Heads Up on Trending Chocolates

 Have you noticed how 'CHOCOLATE' is 'Trending' lately, and for that matter the word 'Trending'.  I see it all over the Web/Net/Social Media...both...Trending and Chocolate.  Of course I know about the obsession and seasonal push for chocolate. 

It's nearly time for Valentines and as we all know Flowers and Chocolates are number one and two for sweetheart gifts.  WRONG...says the Trending Trend Setters.  According to  match.com's Dating Tips and Advice...Ye Olde Bouquet of Red Roses is OUT because they are predictable and cliché.  Instead, they suggest personalizing a bouquet to match the sweethearts favorite color, flower or name...ie... gift gal Daisy with a bouquet of not one dozen but dozens of daisies. 

A box of chocolates...NO!  "Taking candy from guys you know on Valentine's Day is the only thing more risky than taking candy from strangers", they say.  Further more not all chocolates are created equal.  For instance...out of every box of 15 assorted chocolates, there might be three or so that are favorites, and then there is all the frou-frou wrapping of fake flowers, heart shaped boxes and satin ribbon. 

Their suggestion...If your gal is a 'SNICKERS' kind of chocolate girl, don't you think she would rather have a BAG of those snuggled in a Collectible BASKET of a DOZEN skeins of her favorite colors of YARN rather than a lifetime of random chocolates in a heart shaped box.

I must say, the Trend Setters these days may be on to something!
Dear HiHoney....If you are reading this....I'm a SNICKERS kind of gal!
I know you already know this, and this is just a heads up.
I am down to my last snickers and skein of  Red Heart!


Wordless Wed...Cross Stitch Collage

Symbolism Interpretations
Tree...Pomegranate ~ Hope of Eternal Life~Fertility~Good Deeds
Windmill...Dutch Symbol depicts 'Country Scene'.


Cross Stitch Sampler...Meant For Me

Cross Stitch makes me cross eyed!  Cross Stitch counting makes me crazy!
Cross Stitching is time consuming!

I collect Cross Stitched Samplers!
Done by someone else...anyone else...definitely not by me!

Just look at all those tiny little x's.  Do you know how many strands of embroidery thread it takes to make stitches that small?  TWO!!

Two strands separated from a skein of six.  That alone makes me crazy!

I suppose there is a good explanation why this beautifully stitched, and professionally framed Alphabet Sampler ended up at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, but for the life of me, I can not imagine ever, ever, ever not keeping this incredible piece of needlework as a 'Family Heirloom'.   With that said, I am happy to add it to my collection and sometime soon will find a great aunt with the initals J.F.   Bless her heart...she must have had the cross stitching patience of Job and a believer in age old symbolism. 
Are you as curious as I am about why J.F. used the characters and symbols stitched in this sampler?  Do you have any ideas about the event it may represent?
Did you know that every stitch in a Sampler can be personally and historically significant?
Maybe after a bit of research, I will have some answers to these questions.  I'll let you know!
One question remains and we will probably never know...
How did it end up in a Thrift Store with a sticker price of $4.99?
My best guess...it was meant for ME.


Mannequin Must Haves

Do you have a Mannequin in your sewing studio. 
How about in your guest bedroom? 
Or maybe hanging in your storage room? 
If you have answered anyone of those questions with a 'Yes or I Wish', then you and I are on the same page with having a mannequin...or three...as a must have for a sewist/seamstress, for displaying your grandmothers vintage dress and for hanging by the neck in your Craft Fair Booth.
Maybe that is why when this 'Duck Cloth' went on clearance, it became a 'Mannequin Must Have'.  If you aren't familiar with 'Duck Cloth', think light weight canvas.  It is 100% cotton with tightly woven threads and has a wide range of applications from sneakers to artists canvas to tents to sandbags...at least the plain ole off white of yesteryear. 
But this is the 21st Century Duck Cloth, and 'Hey, Baby...you have come a long way'.
These awesome designs of Duck Cloth are destined for bags...not sandbags, but Sling Bags!
Yep, it's time to re-stock my ETSY Shop for SPRING.  I will be back on the 'Craft Fair Booth' circuit starting in March. 

There are a few Sling Bags left in the ETSY Shop...you can see them at...
and on
I am on my way to my Sewing Studio to get started sewing on the new Duck Cloth.  I can hardly wait to make a 
Mannequin Must Have Sling Bag!
It will be PINK 
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Confessions of A Slacker...But I'm Cool

It isn't often I confess to being a 'Slacker'...on the contrary, I'm usually breaking my arm patting myself on the back for all the OverDoing I Do.  I started off the year with intentions of not overdoing, but just keeping a steady pace of posting everyday...I actually said whispered that HERE.   I've been surprised that I've had something to say daily...until today.  Well, actually it was a couple of days ago that I missed posting...twice...now I'm behind two posts.  Do you think having another birthday is a good excuse for not being able to keep up with the numbers?  I do....so I'm gonna go with that!
I am usually a morning poster, but for the last few weeks with TV being such as it is...reruns already of the few shows I watch...I'm here wondering what to post about...like now.  You might say...I'm At Wit's End!

And you would be right.  I have been on a quest to collect Erma's out of publication books.  I found these two at Goodwill.  Believe me it took a good amount of will to find them in their un-cataloged catastrophic collection.

My next foray for her funny books is going to be on Amazon.   Their alphabetizing and search box will be better Goodwill hunting, and as far as I know...there is only one Erma Bombeck...that narrows it down.  Speaking of Amazon...have you noticed the Amazon Ad recommendations I've been making for products, books and other stuff I blog about?  I've been an Associate Member for several years....it's kind of cool to be able to point you in a direction that you might find interesting.  Amazon and Ad Sense are part of making my Blog more productive without overdoing it.  Hope that's working for you, too.

Okay...good talk.  I'm Cooool! 
Seriously I'm cool...it's January and it's suppose to SNOW...in TEXAS...tonight!
I'm gonna need those shades...Thanks Sista!


Staying Current with BackInThe Day Love of Crochet

Love of Crochet....kind of says it all doesn't it?  And what lover of crochet can resist at least taking a peak at their offers of great savings and latest patterns?  Not me...a Lover of Crochet since I first picked up a 'J' hook and enough Red Heart acrylic yarn to make a 'Groovy Poncho'.  That would have been about 1968-69.  That same 'J' hook and Red Heart yarn whipped through a number of afghans and whatever was trending in the magazines that circulated through my mailbox.

Although my Love of Crochet may have waned for a number of years, it remained my favorite yarn medium.   I thought for awhile I could be a master knitter, but socks got the better of my ability to master making two of a kind.  On top of that, the One of Kind projects always seemed to have two of a kind parts...sleeves...right and left fronts.  I have baskets of sweater backs with one sleeve and right fronts.

My best knitting projects were shawls made with jumbo sticks  and patterns that promised a Shawl In A Day.  I actually fell for that 'Sue, You Can DoIt' come on.  Three hundred sixty-five days later I would still be working on the Day Shawl and counting the dozen or so 'J' Hooked ones I had completed in the same three hundred and sixty-five days.  I fessed up to this procrastinated promise in The Sabbath Shawl post. 

So here I am returning to my Crochet Roots and the everlasting Love of Crochet.  Yep, it's an Afghan!  Do I need another blanket?  NO! 

You know this means that all the downsizing of yarn, books, bags and tools over the last year was all for naught!  Yep, I'm pretty sure I donated The Great Afghan Book to Goodwill, and I know for sure I once owned a copy of The complete Book of Knitting and Crochet.

Shoot, the Afghan book is probably THE ONE I donated.  It's okay, I only paid a dime to get it back.

The Rippling Ridges pattern?  It was FREE in Love of Crochet's 'We Miss You' subscription renewal letter that showed up in my mailbox just when I was wanting a Crochet Afghan pattern to make up my new stash of Bernat On Sale Super Saver Skeins in those Trendy Colors.  Sorry, I'm not only back to my 1960's Crochet Roots, but back to 'rambling'...again.  What's next? 
You guessed it....I went for the Love of Crochet come on...'We Want You Back'. 
I just love getting that magazine in the mail. 
Besides I gotta have 'FREE Pattern #2'.


Eat It or Wear It No Brainer

Now that we are officially retired from full time jobs and admitted Senior Citizens, my motto is "If we can't eat it or wear it we don't need it".  So, we do most of our shopping at the grocery store where 'eat it' is a no brainer, and 'wear it' justifies pushing the buggy down the ben-gay isle.

It hasn't been easy, but after a couple of years of intense training, HiHoney 'got it'.  Enough so, that he goes to the grocery store without a list or me.  Until yesterday...day before today...the 19th of January...the day I received Medicare's annual 'Happy Birthday Part B Increase' notice.

There will be no negative consequences for his slip of the list...besides, I can 'wear it'...the yellow roses in my hair today and chocolate cake...well...that's a no brainer. 


Family History Revealed In 1919 Newspaper

As it often happens in a Family's History, memorable stories of incredible historical significance are forgotten or lost in the telling from one generation to the next.  The story may have been of such a magnitude that an entire community, county and state would have known and spoke of it for years.  How could such a story be lost to the descendants of one family tree and its branches? 
I suppose there are some who have kept the story alive in the branches closest to their community, county and state.  I hope so.  For me, being a long way from Georgia...learning about my Georgia Ancestors has been a venture into Ancestry.com and Genealogy Search & Family History Records- Genealogy Bank and others.
It was in Genealogy Bank's Historical Newspaper records I found an incredibly tragic article about my Great Aunt's son.  I copied and recorded the article, it's date and publishing newspaper in unbelieveable surprise and sadness.  What a surprise to not have some knowledge of this event in our family history and sadness for the trauma and devastation it must have been for my Great Aunt and her family.  
I continued the search in the same publication hoping to find a follow up article with more information.  After an hour or so of clicking, sizing, and scrolling through dozens of articles containing the family name...I found three. 
You are cordially invited to a Celebration of Life Tea
in honor of our Soldier Son Silas.
Mapleton Community Center
Thursday March 6, 1919
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SONS of LIBERTY From HistoryChannel & Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors

As Americans, we study our history from elementary school through college.  It was always one of my favorite subjects through every level of study.  I even considered becoming a History teacher. 

As a reader, historical novels, biographies and auto biographies are at the top of my list.  As a Family Historian/Genealogist, my interest and knowledge of American History has increased immeasurably...thanks to the research, documentation and writing done for my Family Tree.

From the beginning, I knew I would concentrate Tracks of My Georgia Ancestors from the time they arrived in America, and was surprised to learn they were among the first Colonial Settlers in Jamestown, Virginia.  I owe so much to other family genealogist who laid the ground work and shared their research on Ancestry.com. 

Being a stickler for organization and having a background in Timeline Graphics, Creative Writing and enough technology skills to navigate the world wide web, has served me well.  Without them, I would not have known my Colonial Ancestors were active participants in the American Revolutionary War as members of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty.

You can imagine how interested I am in this months History Channel presentation 'Sons of Liberty'.
I have visited their promotional Website.  It is well worth a visit to see the preview photos, but most importantly are the Historical Topics offered.  Here is the link:
Here are my Colonial Ancestors Stories on
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Mid-January Yarn-Knitting-Crochet Needs

About this time last year...post Knit/Crochet Christmas Frenzie...if anyone had asked what are you knitting or crocheting, I would have answered NOT ONE THING!  There was more reasons behind that than just the 'OverDoSue' thingy.  One was the warning from my chiropractor...neck and shoulder all knitted knotted up.  Then there was the Yarn-A-Rama UseIt or LoseIt.  I Used It...or Shared It down to a few baskets.  So proud of myself for sticking to my 'Needles' and using what I had on hand...the shelves...the baskets...the bags!
So what's the problem, Sue?  Well, I'm having a 'Need to Knit/Crochet' attack, and my Stash has dwindled down to nearly nothing.  If you believe that, I think George Straight still has some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.  Whatever!  At any rate, I have learned to pay attention to my Inner Yarn Voice when it starts unraveling and getting on my last frayed nerve.
I saved more than I spent.
I'm going to be fine.  I fixed the fraying. 
I SAVED more than I SPENT!
And, I have learned from experience not to OverDoKnitting. 
On top of that I have taken to heart Erma Bombecks quote.
"Learning how to knit was a snap.
It was learning how to stop that nearly destroyed me."
Of course we all know learning how to knit was and is not a snap...
I don't care if she is Erma Bombeck.


Wordless Wed...Ancestor Chirugeons

In My Family Tree there were two 'Chirugeons.'
And no, they weren't Tree Surgeons!
Their story on 52 Ancestors Weeks Challenge 2015...#2 Theme 'King'.


Dragonflies on the Fly In Google+ Cloud

Yesterday's post on Dragonfly Symbolism sparked a memory of photos taken several years ago. Finding them was easy...they are stored in my Google+ Cloud...another reason to be in the Google Circle.

When I first started using the Google+ Photo storage, it took me awhile to decide on how to arrange my Albums.  In the meantime, Google+ filed them by date so I was able to go back and build my Albums later. Here is my system...

Sue's Google+ Photo Album Tute
~Download, crop, enhance, and size in photo program.  I use Windows Live Photo Gallery.
~Frame, sign and/or build collages in Paint by right click on photo in Windows and open in paint.
~Label and SAVE AS in PC File.
~Upload to Google+ Album...example CIT2015January
~Upload to Blog by...click on Image icon...click on Select File from Picasa Web Albums...click on Album...mark or double click on photo.
  Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
~Mother Teresa~


BlueMonday and Dragonfly Symbolism

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of  self realization, mental and emotional maturity with an understanding of the deeper meaning of life.
In my small collection of Blue's comes a perfume bottle and special scarf.  From all the 'What's My Color' charts and quizzes I've taken over the years, BLUE is a color I should wear....and I do...teal or turquoise blue.  Royal blues...not so much.  What's really the focus here is 'Bottle' and 'Bauble'...the Dragonfly Scarf/Shawl pin/clip/closure.
Dragonfly Symbolism first.  The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of  self realization, mental and emotional maturity with an understanding of the deeper meaning of life.  I'm liking this...it speaks to me as I near this months birthday.  The traditional association of Dragonflies with water represents an act of going beyond what's on the surface and looking into the deeper implications and aspects of life.   Wow...that's deep and feels spot on to this 'Aquarius Waterbearer'.  Now, I know why I have been fascinated by Dragonflies my whole life.
Now about the 'Bottle'. How perfect is this perfume bottle for my collection.  It has all the elements of my Aquarian Psyche. 
It has been Pinned to my Pinterest Board 'Dragonflies', added to my ETSY favorites, and my Birthday Wish List. 
 I owe this find to my friend's board 'Pretty Bottles and & Jars'.  You should take a look at her boards on Pinterest...wonderful vintage items and loads of good Genealogy information.
Here's the link to my Pinterest board....
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AdSense Sensibility and Coupon Collecting

Part of my job is helping our customers SAVE money in the process of shopping the STOCKING UP SALE.
As you know from your own Multi-media sources, advertising permeates practically every piece of paper we read, a huge percent of programs we watch...even the 'swipe to open' is App-t to get you on your way to a fuse blowing TechnoAd experience...oh, yeah, cell phones don't have fuses...never mind. 

My OldSchool Selfie can't help but resist some of this, but I am 'Smart Phone' enough to know that it is the way of today, and frankly, I am going to embrace it....to a point.

Like they say, "I might have been born at night, but it wasn't last night".

I will tell you that part of my real JOB is studying the Sales Ad Circulars of our company.  It's important to be able to HELP our customers SAVE money in the process of shopping the STOCKING UP SALE.

How good at my JOB do you think I am?  So good that I talk myself right into STOCKING UP on the SALE STUFF that I still have from the last Stock Up Sale from not one but probably 5 years ago.  OMG...who does that?

Lots of Us!  To justify...we figure that by the time we add the coupons on to the already deep price slashes, it's almost like getting Stuff for FREE.  Seriously, I have SAVED more than I SPENT at the Winter StockUp Sales.  I also point that out to our store shoppers when I hand them their receipt, so they can go home and show their husbands.  Mine is not usually all that impressed, but it doesn't hurt to try the 'Look how much I saved' on their husbands.

It's YARN weather and knitters, crocheters and other Yarnies can not help filling our carts.
This time of the year is YARN wearing weather, and those of us who knit, crochet and do other Yarny crafts and needlework have a hard time NOT filling our shopping cart with one of every color of every one of our favorite brands.  Really...super value BERNAT on sale for that price really does make it nearly FREE....justified! 

As part of my Do Everything in 2015 Plan, I am reinstating the AdSense program on CollectInTexas Gal.  The Ad's will begin to appear on the Sidebar shortly.  Although my primary reason for blogging is not for financial reasons, any extra helps.  Afterall, I need to keep up my Super Sales Savings Clerk image and promote all the Yarn and Fabric we 'StockUppers' can stock up. 
Yikes...I need to work on my sales pitch. 
Anyway, thanks in advance for checking out the Ads on the Sidebar...it's a FREE click for you and a penny or two in my 'StockUp' account.
What do you think...does it make AdSense Sensibility?


My PlanAhead Planner...Plus Improved Paperclips

From Day One , I've had a plan on How I Plan To Do Everything In 2015Here it is Day 10 and I am in 'Shock and Awe'...I am actually doing what I planned.  Thumbs Up, please.

Before I break my arm patting myself on the back, you should know that I've had HELP!  In the form of a PlanAHead monthly/Weekly Planner book.

Now before you say, 'Aw, that's no biggie'...let me 'wax poetic' about the New School Updates of the 2015 calendar.
The 2015 PlanAheader truly plans for the 21st Century Hi-Tech user.
Yes, it has the usual Tabs, Calendars, References, Holidays and so forth.  The 2015 PlanAheader truly plans for the 21st Century Hi-Tech user.  Yep, it plans for your credit cards to get hacked with a section for your Lost/Hacked Card's info and number to call when it happens.  Right after that it has your Accountants info and phone number, and right after that....your Lawyer's info.  How great is that!!! 

In addition there is a section for all of your 'Household' important numbers like Electricity, Water, Trash and your Alarm System provider who you would only be able to call from your Smart Phone in the event the electricity goes out or get's shut off or heaven forbid, there is a gas leak...in which case you would want to make a note not to use your Smart Phone near the gas leak for fear of setting off a chain reaction of events that would involve your Emergency numbers, Insurance contacts, Mortgage carrier, SS Disability Counselor, and LAWYER.  KEEP your PlanAHeader on your person at all times!  (fyi...that was another blogger ramble...explanation HERE).

I'm not finished waxing...there's more.  Get this...the 'Address Section' no longer refers to your family members as family.  They are 'CONTACTS' with spaces for their CELL and EMAIL.  I have to LOL at this as it reminded me of the entry I would have had to enter for my Mother's cell phone...CELL PURSE.

And finally the last Wax Job...pages for your WEBSITES with Login...Password and Notes. 

Hmmmm, I hesitate to wax very poetic about this feature.  I'll let you decide if in the event the electricity goes off, your Security Alarmist is not alarmed, your book is burglarized, or you drop dead from the thought that all of your Logins and Passwords are recorded in your PlanAHeader and you either forgot where you hid it from yourself or it's open on your desk for easy access for Who,What, When and Where you Plan To Do Everything In 2015....you decide if you want to fill in that section.  (fyi...that was mega-ramble).

Really...how do they think of a better paper clip? So, I'm pretty pumped about my 2015 PlanAHeader, and even though not much is going on in January, I have made a big deal note about the 20th with my New School Tabbed Paper clips.  I just love NewSchool/NewOffice supplies.  Really...how do they think of a 'better paper clip'?

If you haven't gotten your 2015 PlanAHead Calendar/Everything Book, you might want to take a look at one I found on Amazon.  It's a Mega Planner, and if I were still a Teacher, it's the one I would love to fill in.  I'm thinking seriously about it for 2016 just because it's so cool and I plan to be Wiser.



FONT Talk...It's About My KIS-S Font-ness

I loved practicing my handwriting from a first graders writing to the fifth grade penmanship. BackInThe Day I had a thing for Fonts...only then we didn't call it Font...it was handwriting. I know it sounds like a dark ages thing, and I guess by todays standards it was. I loved practicing my handwriting from a first graders 'writing' to the fifth grade 'penmanship'.

 And oh how I loved writing in CURSIVE. For me, it was not boring practice...it was...'pleasure'.

My first experience with Font was in Typing I, and even then the word font was not how we referred to the one and only LETTERING on the classroom's manual typewriters...dark ages, I know.

Moving into the period of Font Enlightenment was as an Exec. Secretary with an IBM Selectric sitting on my desk with not just one choice of Fonts, but one dozen...Groovy! 

Still we did not call them Font Balls.  In fact, I had a hard time calling them any kind of balls, and so did IBM.  Finally, I just referred to them by their type name...prestige, script, courier, etc. 

That's all I can remember using which pretty much establishes the beginning of my Font KIS-S ...Keep It Simple-Sue!  As much as I liked some of the typeballs (still hard to type that IBM term) business letters and other correspondence looked junky and unprofessional.

Education was the key to learning about Fonts and how To Use Them and more importantly How NOT To Use Them.  The study of FONTS runs rampant through the curriculum of a Graphic Artist degree.  Still today, you can see the KIS-S stamp on my forehead.  Which brings me to the point of this post...FONTS in Blogging and Writing.

Today's NEW SCHOOL TIPSTERS are practicing my KIS-S Font-ness. 
What a RELIEF....My FONT Forehead Stamp is still VALID.
Check it out on my
Blogging and Writing Pinterest Board.


All A-Pinterest-Board...NewSchool Blog Tips for OldSchoolers

I may be an OldSchooler...but...I am willing to Step Up to NewSchool Blogging...

It's easy to see how much of an 'Old School Blogger' I am.  Just take a gander at my Archives on the Sidebar.  Yep, started in August 2009 when all I knew about blogging was that it was a place on the world wide web where anybody in the whole wide world via their personal computer (no smart phone then) could share information, mostly useless ramblings about themselves (speaking primarily of this blogger) with other people known as Bloggers, who also share their ramblings and then want lots more Bloggers who Blog to comment on their Blog (no Facebook, Twitter, etc. then)  (fyi...that was a ramble)

Although, I didn't understand much about the technology of blogging, I was pretty sure I could hang with blogging in general...I 'kan tipe' and rite.  It did not bother me that I didn't know all there was to know about the technology as I am a 'Stepper'...one who self teaches one step at a time. 

I learned quickly that what I typed was sent somewhere in outer space via those WonderWhereWireless wires to the WonderWhereWeb which spun off to other bloggers PC's via their Secret Code that only they and their InterNet Provider knew...wrong...unfortunately I learned the hard way that the provider could not keep a secret.

That did not deter me...no siree...I stuck with it and turned CollectInTexasGal into a blog that changed the face of blogging as many knew it....change being the keyword.  Over the six years or so, this blog has had kabillions, thousands, hundreds of Headers.  What can I say, I am a graphic artist with Windows 7 Photo Gallery and Paint programs. 

I am known throughout Blogland for my Spinning Sidebars and Photo Slideshows.  I have a personal relationship with the tech guys at blogger...we correspond often through error codes.  I feel sure they dropped the 'Google Reader' thingy due to my reliability on it (GReader) to go through my list of blogs and ramble comment quickly....I still don't get that one, guys! (another ramble)

Somethings will probably not CHANGE...changing headers...perhaps not hundreds of times.  Things that have changed and will change are from 'Tips' I have Pinned to my Pinterest Board 'Blogging & Writing'.  Here's one I learned on How To Add Titles and Alternate Text to your images. 
Ready?  Hover your mouse/cursor over the photo above. 
See the Photo title 'New School Blog Tips'? 
Being able to add titles and text to your photos makes them SEO-able!
What's SEO?  Glad you asked!  Here's the link to CollectInTexas Gal's Pinterest Board..answer there.
Thanks for checking it out and many more thanks for RePinning and Following.  You have SEO'ed MY board and blog and YOURS, too.  Oh, okay, I'll tell you what SEO is, but be sure and click on 'The New Face of SEO' and see the comparison of Old and New.
Search Engine Optimization 
I'm All A-Pinterest-Board with the New School Blog Tipsters
One foot in the Old School and one foot testing out the New!


Saving The Card To Save The Date

When it comes to spiral bound calendar/note books, I have to confess to saving them long after the dates have expired, the events have happened and the year has passed into a distant memory.  Every year about this time, I break out a New Year Spiral and FILE...another file thing...the old one.  There I've finally said it..."In with the NEW and out with the OLD".  That was hard because, it goes against my grain to 'OUT the OLD'.  I depend on the Old Spiral as a memory tool and to pay forward those dates that do not change from one year to the next. 
Like today!
On this day in 1946 my parents were married. 
On this day in 1971 they celebrated their Silver '25th Wedding Anniversary and received this signed card by their five children.  Remember...mother was a saver, too!
On this day in 2015 I received a 'Save the Date' card from my parents' second oldest Grandson.
It must be Kismet!
I am a believer in Kismet...read about my parents Kismet Anniversary HERE.
It is the way I explain finding the Silver Anniversary Card today while preparing to work on Mother's Scrapbook.  It is the way I rule out coincidence.  It is why I depend on the Old to Renew the New.  It is why I am on my way to buy my 2015 Spiral Bound Calendar/Note Book.
Special way to announce wedding date.
It's another Kismet Save the Date Event.
The card reads...
This comes with happy thoughts of you.
Because it's plain to see you're such a nice example
Of what couples ought to be,
And sending you this greeting is a warm and special way
Of wishing you both happiness on your Silver Wedding Day!
Happy Heavenly Kismet Anniversary Mom and Dad.
Congratulations Chase and Jessica...I am Saving the Date!


Who, Where and What Day of the Week

Calendar Collectors complete 'Tear Sheet' advertising calendar.
I started collecting January Calendars and/or photos of January Calendars just because it is my birthday month and the beginning of every new year. Surprisingly, I have found a good many with all 12 months still on the calendar and intact.

Today as I scrolled through my 'Vintage Calendar Collection' File with the intention of dropping it into the 'Seagate Storage Room' and out of the My Pictures File, I came across this American Beauty.

I wish I had the actual calendar.  Instead I have an off kilter photo taken at an antique mall where I must have had to stand on my head to get the shot.  The best I could do for a decent photo to show here was to crop the calendar and after a bit of photo finagling it is as square as it's going to get.

Isn't she beautiful?  Are those roses the reddest you ever saw...in January?  The color in this calendar has remained vibrant and the condition of the 'PinUp Girl' would be considered excellent in the Ephemera Collecting world....especially for a 54 year old piece of paper that was never intended to exist past December 1961.
The actual calendar pages show their age a bit, but are still in good condition...even with the wonky staple job on the left side.  Advertising calendars range from single sheet year-at-a glance pieces to monthly paintings of the product in use.  Some of the biggest issuers included Coca-Cola, DuPont, Ford, John Deere, Mobil and almost all major railroads.  Pinup calendars, like this one, became popular in the 1940s and 50s.   After I passed up buying this one, I found out that 'Tear-sheet Calendars' with all the months intact, starting with January, command a premium in the Calendar Collector market.

Do you ever wonder 'Who What and Where' about certain days in your past?  You know I do!   Here's some 'Trivia' about this day 'January 5, 1961...54 years ago:
~The United States broke diplomatic relations with Cuba. 
~Curt Bader, Bloomfield Iowa, was born.  He was a member of the 1996 Olympic Sprint Kayak Team.
~The astrology sign for this day and month is Capricorn.  The birthstone is Garnet and the flower is a Carnation.
~I was 13 years old, in the 8th grade, made all my clothes, and was taller than all the boys.
~My parents celebrated their 15th Wedding Anniversary the next day....January 6th.
~My brother was 12 years old and in the 7th grade.  He was a roughhouse kid and an embarrassment.
~One of my sisters was 11 years old, in the 4th grade and had to wear clothes I made for her.
~My youngest sister was 4 years old, had long pigtails, and loved all the clothes I made for her.  She still does...wink, wink sista!
~I was a basketball player.
~It was 15 days until my 14th birthday.

And that is the way it was for me on Thursday, January 5th, 1961. 
What day of the week were you born? 
 Here's a website that will help you find the calendar you need.