   The delay was due to running out of yarn for the Fast Crochet Edging and Cuff on the Stockinette Stitch Shrug.  It's just part of the design process when you are working out of YarnARama Scrap Skeins. 

Fortunately, the Homespun off white is a stock color that Lion Brand has carried for years.  Once I acquired the yarn, my 'J' hook made quick work of the Fast Crocheting.  It took longer to weave in and secure the ends than it did to crochet the edging.

Modella reminded me about bragging on being Speedy and Faster than Fast in the previous post.  So, I apologize if you have been checking back and there's been no Modella.  She is getting to be a bit of a prima donna.  At any rate, here she is in the Speedy Stockinette Shrug.
It looks pretty good on ME, too!


Speed Knitting and Fast Crocheting

I am a SLOW Knitter and a FAST Crocheter.  This I know from years of starting knitting projects that about half way through become WIP (works in progress) that seldom make any progress.  They eventually are Un-knitted via the Yarn Winder.  Yikes...all those hours knitting ripped out in minutes.  I truly love the look of knitting....just plain ole knitting which is called 'Stockinette Stitch'.

So, when I get the urge to knit and the project calls for casting on a kabillion stitches on forever circular needles I get out 'Bonda'.  She and I have a close bond when it comes to Stockinette Speed Knitting.  For the Cardigan Shrug I cast on every other needle for a total of 25.  This makes a loose stockinette  stitch when using worsted weight homespun yarn. 

Zipping back and forth across the 25 needles for about 15 minutes makes a knitted piece 15 inches wide and 40 inches long.  In about 45 minutes I have three panels made.  Speedy, right?  Now for 'Fast Crochet' to join the panels which I usually do in my 'Needlework Nest' while watching TV.  All that is left is to Fast Crochet edging all around and around the armholes to make a cuff.

Modella will model for you as soon as I finish 'Fast Crocheting'.


Jingle Junk...Potential Christmas Gifts

Last summer...July or August...I purged a collection of miscellaneous this and that stuff. 

Basically, I just rearranged 'This and That Stuff' because my inner voice said, "keep 'This', it's a special piece of needlework" and, "as sure as you toss 'That' today, you will need it tomorrow".

That is how I condensed one big basket down to five or so smaller baskets.  One of which has potential for Christmas 'This and That'.

Sure enough here it is December and I'm in need of jingle bells and three picture frame ornaments.

Then there is the 'That' Tulip Petite Point.  Thank goodness I kept it...otherwise, I would not have repurposed it to be 'This'....
'That' Jingle Junker done.


Wordless Wed...Welcome December

How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before it's afternoon.
December is here before it's June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?
~Dr. Seuss~