March Equinox ~ Marks Time for Spring and Pink Saturday!!!

The March equinox occurred on March 20th, and marked the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and fall (autumn) in the southern hemisphere from an astronomical viewpoint. 

Twice a year, around March 20 or 21 and September 22 or 23, the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night are nearly equal in all parts of the world. These two days are known as the March(vernal or spring in the northern hemisphere) equinox and the September equinox.

Whew!  Now that we are all UpOn the March Equinox via the Scientific MumboJumbo,
 I can tell Ya'll in my own Plain Talkin' Texas way.
Spring has Sprung in Texas!
Yep, the Mesquite Trees have bloomed...that's a sure sign that there'll be no more Freeze...cross your fingers!

The Birds are Back and have been flocking to my Birdie Bed and Breakfast!

HiHoney and I renovated the Birdie Bed and Breakfast this year so the Birdies
 would have a place to relax, have a snack, take a bath, visit and chirp with other feathered friends and

Can't you just hear what Mr. Smarty Cardinal is chirping,
"Surely, she's NOT talkin' about ME...I'm Special and So Handsome...
and Boy Howdy do those Peppers and Tomatoes look Yummy!" 

Now, you just hold on one second Mr. SmartBeak Cardinal!!!
You might be the Best Lookin' Birdie around here, but you best get your TailFeathers over here and register before messin' with the Peppers and Tomatoes!
And I just Double Dare you to mess with the Pink Petunies!

I've been saving them for


  1. lol, I sure hope MrSmartBeak Cardinal listened to you. I'd hate to think he "messed with TX" CollectInTexasGal's pink petunias.

  2. The Earth Science teacher in me LOVED all your talk of equinoxes and hemispheres! You go girl!!

    Yep - - - it's spring all right, for sure and certain by the tilt of Earth upon its axis.

    However, spring "don't" look the SAME everywhere. Spring "ain't" an equal opportunity employer so to speak, which fact is ABUNDANTLY evident over at MY frozen tundra blog.

    Enjoy Mr. Cardinal AND all those flowers while we hope for some meltage.

  3. love it Sue....spring in Texas is the best...

  4. I sure hope those mesquite trees are on target because I sure don't want another freeze. Been cleaning up after the former freeze and getting the garden back in a green state. LOL
    Lovely spring weather here and have to say, your Bird B&B certainly attracts some beauties.
    Happy Spring ~ Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Sarah

  5. You have so many lovely flowers in your backyard already!! And those are great photos of the birds!!

  6. Oh, you have such a lovely garden! Wonderful bird photos -- thanks for sharing them. :)

    Happy Pink Saturday,

  7. Cute post and I loved that bird hotel.

  8. We were having such gorgeous weather and then spring arrived on the calendar. All of a sudden we are having nothing but rain and more rain. I can't wait to get back out into my garden. Every time there is a break in the rain, the birds come visiting me too. They're all over the grass seed I just planted before the rain!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Well mr. Smartbeak needs to get back on the fence like all the others. I really love the guy with the red head... he looks like he is saying ooooo Mr. Smaaaaartybeeeeeaks!!

    We thought we were finally having spring here. Our days were high 70's some hitting 80-82 for the past week! Then Thunder Thursday hit burrrr it brought back the cold and Pink Saturday will have to blend in some white because can you believe this south Tx gal has to deal with more sssnnnnow! Now when we moved to KY I was assured I was still in the south. ~shivers!~

    have a great weekend =0)

  10. Happy PINK Saturday Sue! Yes, Spring has definitely sprung, guess that old groundhog knew what he was talking about! Have a great weekend, Nan

  11. sure hope spring stays ! you have made a wonderful place for the birds to visit and given me a good laugh this pink Saturday...

  12. Happy Pink Saturday, Suz! SPRING IS HERE! YEAH!

    What a sweet place for birdies to come and say hello! You make me smile!


  13. Oh Sue, your birdie friends are just the best. I would love to have those friends in my yard, but alas, I have a cat that is a good hunter. I don't dare put out the food.
    You took some beautiful photos and captured the featured beauties at their best.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char
    Love your shoes too!!

  14. Gorgeous Petunias and amazing garden.
    Happy Pink Sue.
    Have a wonderful springtime.

  15. Glorious Spring looks great in your garden. We put the bird bath out but we didn't have to fill it. The monumental rain did that. It has been dark here all day. Even with our tall A-frame windows. The good thing is I pruned the roses cleaned out the flower beds and fertilized everything. I am so proud of myself!!! HA! I usually don't think ahead like that.

    We still do not have anything blooming in our yard. The daffodils are blooming but I picked the few in our yard last week. I did buy some pansies and potted them. They are doing fine. Nothing pink yet but the birds are here and so are the pesky squirrels. We are slower to bloom here in the mountains. Your pinks are so pretty and how did you get such great bird photos? Nice job and a fun post.

    Happy pink Saturday sue.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  16. I forgot to mention I enjoyed the science lesson. Who thinks of things like this? You Sue and thank you. Smile.
    Me again!!!

  17. I am always in awe of your photography skills. Your photos are so lovely. It definitely looks like Spring has sprung around there. Here, too, but ours is usually very short-lived & becomes summer way to fast.

  18. A wonderful pink presentation. You are fortunate to be having birds like this. We just have those mean,loud crackles.

  19. Your garden is so pretty and those birds appear to be enjoying their renovated digs. HPS to you! Have a terrfic weekend.

  20. Love your garden, have a great time in there!



  21. Anonymous3/27/2011

    Well here I sit this morning and it's SNOWING! Good grief Charlie Brown. But our trusty weatherman said not to worry. It will be in the 60's later this week. :) No wonder everyone gets spring colds. Happy Pink Saturday Sue...late as usual. xoxo

  22. You take beautiful pictures!! I am your newest follower!! :)

  23. Happy Pink Saturday, Sue.

    The Birdie B&B looks like "the place to be". And, your tenants are quite lovely. They should be thrilled with their Portraits by Sue.

  24. Wonderful photos! Love the birds and the flowers.


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