Vintage Inspired...Not OverDone!

It has been a 'Vintage Inspired' last few months with vintage buttons, beads and baubles.   That same inspiration is overflowing into the displays as well.

Thank goodness I have a stash of vintage 'stuff/ treasures' to  put into practice what I '4R' preach.  That would be Recycle, Repurpose, Renew and Resale.  It's been an ongoing thread of posts this past summer.

For the vintage inspired necklaces  I have really  reached a new level of scrounging and cheap-scape-ness.  It took me awhile of digging, but I found a burned out light bulb to pad and poof.  A crocheted doily cover was a perfect length to cover the lamps electrical doings once the repurposed bulb was screwed in.  For some of the lamp displays, the cord has been cut, but on this one it was tightly wound around the base and covered with a vintage crocheted collar.  Another doily, a turn table and TaDa...Vintage Displayed Vintage Inspired Necklaces.
And one for Button and Bead Bracelets!
There are a FEW...FUN to make, too!
The First Saturday Event Sale is this coming Saturday!
I will not OverDo!  I will not OverDo!  I will not OverDo!


Cranberry Morning said...

Ha! Good for you. Love some of those vintage button and bead bracelets!

Wendy said...

When I visit booths at co-op shops or arts and crafts fairs, I always notice HOW items are displayed. I like it when the display is in keeping with the items for sale. This display is a winner!

Sue McPeak said...

It has been good to get at least 3 of the R's done...now for the 4th...Resale. Glad you like the bracelets.

Sue McPeak said...

It is always good to know how shoppers view a booth. The more info the better when setting up for a sale. Thanks for your insight.


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