WhatCha Want for Your New Years Eve Birthday, HiHoney?

Summer Sausage, Cheese, Ritz Crackers, Pecan Sandies and Vienna Sausages!!!
NoWay, Jose...None of that Stuff is on your Diet!  Absolutely Not!
I'll bake you a Cake.  Whatever kind you want.  You choose!
Okay, I'll have a Vienna Sausage Cake!
No you won't...Betty Crocker does not make that Mix...choose again!
Okay, Cheese Cake!
I don't know how to make a Cheese Cake!
Well, then let's buy one!
No, I want to BAKE YOU a CAKE....choose again!
Okay, Lemon with lots of Lemon Icing!
Good choice! 
 That'll be great after the 15 Bean Soup and Cornbread!

I just love it when a Plan Comes Together! 
However, I sure can't take any credit for HiHoney's Birthday being on New Years Eve! 
 That was all his Mama's doin'! 

My Plan for HiHoney's Birthday this New Years Eve was set in motion last night with the soaking of the beans,
so they would cook in time for a HiNoon Healthy and Good for Ya Meal! 
 Betty Crocker came through with the Lemon Cake with Lots of Lemon Frosting.
The Cornbread came out just as HiHoney's Favorites arrived.

Yep, here they came carrying a BigOle Mickey Mouse Birthday Bag!
And Yep....HiHoney got everything he wished for except Vienna Sausage!

Now is that just Pure Luck or what?

I made sure HiHoney's Luck continues in 2011....there's a Blackeyed Pea right there in the middle of the soaked beans!

Anyway, I always think of his Mama and wonder if she was hoping to hold out til after midnight to have the First Baby of 1947 and get all those neat gifts.  I guess HiHoney's Dad won out...he was hoping for a 1946 Tax Deduction!

I Think We All Won Out!
Happy Birthday HiHoney!
PS...About the Rest of the Plan....This is Post #200!

JunkinJupiter...Top10 In 2010??...NoWay...HowBout In OneDay!

Here's My Wish for Ringin' In the New Year...

Peace on Earth and GOODWILL to All Ya'll !!!

Forever More!  Who knew a QuickTrip to Goodwill YESTERDAY...December 30, 2010...would find a Favorite Sign on the Door...


Hmmmmm....1/2 off of 49 cents is 24.5 cents.  Oh heck!  I'll get em both!
And that LittlePitcher!!!! OMGosh...Linda will swoon over this Find for .49...that'd be 1/2 off that, too!

Could ItBe...Cups NIB???  I think they are the 'Sandwich Pattern'....maybe! 
Vaseline Coasters???  I'll TestEm later to See!!!

More GOODWILL ToMe!!! 
 TWO of them...Charger size Plates by Homer Laughlin...I'm Laughlin' all the way to the CheckOut!

Yo LindaGal!!! Have you recovered from the first Pitcher Picture? 
Get out the Smellin'Salts....here's another one and Lookie at that Green Dessert Dish!!! 
 Four of them for $2.  Price of this Pitcher...my HighEnd item...$1.

It Was A HAUL...Ya'll !!!

I'm joining Linda at A La Carte for Junkin Finds Friday #9!
Fun that it worked out for the Last Friday of 2010!

Thanks Linda!  I'm looking forward to Findin' Good...will Junk In 2011.

See Ya'll Next Year!!!


Hangin' Out At The Bars....SideBar and HeaderBar!!!

I mentioned in the Post Below that I'm A GadgetGal, and The Blogger Bars are full of Gadget Possiblities!
Yep, that's where you'll find...
Welcome To CollectInTexas Gal
The PhotoBlog Link Button
The Best Bunch of Followers
List of Memes
Feature Photos

I hang out at the SideBars alot so they are always Changing....Did I say Changing?
I should have said Spinning like a revolving door!
Header Bar???? OMGosh...It's subject to SpinOut of Control at any given moment!
As a matter of fact, I'm waiting for the Blogger HiTechies to slap a 'Speed Governor' on my Bloggy!
Here's a Few Favorite Headers from 2010.

Well, as they say in the movies...'That's A Wrap'....or....ThaThaThat's All Folks!


DRAT the STATS....#1 of 4 ToGoal of 200 in 2010

I'm NOT A Numbers Cruncher ~ Math IsNot My Best Subject!
No Problem...Blogger Takes the Drats Out of The Stats!

So, I'm Bloggin' right along in 2010...mindin' my own Bloggin'Business...not payin' much attention to Blogger's BloggerBuzzin'...
you know, that part of the Dashboard that you don't see until you scroll down.
  The part you don't have time for cause your busy Managin' your Blog or Blogs! 
The part that tells you about the CHANGES being made just when you got the LAST Changes figured out!
The part that offers so many different designs in your Template that you can't decide which one will be the
 WOW Factor for your blog until you've tried them all and then decide you want the OLD one back.
The part that ATE your OLD One!

Well, Ya'll, I can speak of these things with authority because...
Been There...Done That!!!

Now what I really pay attention to are the GADGETS.

Oh, Yeah!  I'm A GadgetGal!

So, when Blogger came out with 'PAGES' I zapped ALL TEN of them OnYa'll.  It was one of those OverDoSue Moments!

Then the PopularPosts and Stats Gadgets made their debut!  I resisted at first, but finally caved in and added ...

I must admit that of all the 'Off the Wall Posts' I've done since starting CollectInTexas Gal in August 2009,
 I am still 'Scratchin' MyHead' at how 'Collectin' Chicken Scratch' got to be #One!

If anything, I always thought this picture would send 'Yellow Kitchen Collection' straight to the TOP!
 Oh...BTW...HiHoney is not that Bald...yet...and I'm not that Gray...yet! 
Butt, after 45 years it's Stats are still worth a Pat!

PS...Whew!  Three ToGoal!!!!  I'll be Baaaaack....Real Soooooon!

I'm Baaaaack....Quick Huh?  Just remembered it's time for Jenny's Alphabe~Thursday, and it's a FreeForAll Post about Year's End or the New Year!  I think this Review of my STATS fits the Year's End.
Click HERE for
 More Year Endings and New Year Beginnings!
Thanks Jenny!


BUSTED by AUGUST...Drats x 5=DratsDratsDratsDratsDrats!!!!!

Until TODAY!!!
OMGosh!  Sue, what the   blankety blank   were you doin' in AUGUST?

Here you are with 'A Chance to Set a Bloggin' Record'...and...you are


Now that I look back to August, I see that I was busy...
Taking Pictures of Weeds
Hiking through the Wilds of West Texas
Posing in 110 degrees HEAT at the Sandhills
Recovering from Pink PickledBrain HairDye!
Making a Movie!!!! 

OMGosh!  I was so FULL of MYSelf !!!


Love Is...Being A Couple!!!

We were a Couple...of Caricatures...back in 1965!

Back then we were a Couple of Newly Weds!

We've changed 'Hats' many times in 45 years, but the 'Smiles' stay the same and Love Is Still Being A Couple!

We have been so Blessed...More than a Couple of Times!

The 25th Anniversary Acorn Dining Table is set for our Anniversary Dinner on December 27th.

Our Wedding/Marriage Story? 
It's kind of a Hoot, and I've Blogged About It a Couple of Times!


Celebrating Christmas on Pink Saturday

I'll begin by 'Telling What I Do On Christmas Day'! 
For this year, I'd better get my timing right, it's 'What I'm Doin' On Christmas Eve'.

HiHoney and I are Celebrating with our Family right here at home. 
As they say...There's No Place Like Home!

Or as I hope my Grands are saying "There's No Place Like Nana and Papa's Home"!
We will have a Traditional Turkey and Dressing Supper!
Sing a few Christmas Carols!
Open a few Presents!
Get Lots of Hugs and Kisses!

I can't let the last Pink Saturday of 2010 go by without a
 Quick Review of a few of my Favorite Pink Saturday Posts!
January ~ Bloggin' Birthday Finale

For All of 2010 Pink Saturday Posts...Click HERE

As Always, Thank-you Beverly for making Saturdays Pink!

Click HERE for the Pinky Linky

Merry Christmas, Ya'll !!!


Christmas With 'Closely Knitted Friends'

Tis The Season of  Peace On Earth and Goodwill To Men...and Women! 
Not that we have to wait until This Season to have a Reason...
...for a Wednesday Knit FourSome Party!

I'd like Ya'll to meet  The Wednesday Knit FourSome.  Starting on the right, Susan, Gina, Sue and Gretchen. 

WeFour meet on Wednesdays and Knit, Eat, Crochet, Eat, Needlepoint, Eat, Etc.Etc.!

Most Wednesdays....it's a Knit and Desert Party!

Since it is a 'Tis The Season Party', a Luncheon was in order with Chicken Enchiladas as the Main Fare.

Today we DidNot Knit or Crochet or Needlepoint!  We DidEat and EnJOYed!