Mannequin Must Haves

Do you have a Mannequin in your sewing studio. 
How about in your guest bedroom? 
Or maybe hanging in your storage room? 
If you have answered anyone of those questions with a 'Yes or I Wish', then you and I are on the same page with having a mannequin...or three...as a must have for a sewist/seamstress, for displaying your grandmothers vintage dress and for hanging by the neck in your Craft Fair Booth.
Maybe that is why when this 'Duck Cloth' went on clearance, it became a 'Mannequin Must Have'.  If you aren't familiar with 'Duck Cloth', think light weight canvas.  It is 100% cotton with tightly woven threads and has a wide range of applications from sneakers to artists canvas to tents to sandbags...at least the plain ole off white of yesteryear. 
But this is the 21st Century Duck Cloth, and 'Hey, Baby...you have come a long way'.
These awesome designs of Duck Cloth are destined for bags...not sandbags, but Sling Bags!
Yep, it's time to re-stock my ETSY Shop for SPRING.  I will be back on the 'Craft Fair Booth' circuit starting in March. 

There are a few Sling Bags left in the ETSY Shop...you can see them at...
and on
I am on my way to my Sewing Studio to get started sewing on the new Duck Cloth.  I can hardly wait to make a 
Mannequin Must Have Sling Bag!
It will be PINK 
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Joanne said...

your mannequins are better dressed than a lot of people on the street

Pom Pom said...

I can't keep track of all your doings, Sue! Wow!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Sue. When I grow up I want to be as talented and beautiful as you.♥ You are the best. And, it looks like you have a busy Spring ahead of you.

Sue McPeak said...

Now I know why everyone who walked by Modesta wanted her skirt. LOL!!

Sue McPeak said...

I know...most of the time I can't keep track either.

Sue McPeak said...

Now isn't that funny. That's what I say about YOU!!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Cotton duck will make great bags. Have fun sewing and restocking!

Sue McPeak said...

I have really enjoyed using this fabric for bags. It has good body and along with batting makes a very sturdy and long lasting bag. Several are cut out and ready to sew....just gotta find time to start a new production line.

Dana of The Stone Rabbit said...

Oh my. . .those bags are awesome!!!! I know they will sell out right away!! I do a handful of craft shows. . .the first one of 2015 is mid March. . .and I need to get busy and make some items!!
Hope you've had a great PS!!! Dana

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks for stopping by Dana. Good for you doing Craft Shows...they are fun and a place to try and sell some of our OverDoing...at least for me

Pam said...

My sister found my lovely mannequin at the thrift store. She roams from the guest bedroom, to my craft/sewing room, and is now in my longarm quilting studio. She has been featured at Christmas in the kitchen wearing a vintage apron and in the living/dining room wearing a collection of Christmas jewelry. I'm so lucky to have such a great sister!!!!!


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