Modella Models Finished Fast Crocheted Shrug

Modella is on retainer, however, her contract has a clause that gives her a cost of hanging around fee when I fail to get her photographed in a timely manner.   The delay was due to running out of yarn for the Fast Crochet Edging and Cuff on the Stockinette Stitch Shrug.  It's just part of the design process when you are working out of YarnARama Scrap Skeins. 

Fortunately, the Homespun off white is a stock color that Lion Brand has carried for years.  Once I acquired the yarn, my 'J' hook made quick work of the Fast Crocheting.  It took longer to weave in and secure the ends than it did to crochet the edging.

Modella reminded me about bragging on being Speedy and Faster than Fast in the previous post.  So, I apologize if you have been checking back and there's been no Modella.  She is getting to be a bit of a prima donna.  At any rate, here she is in the Speedy Stockinette Shrug.
It looks pretty good on ME, too!


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