Jingle Junk...Potential Christmas Gifts

Last summer...July or August...I purged a collection of miscellaneous this and that stuff. 

Basically, I just rearranged 'This and That Stuff' because my inner voice said, "keep 'This', it's a special piece of needlework" and, "as sure as you toss 'That' today, you will need it tomorrow".

That is how I condensed one big basket down to five or so smaller baskets.  One of which has potential for Christmas 'This and That'.

Sure enough here it is December and I'm in need of jingle bells and three picture frame ornaments.

Then there is the 'That' Tulip Petite Point.  Thank goodness I kept it...otherwise, I would not have repurposed it to be 'This'....
'That' Jingle Junker done.


  1. you are so clever and hardly a "junker"

  2. Good Afternoon Sue, I really should do a sort out, but you can bet your bottom dollar, if I do, I will need the exact thing which I gave a way..... so I tend to avoid sorting out, until I really have to.
    I am so glad you kept your tulip petite point, because it is perfect, matched with the lace. I love it.
    Best Wishes

  3. It's amazing how many years go by and stuff just gets older and older. I always get rid of books I want later and then I have to order them again. I don't have a huge stash of crafty things but I know there are always bags of stuff at the thrift stores. Your "make" is cute!


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