Birdie and Blog Watchin'...

It is Garden Thyme....again! 
 When last you saw my 'Backyard Garden' it was maybe 'Kneehigh to a Grasshopper'!
Isn't that a funny saying?  Wonder where that came from!  I bet  Google would know!  Maybe later!
Right now, here's the 'What's and How's' about the Backyard Garden...

It's so wonderful to walk out and harvest tomatoes and onions right out of the Garden for a Fresh Salad.

Here's the last photos of Rosie and Cardie Feeding Minnie and Miney
 that I took before having to leave home for several weeks.

When I returned the nest was empty except for EggMo!

I have a Birdhouse Full of Special Family Members that need my Nesting Nurturing!
So, in the weeks to come.....

...I'll be Birdie and Blog Watchin'!
Ya'll be Watchin' for me, too!


One Day At A Time

Days go by....
Some Days seem to Fly.
Some Days seem Endless.
One Day at A Time...Sigh!
Just know this.....

Ya'll I do miss!

Just to let you know that I am fine and spending time with Family Members!


There's PastTimes and Then There's A PastTime

I've been asking myself, "Sue, when is enough of Past Times enough?"

Collecting things from the Past...Junktiquer...is something I've done and loved for many years.

I can't explain 'Why'!  I can't remember 'When' it Started!
I can say 'When it STOPS...or at least SLOWS Down!

That would be 'NOW'!
I know for sure it's Past Time to START the De-Collecting when I can...
Part with my Vintage '1930's Feedsacks
Sell my Homer Laughlin Dishes
Price To Sell my Vintage Linens!

My Favorite and Forever Collection!
Happy Mothers Day!


Rosie and Cardie Cardinal Are 'Singin' In The Rain'...RockABye Babies!!

The Proud Parents

Minnie and Miney have Hatched...Mo's still thinkin' about it!

Well done, Honey!

Woke up this morning to a Pouring Rain!!!!
That's a Celebration in it's self as we have NOT had ANY Rain in MONTHS!
My first thought was of Rosie.  She's been  sitting on her nest continuously.
According to my Google Cardinal Birthin' Manual it should be anytime!
OMGosh!!!!  She's peckin' the eggs and eating the shell!
I had to wait for her to leave the nest to go outside and check the nest!
There they were....Minnie and Miney and EggMo!
I returned to my Perch on the Dresser and SetUp for Family Photos!

What an Amazing Sight to Behold.
I'm in awe of Rosie and Cardie as Parents.
I think you will be, too!

Here is Cardie's First Time Feeding!
(turn up your volume...chirping)

Rosie's Feeding and Nesting Routine