Speed Knitting and Fast Crocheting

I am a SLOW Knitter and a FAST Crocheter.  This I know from years of starting knitting projects that about half way through become WIP (works in progress) that seldom make any progress.  They eventually are Un-knitted via the Yarn Winder.  Yikes...all those hours knitting ripped out in minutes.  I truly love the look of knitting....just plain ole knitting which is called 'Stockinette Stitch'.

So, when I get the urge to knit and the project calls for casting on a kabillion stitches on forever circular needles I get out 'Bonda'.  She and I have a close bond when it comes to Stockinette Speed Knitting.  For the Cardigan Shrug I cast on every other needle for a total of 25.  This makes a loose stockinette  stitch when using worsted weight homespun yarn. 

Zipping back and forth across the 25 needles for about 15 minutes makes a knitted piece 15 inches wide and 40 inches long.  In about 45 minutes I have three panels made.  Speedy, right?  Now for 'Fast Crochet' to join the panels which I usually do in my 'Needlework Nest' while watching TV.  All that is left is to Fast Crochet edging all around and around the armholes to make a cuff.

Modella will model for you as soon as I finish 'Fast Crocheting'.


  1. Well how neat is that! I've never heard of Bonda!

  2. Look at you go! You have all the cool machines, Sue!

  3. somehow this sounds like cheating........bully for you!!! Maybe I could "knit" too. Nah, I'm still going to leave it to you handy folks. I admire the finished product no matter how you get there

  4. Using the yarn winder to rip is a brilliant idea, love it! I'm slow at everything...slow living suits me and the animals.

  5. I was never, ever, able to knit. Tried to learn three times. Perhaps Bonda is for me. Please tell me you don't need to know how to knit to use her (her?). Meantime, I've crocheted for 45 years but have just about given it up, and I still haven't completed a blanket I promised for my son...uh, for Christmas of 2013. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.


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