What's In Your Sewing Basket?

Oh, the fun of collecting Sewing Stuff.   Although, in my Grandmother's day it was not considered a collection, but a necessary part of everyday life. 

No needle worker back in the 1920's and 1930's would be worth her stitches if she didn't have a Sewing Basket stocked with pins, needles, spools of thread, scissors, buttons, and scraps of flour sack fabrics.

My Mother's Sewing Basket was a treasure chest for me as a young girl in the early 1950's.  It is no wonder that I have carried on the tradition of Sewing Baskets.  Notice I said Baskets!
In every Sewing Basket there should be a 'Needle Case'.  Needless to say, I have several.  Some I have collected to display, but most I have made to use.  So, while working through my 4R Fiber Bucket List it was only natural to make a few Needle Keepers/Cases from my collection of Grandmothers Flower Garden Scraps and other 1930's-1950's Scrap Pieces. 
There will be a dozen or so of these Needle Books ready for my Booth at the
 Chicken Farm Art Center's First Saturday Sale this coming Saturday.
Nearly every Needle Case made so far has a few scraps of 'Blue'.  What is now referred to as '1930's Blue' was a popular color during the 1930's and 1940's production of 'Feed Sack' prints.  It was also a favorite color to use in Grandmothers Flower Garden and Double Wedding Ring Quilts.  Lucky me...I have original 1930's Scraps of both patterns.  
Won't they make a nice gift for a 'Needle Worker's Sewing Basket?   
Betcha Sally has a 'Blue Sewing Basket'!
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Standing On The Edge of a Precipice

After yesterdays 'Daily Horoscopes' psychic predictions post, I figured I should do a follow up.    I really expected today's Horoscope to completely discredit yesterdays and prove the Stars in my Zodiac are orbiting in a whacked voodoo world.

But NOoooo...the premature and patience issues continue with an added measure of extremeness...Yikes!

September 28, 2014...AquariusYou are standing on the edge of a precipice now, yet must hold your ground for the time being.  You may have significant facts you want to share, but you can't tell anyone the whole story yet.  If you reveal your plan prematurely, others will realize that you haven't done all your homework.

Really!!! Me, 'OverDoSue', not doing ALL of my homework!!!  And to top it off I can't tell anyone!  I am beginning to think someone is sticking pins and needles in my 'Pretty Gal Pincushion'.

It goes on to say....Your current assumption might be missing a crucial piece of information and you must be patient until you have figured out the entire puzzle.  Keep looking, your closer to the solution than you think.

Keep looking!!!  Are you kidding me!!!  If I look for anymore puzzles to solve my 4R Buckets will have to be replaced with Barrels. 

Okay, Google Horoscope...
I will Keep Quiet and Keep Looking. 
For these last THREE Days of September!
After that, I'm telling everyone about the FINISHED projects ready for
First Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center on October 4th.
By the way...what happened to the 'Inspirational Person' that was suppose
 to show up yesterday?
I bet she is an Aquarian, and is
Standing on the edge of a Precipice, too!


Eager For Something New To Happen

When I start thinking about and looking for a 'different something', I pretty much know it is time to 'FINISH UP' whatever I am currently doing...'OverDoing' most likely.  

Why is that?  I think it's a curse!  Probably it has to do with my Astrological sign.  Take a look at my Horoscope for today.

Sep 27, 2014...Aquarius (change)...An inspirational person enters your life today, presenting you with an intriguing opportunity.  You could be so eager for something new to happen that you start dreaming about all the possibilities without considering the practicalities involved..  Be patient and try not to prematurely jump to any extreme conclusions. 

Nailed me, huh?  There was a time I would dismiss this 'Starry' sign and listen to the Inner Voice of my Mother.  "Sue, finish what you start and settle in on one thing at a time."  Thank-you, Mother.  That advice has served me well and made me a 'Finisher'....eventually. 
September has been a month of working through the 4R's of my Fiber Bucket List with the intention of having some new items for my Booth.  Yep, almost a whole month of focusing on FINISHING.  Just not ONE thing at a TIME! 

I hope the 'Inspirational Person' coming into my life today is an Aquarian, too!
They will understand when I say,
"I am being patient and trying not to prematurely jump on any extreme changes,
at least for the four days left in September." 
I am still listening to my Inner Voice. 
Mother was practical, patient and never extreme.
She was an Aquarian, too!
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A Sample of 'For Old Times Sake' Samplers

It's the quickest I have ever finished a Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt.  Of course the others were Bed Size, Wall Size or Table Sized, and some of them were restored vintage quilts.  In the restoration process of vintage quilts there are always sections that must be cut out and trimmed away.  I keep every scrap.  After all, someone spent precious time, effort and material to make them...I so respect that. 
 I think the makers of these 'Treasured Scraps' would approve of the way I have
Restored and Repurposed their handwork.
I have had so many people say, 
"My grandmother pieced a Flower Garden.  I wish I had saved it 
For Old Times Sake."


Roll Call...SUE...Absent on Blog...Present in Studio

Presently immersed in 4R Bucket List Phase III.
It is NOT that I haven't been working my Multi-Tasking Selfie so hard that I didn't have time to Blog Post.  It's just that I didn't really have any of the dozen or so projects far enough along to share.  After reorganizing and resetting stations for Phase III 'All-In Fiber' projects, I made an 'All-In Sampler' prototype.  That station is now ready for production.
In Progress...All-In Samplers destined to be Pendants, Pins, Mini Wall Hangers...
not sure yet!
I am sure about one thing...Tatting is Fun...I don't even mind 'Practicing' when the pieces can be used...like in this Grandmother's Flower Garden Sampler. 
Here are the 'All-In Fibers' used in these pieces:
~Aida Cloth
~Scrap of Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt
~Vintage Lace
~Embroidery Threads
~Buttons and Beads
~Blue Crochet Thread
~Tatted Lace...by ME

The Tatted Pendant is destined to hang around my neck.  I am working on the strap/chain. 

Crazy, huh?


Multi-Tasking and Tatting

As often as I admonish myself for having one or more...no, make that a dozen or more...projects going at one time, in the end, I realize that it is just the way 'I Do'...'I Roll'...'I Work'...best!   Now that I am a Senior Mult-Tasker, I am reading and seeing that it is a 'Good Thing' for one's 'Aging Brain'. 

For awhile now, my Studio has reflected the multi-tasking phases of my '4R's Bucket List.  There is the Jewelry 4R Phase I Station,  the Yarn-A-Rama Phase II Station, and the Phase III All-In Fiber Station.  That one pretty much includes fabric, buttons, beads, threads, yarns, ribbon, lace et. all. 

While working on the Las Cruces Angels...which has been a 'one of a kind' sort of assembly line production...I have learned to TAT. 

It was one of those spur of the moment things suggested by my friend Sandy at Sims Fiber Arts Studio while we were 'Sitting and Sewing' on Thursday.  Needle Tatting has been on my 'Learn To Do' list for a long time, and Sandy teaches it as a class in her Studio.

Just what I need...right...another 'Thing' that has the possibility of becoming the next 'OverDoSue' Thingy.

In between Angels, Hankies, Granny Square Tote and Vintage Linen Totes I have learned the Ring and Thread Method and the Ring and Chain Method. Teacher Sandy, and the book encourage developing your needle-tatting skills before beginning a patterned project.

Hmmmm...here's where I have a bit of a problem. I never was much good at practice....I am more of a 'Game Gal'. Guess you know what that means.....another Project to add to my Multi-Tasking List.

It will be a great 'Carry It Along' Thingy to work on while traveling, waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting in waiting rooms, and of course 'Thursday's Sit and Sew' at Sandy's Studio.  I have the special needles and other tools organized in a snap closure wallet.  The 'Tatting Wallet', Learn To Needle Tat Booklet and Sandy's Folder along with a Ball of thread all fit in small easy to grab and go bag.  Let the Tatting Times Roll.
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Las Cruces Angels...'Usado'...At Last

These handcrafted paper mache  angels have been in and out of the storage box so many times over the last 20 years, that I have lost count.

Aren't they wonderful?  Obviously, I thought so!  So much so, that every time I think I have just the right project for them, I can't bring myself to  use them. 

They are each one hand made, hand painted and glazed.  I bought them in a little shop in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I have FIVE of them.  I have hoarded them long enough, and today is the day to 'usalo o pierdelo'...use it or lose it.

To the bead, button, lace, and catch all bins I went, and gathered up this and that and a stack of Aida Cloth...counted cross stitch fabric.  Another 'don't know what to do with it' stash...I don't do counted cross stitch.  After trying this and that and counting cross stitch threads to make fringe, I think I have made a project worthy of the Las Cruces Angels.
Ole'...At Last!


The Blues of Vintage Linen Collecting

As a collector of vintage linens, I have the greatest appreciation for the time, effort and work that went into the making of dresser scarves, hankies, pillow cases, crocheted lace and edgings and so on.   I don't even mind a few holes, loose strings, and worn edges.  Those are signs of  being used and being enjoyed by the maker or someone who received the piece as a gift.

I have found over the years, that there are other collectors and folks who feel the same as me.  Some collect them for nostalgic and sentimental reasons.  Some use them as they were intended as dresser scarves and pillow cases even if just for display.  Then others save them for craft projects and re-sale. 
I am a Multi-Re-Purpose Collector!
My collection includes vintage linens and hanky's that were made by my Mother and Grandmothers.  Lovely dresser scarves that have been gifts.  Pieces that I have made and hopefully will be treasured by my descendants.  Then there are those found at Junktique Shops, ones Thrifted and many simply saved from being trashed as having no further use. 
No such thing as having no further use...not for this
Moving into Phase III of my 4R's Bucket List.
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Never Fear, Wendy, Dear....

....no Minimalism worries here.
The Hanky Stash will last for years.
The lace is running out my ears.
There are STARTED Projects galore.
Guess I should get my rear in gear,
And FINISH one or two or more.


Ending My 'Hankering for Hankies'

I started collecting hanky's long after they were considered a necessity for moping worker's sweaty brows,  snotty nosed kids and other yuck uses.  Which, by the way, contributed to the demise of the hanky and the invention of disposable tissues.   Why, at one point in hanky history it compared to the 'Smart Phone' of today....no one would think of leaving the house without one.

Handkerchiefs have been around since ancient times, and through out time have had many uses and purposes.  I tend to covet the idea of Romancing The Hanky.

Queen Elizabeth made the hanky fashionable in court.  When she flicked her hanky over her shoulder, it meant "I'm tired of entertaining you people....you may leave...now."

Victorian women gave the hanky a flirty use by dropping their hanky at a gentleman's feet to say "I'd like to meet you".  Then she would lightly swipe her hanky across her cheek suggesting something more intimate..."I love you."

 Hanky collectors often separate their hanky's into categories that reflect their era and theme.  Hanky's are an ideal collectible as they are inexpensive, useful, take up very little space to store and are pretty.  They make a nostalgic and sentimental gift for Valentines, Mother's Day and Birthday's....especially to another collector.

 The time has come for ending my 'Hankering for Hankies'.
I have discovered there are very few folk these days who
hanker for hankies as collectibles.
Oddly enough they hanker for them as something 'Useful'...
like, curtains, pillows, quilts, and hopefully
One of A Kind Scarves
OverDoSue of TaDa Eclections.


Yarn-Ribbon-String & Bead Bomb

Phase I of my '4R's Bucket List' is done...at least enough so that it is time for Phase II.
With a good inventory of  recycled, repurposed and renewed 'Button, Bead and Baubles' Jewelry, the Studio was reorganized for Phase II. 
It looks like a Yarn-Ribbon-String and Bead Bomb went off on the work table!
Just a hint of what is in progress with Phase II.
The YarnARama Recycle-Repurpose-Renew-Resale Phase.
It's going to be a Blast!


Tina said, "Just Enjoy It...Life Is Good"

With every interaction, Tina shared a part of herself.
Hi Sue,
Nice to meet you too! I'm a huge fan of quilts, though I don't quilt myself. I have some old family treasures that I've tried to trace the origin of, but the only person who would know responded with, "Oh honey, why does THAT matter. Just enjoy it." That would be my maternal grandmother Vivian who had not one of her 207 bones sentimental. I'm seriously sentimental, a first-rate pack-rat, and a history buff. What I'm not is patient enough to be the historian, but blessed with someone on each side of the family who is.
Best of luck during the Challenge, and see you when I make my rounds.
Hi Sue,
Thanks for your many visits, and what a nice surprise to see my blog in you sidebar! That's quite the honor and I appreciate it very much.

I'm a knitter, though both my grandmothers made sure I learned ALL the needle crafts. I've gone through "stages" where I've favored some over others...but at this point, knitting wins. It's therapeutic for me, and giving a handmade present that took hours and hours is a true gift of love, as I'm sure you know as a quilter.

I do COLLECT antique quilts. I've also received some awesome ones as baby gifts for my boys and since they're 13 and 16, they're in "suck the air out" storage ;-)

Tina @ Life is Good
Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
@TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge
Rest In Heavenly Sunflower Peace, Tina.


First Saturday Booth...It was SoooPINK

"Love your booth...it is so inviting".
"How fun is this booth...so Girlie."
"Really, you are giving away these too cute Thank You bags".
Absolutely...I so appreciate your purchase....one can never overdo Thank You!
It was a fun day at The Chicken Farm Art Center First Saturday Event.
I learned a lot about Setting Up A Booth and what Shoppers are looking for!
This month they were LOOKING for IDEAS for Christmas gifts!
Modella was a hit!
Displays were a hit.
"Is this 'Display Lamp' for 'Sale'?
"I would love to have my jewelry out on my dresser like this".
Guess what I'm making for the October First Saturday?


One Can Never OverDo Thank-you

For myself I am an optimist...it does not seem to be much use to be anything else.  Winston Churchill 

And so, with that 'Optimistic Attitude', it makes sense to carry on with a motto learned years ago as a girl scout...'Be Prepared'.

Pairing together the 'Be Prepared' motto with 3 of my 4R's Bucket List... Recycle, Repurpose and Renew...serves to reinforce my 'Optimistic Attitude' for the 4th 'R'.  RESALE
It doesn't hurt a thing to be overly optimistic in preparing for the sales I hope will happen at the First Saturday In September Sale at The Chicken Farm Art Center.  Making the 'Thank-You Bags' recycled, repurposed and renewed my collection of YoYo's, Buttons, Tissue, Mailing Labels, Stamping supplies, and a roll of Black Ribbon.   Brown paper bags are cheap at the dollar store...40 for a dollar...I got to use my cool scalloped edge cutting scissors, and put the earlier coupon savings bag of hot glue sticks to good use.
Besides, 'One can never OverDo THANK YOU!


Business 'SMART' Card

Modella is no dummy!
Together we have come up with a solution to running out of
business cards at sales events.
It's a win win deal with saving on printing, on cards, and on time...
which makes it FREE Advertising.
This weekend, instead of wearing 'Vintage Inspired Jewelry', Modella is going to wear the
Business 'SMART' Card.
Just as before, she will work the crowd at the
First Saturday Event Sale at The Chicken Farm Art Center
without a single complaint about what is predicted to be a hot September Day!
On second thought, there might be room for a button necklace.
Two more days of getting ready for
First Saturday In September
The Chicken Farm Art Center, San Angelo, Texas
10 am to 5 pm
BTW...this post is all about FREE Advertising!
'SMART' Business Card, huh?

Wordless Wed...Wrap Around the Wrist


Vintage Inspired...Not OverDone!

It has been a 'Vintage Inspired' last few months with vintage buttons, beads and baubles.   That same inspiration is overflowing into the displays as well.

Thank goodness I have a stash of vintage 'stuff/ treasures' to  put into practice what I '4R' preach.  That would be Recycle, Repurpose, Renew and Resale.  It's been an ongoing thread of posts this past summer.

For the vintage inspired necklaces  I have really  reached a new level of scrounging and cheap-scape-ness.  It took me awhile of digging, but I found a burned out light bulb to pad and poof.  A crocheted doily cover was a perfect length to cover the lamps electrical doings once the repurposed bulb was screwed in.  For some of the lamp displays, the cord has been cut, but on this one it was tightly wound around the base and covered with a vintage crocheted collar.  Another doily, a turn table and TaDa...Vintage Displayed Vintage Inspired Necklaces.
And one for Button and Bead Bracelets!
There are a FEW...FUN to make, too!
The First Saturday Event Sale is this coming Saturday!
I will not OverDo!  I will not OverDo!  I will not OverDo!