Welcome Back Birds...Sorta...Notice New Rules This Year!!

Welcome Birds!  This is Your Home!  Build your Nest in here!

Here is your Food. Stuff yourselves here. 
This Feeder and several others are provided for you on the Fence opposite the Garden!

I have provided Places To Perch , Bathe and Drink....near the Feeders by the Fence opposite the Garden.

I know you are here, so come on over and make yourself at home. 
I'll be the 'Ole Chickadee' with the camera...
in hopes of getting a few shots again this year like this one from last year.

And this one of the Rose Bush Babies.

I won't bother Ya'll if You Won't bother.....



  1. My problems are leaf miners. Not birds. Have you thought about making a dome out of chicken wire to keep the birds out? Then there is the fake owl. But then you wouldn't have any birds.

    You should see the Painted Buntings we have around our feeder in the early mornings. Cardinals too. Yesterday I saw a Mourning Dove patiently waiting her turn after the female Buntings ate. Then I have a pesky squirrel that hangs around the botton and eats what drops on the ground. My daughter has a bunch of Robins in her backyard too. I can't seem to get any clear pics of the birds. I'll keep trying. When I was in Montana I saw my first Magpie. Oh they are so big and beautiful!~Ames

  2. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me! I'd like the same understanding with the squirrels:@)

  3. Hi Sue! What great shots! I do hope the little birds stay away from your tomatoes. Our birds are still cold. I keep filling up the feeders and the bird bath. The squirrels are so determined to get their fair share, too!

  4. I had missed that baby bird photo...gorgeous...I the birds don't bother my tomatoes but the rabbits get quite bit of the leaves, I think. Lovely photos.

  5. You have provided lots for them to enjoy! Hope they leave your tomatoes alone!!

  6. Hope the birds continue to visit your place. You have made it so welcoming, I'm sure no bird will fly without stopping to have his/her picture taken.

  7. Sounds like a good deal to me!

  8. Hi Sue, if I was a bird, I would make a beeline for your yard! We had baby hummingbirds who recently flew the coop, I have pics on my last post on my blog, they were so dang cute!
    We are hoping for more birds this year, need to get my feeders out!
    Have a great day!


  9. here birdie, birdie...
    I hope they visit your birdhouse instead of building their nest in my porch light! I'll send them your way, lol.


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