The Times of The Softer Feminine Side of Life

In looking for the Softer Side of March...which started with the 'Yarn Stash' and the post  
 I found my 'Vintage Lace Stash'. 
 Not that it was lost...it has been in a basket in plain sight
 behind a door and  under the old treadle sewing machine.

One of my favorite pieces is this Silk and Lace Camisole. 
Vintage Silk is quite fragile and easily crumbles when handled, but the cotton lace will last forever.
The Camisole reminds me of the time when it was
Fashionable for Ladies to show the Softer Feminine Side of Life.

When Lace Collars were Handmade and Worn to Adorn.

When modesty was expected and accepted as a thing of loveliness.

When wearing a Wedding Dress and saying I Do was Done for Love and Life.

When little girls played with Dolls made by their Mothers and Grandmothers.

When Hats were in Fashion and always worn on Sundays.

When Quilts, Dolls and Rockers were a part of One's Softer Side of Life.

Vintage Lace from my Collection.
Photos from PhotoShoot at
The Annie Riggs Museum
Fort Stockton, Texas
(all rights reserved)


  1. I, too, have a stash - in a rubbermaid box in the attic. Old lace is so beautiful, and the photos show us a time when getting dressed up was a pleasure. Sometimes the whole 'wash and wear' thing is a bore.

  2. Pretty stuff you have. It's funny, when I was growing up, my father never let us have a bunch of frilly foo foo stuff, or dust catchers, or relatively anything feminine sitting on top of dressers or headboards etc. Everything had to be put away and all surfaces clean and dust free. I guess it has carried over into my adult life. When I look around, I don't have any pink in my house, or a lot of feminine things sitting about. I have them, they are just put away. I should drag them out huh!I love lace doilies and flowers and crystal filled with objects. I should display the feminine side of this household more.~Ames

  3. Oooooo I love a good stash..and this one is beautiful! Being a Libra girl..I am happy in Camos or lace. My Mother was born in 1923 and I remember all the pictures of her at a young age..so many with lace and bows!! I have so many projects running through my head..what fun!
    Hugs, Sarah

  4. Beautiful lace! I love the old nightgowns with the gorgeous stitching and lace. Lovely photos!! hugs, Linda

  5. Sue,

    Gorgeous post and timely. I am photographing the contents of a trunk for a post down the road. I have found some lovely pictures as well.


  6. I just wish it had been an easier life for most of those ladies. As much as I yearn for older days I also remember what it was like to be a second class citizen. I love how feminine the collars and all look. Beautiful post.

  7. Hi Sue,
    This is such a lovely post! I agree life did seem to be much softer than today. I remember going to town with my Mother and being dressed up in my little coat, hat and muff. She would be wearing her dress, heels, stockings, coat, gloves and hat.

    Love this sweet softer side post.


  8. Count me in - quilts, dolls, rockers, lace . . . LOVE!

  9. beautiful...very femine...


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