Bringing In Spring With Soft Pinks Yellows and Greens

The first of March here on CollectInTexas Gal came in like a Lion/ Leprechaun alright. 
A Big Green Lion/ Leprechaun.
So much Bright Green that I was seeing Green in my Sleep.
So by the time the Lion/ Leprechaun had Blown through, I was more than ready for the
 Softer Side of March.
The Out Like a Lamb part of March.

I found that Softer Side in my Yarn Stash and caught the Soft Baby Blankee Bug.
They are quick knits on the Knitting Machine and a nice quiet sitting time while crocheting the edging.

This Sweet Soft Blankee is resting while I decide which of the Sweet Edging Patterns I want to crochet.

 I'm going to select one from this booklet which was published in 1980 and is a compliation of patterns from even older publications as far back as 1937.  Those were the times when pillow cases, towels and wash cloths were edged with these beautifully delicate crochet designs.  I love the idea that a Sweet Baby will someday be wrapped in this Soft Blankee knitted with lovely yarn and crocheted with a lovely old lace pattern. 
Another Knit and Crochet Soft Project I'm working on is this Shawl.
I'll save the details and finished Shawl for a Future Pink Saturday.
In the meantime, I'm going to borrow
Sissies SignOff Phrase

"Okay, get out there and make, sew, paint, write, repurpose
...and my addition...Knit and Crochet...
something wonderful and share with us."

Stop by Sissie's Shabby Cottage for some more of the Softer Side of March.


  1. Hello Sue I am loving your soft colors as you bring in spring. Spring is finally showing her face in the mountains. Beautiful blooms going on here.

    Soft yarn for soft baby blankets. It can't get better than that.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. Nice soft colors for spring! (I hope Mar really does go out like a lamb)

  3. That shawl looks cute. Perfect for those still chilly evenings. ~Ames

  4. Crocheting and knitting are such peaceful activities in this stressed out world. Thanks for sharing your beautiful yarns!!!

  5. So sew & delicate ... love it!

    Happy Spring Day!
    TTFN ~

  6. Love the soft colors. Have a great day.

  7. Those edgings are amazing! I say it all the time, I truly think crochet is a work of art-just beautiful:@)

  8. Hi Sue,
    You are too sweet! Thanks for inviting others to my blog. Never thought of myself in your league, and I so appreciate the compliment.

    I wish I could crochet. I love the soft yarns and colors and just enjoy having a basket full.
    I can't wait to see your beautiful finished pieces.

    I'm feeling all warm, soft and fuzzy!


  9. Your photos are fantastic, Sue! That baby is a lucky little bunny.

  10. So sweet I wish I could knit so darn (hahar darn get it) bad. Especially now that I have this grandbaby on the way. I love this new page these white flowers are soooo pretty! I giggle when I see your page you are the only other one who changed her page as much as I do. I'm trying so hard to figure this stuff out. I love how you do your headers!

  11. I love those ice cream colours. Do you think I need a knitting machine? I may have to investigate this.

  12. Oh these colors are yummy. So soft and pretty. The blue and yellow together is beautiful.
    Thanks for coming by OZ today.

  13. Hey Stranger! I always admire folks who have the patience to do things like this (or any craft). You do great work. I remember when my mother tried it...I still have the blanket she tried to make...we call it a horse blanket! It was a little tightly done, but an original. Have a great and colorful week!

  14. Gorgeous fibers and colors, Sue. They looks soft and dreamy. The yellow is calling my name. That is my favorite of all colors.


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