Charmed...I'm Sure! Another Charm Bracelet

It's one of those 'Dory Moments'..."Oh look, something shiny"!!  Funny how that happens and how one Charm Bracelet post leads to another.  Without further introduction, here is a Charm Bracelet from decades ago, zipped in silk pouch and stashed in the deepest, darkest jewelry chest drawer.

Kind of a treasure hunt, really.  Not just for the bracelet itself, but for the memories it holds. Each and every charm marks a significant event and brings back memories of the young women who were members of local Beta Sigma Phi.

 An international non-academic sorority made up of women of all ages;  usually in twenties or thirties that builds friendships that last a lifetime.  Founded in 193l, in Abilene, Texas.

All the protocols fit me as a new member in 1974...Heart Charm...27 years old.  Lifetime friendships...thanks to Facebook connections and small hometown.

There is much I've forgotten about Beta Sigma Phi. My last membership charm was 1976.  Let's do the math...27 years ago...the exact age I was on Welcome Heart Charm.  And the 'Then & Now' similarities continue with the Award Charms:
Pledge of the Year
Best Program
74' and 75' Founders Day
Motto ~ Life, Learning and Friendship
Colors ~ Black and Gold
Shield ~ Torch
Flower ~ Yellow Rose

History and more information on Beta Sigma Phi....Wikipedia Link
As for me...I'll be dragging out Beta Sigma Phi Scrapbooks.
And Yes, they have lots of pictures...Be warned Lifetime Friends on Facebook.😉


Charm Bracelet Memoirs

Having just had a milestone birthday, thoughts turned to my Mother and Grandmother.  I was there for their same milestone birthday, and although I don't recall the details, party or gatherings, I know a card was sent with a hanky inside.  That was a tradition the two of them began when they were states away from each other.  Mother kept every letter and hanky.  This I know as I have them today...tucked away in her Memoir Box.  

Their cards held sweet birthday wishes with lovely floral bouquets and painterly landscape vignettes.  On the inside their handwritten birthday wishes and news from home.  Mother's news about children and our growing too fast and school.  

They both wrote about the weather.  Mother received Iowa snow weather report in her February card and Grandmother enjoyed the Texas Spring weather news on her May birthday.

Grandmother's news had bits on Mother's siblings and their children.  Mother shared her letters and a favorite subject written about was Grandmother's church activities and the Ladies Bible Study.  Those words to this day bring back a 5 year old's childhood memory of going to church with my Grandmother.

Right after the Amen of the Offering Prayer and the Deacons preparing to pass the Offering Plate, Grandmother took the hanky she had tucked into the band of her watch and untied the corner where she had secured her tithe.  She handed me a few coins and together we dropped them in the silver velvet lined plate.  Our coins landed as softly as any of the small bills.  

So, now 70 years later, my treasured charm bracelet made from Grandmother's watch brings joy to my heart and such gratitude for having these two women in my life for their lifetime.

Charm Bracelet Memoirs
 Inspired by
  Alana at Ramblin' with AM