2015 'Best Laid Plans' In Review

It is obvious to me as I look back on this years posts that I failed to stick with my January 'How I Plan To Do Everything In 2015'The plan was to finish my Georgia Genealogy, but somehow two Galleries got the top spot for 'Letter G'.  Both Summer Gallery and Fall Gallery are Needlework oriented...not Ancestors.

   One of these New Years I will learn not to blab about Best Laid Plans...like blogging everyday or doing everything.  As it turns out, blogging everyday lasted ONE month...January, and of course in April for the AtoZ Challenge...Growing Up In the 1950's and 1960's. 
   I realize now, looking back, the Challenge was the beginning of my Needlework focus with many of the posts relating to my love of sewing, fabric, patterns, crochet, yarn and the creative outlet that I now know is an addiction...FiberPsychosis.
JANUARY~ BackInTheDay Crochet
Love of Crochet....kind of says it all doesn't it?  And what lover of crochet can resist at least taking a peak at their offers of great savings and latest patterns?  Not me...a Lover of Crochet since I first picked up a 'J' hook and enough Red Heart acrylic yarn to make a 'Groovy Poncho'.  That would have been about 1968-69. That same 'J' hook and Red Heart yarn whipped through a number of afghans and whatever was trending in the magazines

FEBRUARY ~ Crochet Baby Blanket Edgings On Fleece
It's a TwoFer One Project.  Yep, from one yard of  a baby print fleece I can get two baby blanket tops which I back with one yard of a coordinating solid.  It is a win-win winter blanket deal when there is a Winter Fleece Fest Sale. For this post, I am sharing one of the ways I like to finish fleece.  It's totally a NO SEW project that requires tools from a quilters studio.

MARCH ~ Past Patterns and Persnickety Presentations
...are wondering what's happening in Sue's Sewing World...no present day sewing, but lots of BackInThe Day Sewing as I write my posts for the AtoZ April Challenge. ....these Butterick Patterns and Singer Tracing Paper from the 1950's and 60's.  Oh, and the photo of my Easter outfit made in 1963...and, yes, I made it.

APRIL ~ Patterns, Predictions and Perspectives
"Sue, to be a seamstress you must learn to use and read  pattern instructions."

Those words from my Mother and Homemaking Teacher usually had me putting the pattern and instruction guide back in the pattern envelope.  I was a 'Visual Learner'.

My Mother said, "Sue, you can't play basketball forever, but you can sew for the rest of your life." 

MAY ~ Where Are Your Ginghers
In October 1998 my Mother-In-Law opened her 'Heavenly Sewing Basket' for Saint Peter's inspection before passing through the Pearly Gates.

"Ruth", he said, "Where are your Ginghers?  I know you have had them safely stored in your drawer for many years.  I figured you were saving them for your 'Heavenly Sewing Room' where your Heavenly Family members are waiting for a Made by Ruth Robe." 

JUNE ~ It's Simplicity June...Sixty Years Later
"Okay, I'll take them.  I can't stand the thought of them being thrown away.  I'll think of something to do with them, but for now I'll box them up and put them in storage.  I just don't have time right now to mess with them.  Thank-you, I think."
This is what happens when people know you sew and suspicion you are a collector of all things to do with sewing.

~Continued Tomorrow...Last Day of 2015~


Tami Von Zalez said...

Fiber psychosis - I've caught it! My AtoZ posts for 2016 will focus on sewing and fashion.

Sue McPeak said...

Funny thing about Fiber Psychosis....it's only cure is more Fiber...and I don't mean broccoli! Look forward to your 2016 AtoZ.

Wendy said...

And that is why I don't make resolutions, personal or blogging. But I do keep Sue and all her psychoses on my daily to-do list. HA! I have enjoyed our virtual friendship over the years and look forward to that continuing in 2016. Happy New Year!

Joanne said...

my resolution is to keep following your blog and admiring your work and energy. Your vibrant posts cheer me up. So glad we can "chat" via comments, etc. Happy New Year!


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