The Vast Violet Veranda

My Aunt Beatrice grew violets.  So many violets that her Northeast Texas front porch was a Vast Violet Veranda.  One summer while visiting her, I decided I wanted to be a Violet Grower, too. 

Before I get into  'Growing Violets in Cactus Country', let me tell you about Ruth Beatrice.  She was my Daddy's second sister, and the aunt I knew best.  Daddy called her Bea, so we all did, too.  The only person I ever heard call her Beatrice was her husband, Red. 

Yep, Red and Bea were quite a couple,  and visiting them was like a trip to 'Keepers Paradise'.  Like her sister, my Aunt Irene who you met in the previous post, Bea kept EVERYTHING.

 She even offered to keep forever my Second Sibling Sister.  You see Bea and Red were childless and so wanted a child...obviously any kid would do...even one as mouthy as my Second SibSister.

 I voted Yay...Mom and Dad said Nay, but let her stay a couple of weeks with them that summer.  Best I remember, Aunt Bea was mighty glad for her to remain my SecSibSister ....instead becoming my SibSisCousin. 

Something about...with the 'mouthpiece' around there wasn't any need to turn on the radio, and getting a word in edgewise was like having a conversation with the six o'clock news caster.

Second SibSister retired a fews years ago from a national network news station to become an auctioneer.  Just kidding, ya'll.  She really did get a degree in Speech Commmunication, though!!!

Now about Violets. 
Aunt Bea selected a nice group of violets for me and, I carefully dragged the
Violet Starter Stash from Violet Country East Texas back to Cactus Country West Texas. 
 I soon had Violets in every appropriate light spot; read every 'How To Grow Violets' book;
 bought Violet Pots, Violet Potting Soil, Violet Food, and More Violets!
Who knew one could grow Violets in Cactus Country! 
 However, my Violets did Shrink over time and after a couple of moves
 I became a
Shrinking Violet Shirker
 and gave up on my dream of having a
 Vast Violet Veranda.


She's A Keeper...I'm A Keeper...We Are Keeper's

My Aunt Irene passed the 'Keeper of Family History' to me many years ago when she learned I was interested in our Family Geneology.  Irene was my Daddy's oldest sister and I thought her quite eccentric.  You see she lived in California and was a recycler before 'GoingGreen' had even hit the EcoMinds of today. 

 I remember my Daddy receiving her letters in large manilla envelopes with marked out magazine return addresses and Irene's California address written under them.  If I was the one who went to the Post Office and one of her 'Novels' had come, I got to give the PostMistress the card and sign for the too big envelope to fit in our box.  How Eccentric!!!! 

The letter was a 'Time Capsule' with a page or two written one day, another paragraph or two a day later, and a month later....signed and mailed.  Her letters were a combination of hand written and typed pages on the backs of homework notebook paper or junk mail.  How Eccentric!!!!

Of course back then we didn't call it 'Junk Mail'.   Mail from Sears and Roebuck, JC Penny and all Bills were read and re-read then filed in the Letter Keeper next to the black Rotary Phone.

I know, you are eyeing this photo and thinking, "Who 'Keeps' this stuff???".   My Mother!!!  She's a 'Keeper', too.

Yep, it's the envelopes from Irene with her collection of stamps.  These from December 1980 when it cost 67 cents to send a Novela, and March 1985 when 'Domestic Mail' stamps were priceless.  Even more priceless to me is the figuring my Dad did on his sisters envelope....he was a recycler, too!  How Eccentric!!! 


Ancestors...We Are Who We Are Because of Them

Ancestry has always been interesting to me...and not just my own. 
 Why, in my diggin' in Junktique Shops, abondoned houses, dusty attics and places I shouldn't be diggin', 
 I've accumlated quite a collection of Vintage Photographs and Memorbilia.
This is my Great Great Grandmother. 
 As the Keeper of My Family History, I inherited an Old Album from my Dads
side of the family with pictures dating back to the mid eighteen hundreds.
Among my Collections of Old Photos, are scenes like this one that give us a glimpse into
fashion, assure us that 'Sisterhood' is a Tradition Among Women,
and inspire us to tell the stories of 'Our Ancestors'.
We are afterall,
Who we are because of them.
I am who I am because of this woman.
My Mother

In the last few months, I've been away from CollectInTexas Gal and Blogland more than I've been here.  I know I've been a bit vague about my reasons for being away, for not visiting, and partcipating in Memes.

For me, CollectIn Texas Gal is my 'Perfectly Pleasant Place' apart from 'Real Life's NotSoPerfect Times'.

With that said, I also know that here in Blogland the 'Tradition of Sisterhood' is flourshing, and that Ya'll...my BlogSisters...are...well, FAMILY!

So my Sisters, here's an explanation of my 'Real Life's NotSo Perfect Times' of late. 
My Mother who is still as beautiful as the woman holding me in 1949, has been having serious health problems.  I won't go into the particulars, except to say that she has an impending neuro surgery in a few months and is recovering from a fall with three broken ribs and on medications for a heart condition.  Mother has always been a very healthy, active and independent woman, and this time in her life has been difficult and trying.  She is strong and faithful and has her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren around her for love and support. 
Afterall.....We are Who We Are because of Her! 


Me and Lovey...Balancing Life

Just when you think things are 'Going Along Great' and life is 'Steady Eddie'.....
...something happens to 'Throw Ya Off Balance'
Ya make adjustments to get back on track.
Ya may even slip and slide a bit before regaining your balance...
But in the end Ya 'Get Your Tailfeathers Straight' and get back to 'Struttin' Your Stuff'!!!!

Hello Bloggin' Friends....One thing I can count on staying 'Steady Eddie' is you and Lovey!   

Last time I posted  here on CollectIn Texas Gal, I thought Lovey and I were Walkin' the Fence and Struttin' Our Stuff in perfect harmony! 

Then Bam!!!  My Family Birdies In Need  needed me again!  So off I flew to do what I could do!

Anywhoo!  I'm back!  Sure is good to be back, too!  I've missed Ya'll.

See Ya Soon,


The Art of Removing Sunflower Seeds

by Lovey Dovey
You may remember Lovey Dovey from the Birdie B&B Weddin'... she was the Bride.
Lovey was also one of the Sunflower Seed Sowers back in March when the
Birdie B&B was officially opened.
Marriage and Motherhood agree with Lovey
....she's put on a little weight and that's okay....
except it constitutes a bit of adjustment in
'Balancing on Sunflowers'.
Once the 'Balance Issue' is mastered...it's on to 'Spotting Seeds' then to the
Acrobatics of Standing on your Head in mid-air!
The secret to this Move is to have a FirmGrip!
Here's the advantage of being Light Headed and Heavy in the Tail....Feathers!
Now that's what I call ART-ful. 

All Photos by CollectInTexas Gal
All Rights Reserved


All American Spirted Sparrow Sunflower Seed Selebration

Betcha can't say that real fast without Spittin'!!!
This past Spring the Red White and Blue Birdhouse Feeder was full of Bird Seed and Birds.
The RedHead spent lots of time Pickin' N Grinnin' and Splatterin' Seeds all over the ground.
I think He had a Plan back then that would all come together for the
'July Fourth Freedom Seed Feed'
It started early....Yep, with the Hotter N Jalapeno Summer we have had,
the Sparrow Seeded Sunflower Seeds gave RedHead and a Friend  a head start.

Now I'm not a Sunflower Seed Spitter, but I am a BirdsEye View PhotoShooter!

Speaking of Views....here's a Few Views of my Red White and Blue's!!
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