Y is for YARN

In the beginning someone, somehow, someway figured out that with a piece of string and a couple of sticks,
a piece of cloth could be made that would someday send a specific section of the worlds population
 into a FiberComa and Knitting Stuff Addiction. 

 Most everyone knows what Yarn is, so I won't go into the specifics of how it came to be or the
 in's and out's of getting it from Sheep to Shop! 
 I'll just get right to the Fiber Coma and Addiction part of being a Knitter and YarnAHolic!
Yarn is kinda like Potato Chips!  One is never enough!
A well rounded Yarn Stash should have the following:
  1. 2 or 3 skeins...4 would be better...of every color of yarn known to woman kind.
  2. a variety of weights like Fingering, DK, Sport, Sock, Worsted in basic color palette and then some zingers.
  3. one can't use 100% Wool on everything, so gotta have silk blends, acrylics, cottons and whatever else is the latest in the world of YarnArama!
There's more, but I think you get the picture. 
The worst of it is I haven't even begun to touch on the horrible side effects of having a YarnARama Stash!
  The Tools, Gadgets, Bags, Books and Stuff!

    The thing is, I never intended for this Yarn Thingie to get to the Coma and Addiction Stage! 
    It's not like I haven't been there before!
    Before I became a Yarn Junkie, I was a Quilt/FabricAHolic!
    I was the Queen of QuiteALot of Everything Quilty!
    Some might say I still am, however after lots of
    Fabric DeTox and ReFocus Therapy that Stash is what I call Busted!

    Now I am ReFocused on managing my YarnARama!
    I have it down to One Knitting Blog
    One Wednesday Afternoon a week Knitting Group and
     One Monday Night a Month Knitting Guild Meeting.

    Two Rooms and One Nest at home.

    A Few Several Untold Number of Works In Progress.

The best thing about being  Strung Out on Yarn!!!!
My Great Yarnie Friends!
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Stop HERE and Smell My Roses

What do you suppose happened this Fall and Winter that would make the
Four Bush Rose Garden produce these Amazing March Blooms?

Just look at them....don't touch or smell yet...I'm saving that for last!
I mean, the Roses have Bloomed before the GRASS is even all greened out!

I was afraid Ya'll might not believe that they came from My Four Bush Rose Garden,
so I've photographed them with my Geraniums and Peppers and the Four TomatoBush Garden!

And with the FourBush Rose Garden and my laundry in the background!
I know that's Believeable since Ya'll know from experience that on
somedays I don't know if I'm washin' or hangin' out!
It was a beautiful day....so I was doin' both!

Okay...Go ahead!


Sparrows To Swans...My Swoon Booth

Who wouldn't Swoon over this beautiful Hull Swan Vase?
I sure did, so I snatched it for this Photo to Show Off my JunkTique Booth Re-Doeth!
(forgive me Ya'll...I wanted it to sound poetic)

Some of You have asked where I store all the dishes I collect. 
Many of you have wondered I'm sure why I collect such a variety of Stuff. 
And a bunch of you have coveted some of my Thrifin' Finds!
Yep, I'm talkin' about you, Linda at A La Carte'.
Linda is the Junkin' Finding Queen.....next to her I'm just a Princess Junker!

I bet you are thinkin'...Good Grief, Sue's got a thing for Birds!
I really don't, but they do seem to be a Hot Bloggin' Topic here on CITexas Gal since the Birdie B&B opened.

Ya'll already know I DO have a Thing for Quilts!
I have sooooo many that I'm trying to Sell Some
along with the Baby Crib that my BigBoy Grandson out grew several months ago. 
You see I bought it at a Thrift Shop and now it's in my JunkTique Shop
My Booth is called Pastimes.

Just about everything here is Past It's Time in my Collections, so it's time to Pass It On!
Please....somebody buy this Silk Plant...I'm ready to Pass It On for a mere $20.

All those dishes I collect!!!  Some of them end up here!  More of them need to end up here!
I love my dishes!  I think I may take these back home! 
Okay HiHoney?
(he just rolls his eyes)

I hope you have enjoyed this Virtual Tour of my JunkTique Booth!
If you would like a Shot of Reality Tour you can find me at
American British Antiques
San Angelo, Texas
As far as I know, there are no British Antique Dealers there,
 but I have seen quite alot of Texans who claim to have some of the Queens Stuff!
And I'm not talkin' about Junkin' Queen Linda!
Be sure and stop by Linda's Blog... A La Carte.
She's got the Stuff and an ETSY Shop!

Lovey Dovey at The Birdie B&B

It was a Lovey Dovey Weddin' at the Birdie B&B yesterday!
The Lovey Dovey Couple exchanged Pecks on the Fence while the
Sparrow of Honor watched with envy and the Best Sparrow just turned His TailFeathers.

Father and Mother of the Bride and Ex-Boyfriend.

Father and Mother of the Groom.  Mother's tail feathers are all in a ruffle.  She thought he could do better!

The Weddin' was 'On Again and Off Again' when finally the Groom arrived late...
 Lovey Dovey Bride said, "Where were you? I was worried sick."
The Groom..."It was such nice day, I decided to walk."

Guests in the Balcony...swappin' BadBird Jokes.
What is green and pecks on trees ? Woody Wood Pickle !
What's got six legs and can fly long distances ? Three swallows !

Weddin' Crasher....because....
Q: What is a crowbar? A: A place were crows go to get a drink!
(one overheard from the Guests in the Balcony)

The Groom and the BestBirdman talkin' after the ceremony...
 "Now look here, I know you are always sittin' here sticking your beak in, so when me and my new wife start getting ready to leave from the wedding I want you to turn round and and no matter what you hear I do not want you to turn back or I'll break your neck, do you understand?"

The BestBirdman reluctantly agrees. After the wedding the BBM turns round as instructed, and behind him the bride and groom start to pack for the honeymoon. The wife however has packed too much and they can't get the case closed.

"Get on top and sit on it baby!"
 Says the Groom to the Bride who does so and grunts and moans but can't shut the case.

"You get on top baby it might be better"
 Says the wife, so he grunts and groans and tries his best but still can't shut the case.

After a little thought the Goom says
 "Ok we'll both get on top see if that's any better!"

The BestBirdman turns round and says
 "Neck or no neck I have to see this!"


March Equinox ~ Marks Time for Spring and Pink Saturday!!!

The March equinox occurred on March 20th, and marked the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and fall (autumn) in the southern hemisphere from an astronomical viewpoint. 

Twice a year, around March 20 or 21 and September 22 or 23, the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night are nearly equal in all parts of the world. These two days are known as the March(vernal or spring in the northern hemisphere) equinox and the September equinox.

Whew!  Now that we are all UpOn the March Equinox via the Scientific MumboJumbo,
 I can tell Ya'll in my own Plain Talkin' Texas way.
Spring has Sprung in Texas!
Yep, the Mesquite Trees have bloomed...that's a sure sign that there'll be no more Freeze...cross your fingers!

The Birds are Back and have been flocking to my Birdie Bed and Breakfast!

HiHoney and I renovated the Birdie Bed and Breakfast this year so the Birdies
 would have a place to relax, have a snack, take a bath, visit and chirp with other feathered friends and

Can't you just hear what Mr. Smarty Cardinal is chirping,
"Surely, she's NOT talkin' about ME...I'm Special and So Handsome...
and Boy Howdy do those Peppers and Tomatoes look Yummy!" 

Now, you just hold on one second Mr. SmartBeak Cardinal!!!
You might be the Best Lookin' Birdie around here, but you best get your TailFeathers over here and register before messin' with the Peppers and Tomatoes!
And I just Double Dare you to mess with the Pink Petunies!

I've been saving them for


X is for Xanth and the Third Letter of TeXas

(1) X /'eks/n, often cap, often attrib 1a: the 24th letter of the English alphabet
(2) TEN
(3) an unknown quantity
(4) something shaped like or marked with the letter X.....

........ (5) the third letter in TeXas!
Now, Ya'll know that Webster was a TeXan....
how else would #(5) definition get in there!

Oh All Right !!! So I made that up!!!
But not XANTH !!!
It's a real X word and is a form of the Greek word Xanthos for Yellow!

Which brings me back to TeXas!  The Xanth Rose is the Unofficial State Flower of TeXas!

"The Yellow Rose of Texas" is a traditional folk song. The original love song has become associated with the legend of "how a slave named Emily Morgan helped win the battle of San Jacinto, the decisive battle in the Texas Revolution." 

The song is based on a Texas legend from the days of the Texas War of Independence. According to the legend, a woman named Emily D. West — a mulatto, and hence, the song's reference to her being "yellow" — who was seized by Mexican forces during the looting of Galveston seduced General Antonio López de Santa Anna, President of Mexico and commander of the Mexican forces. The legend credits her supposed seduction with lowering the guard of the Mexican army and facilitating the Texan victory in the Battle of San Jacinto waged in 1836 near present-day Houston. Santa Anna's opponent was General Sam Houston, who won the battle literally in minutes, and with almost no casualties.

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Spring Sneezey Season...Hanky Time!

Uh Oh!  Here comes the Spring Sneezey Season.
While we are all celebrating the emergence of Spring...there are a few SideEffects to consider.
The Emergence of Allergies.

We happily greet the Birds, Bees and Blooms, but at the same time, some of us grab our
 Hankies for the SideEffects...Snotty Sneezes.


No Siree....No Blowin' On These Vintage Hankies!

Thank goodnes for Tissue Hankies.


The Times of The Softer Feminine Side of Life

In looking for the Softer Side of March...which started with the 'Yarn Stash' and the post  
 I found my 'Vintage Lace Stash'. 
 Not that it was lost...it has been in a basket in plain sight
 behind a door and  under the old treadle sewing machine.

One of my favorite pieces is this Silk and Lace Camisole. 
Vintage Silk is quite fragile and easily crumbles when handled, but the cotton lace will last forever.
The Camisole reminds me of the time when it was
Fashionable for Ladies to show the Softer Feminine Side of Life.

When Lace Collars were Handmade and Worn to Adorn.

When modesty was expected and accepted as a thing of loveliness.

When wearing a Wedding Dress and saying I Do was Done for Love and Life.

When little girls played with Dolls made by their Mothers and Grandmothers.

When Hats were in Fashion and always worn on Sundays.

When Quilts, Dolls and Rockers were a part of One's Softer Side of Life.

Vintage Lace from my Collection.
Photos from PhotoShoot at
The Annie Riggs Museum
Fort Stockton, Texas
(all rights reserved)